New update Chrome for Android with new menu tabs

Google Chrome with all its logic and simplicity has long suffered from a not very convenient menu tabs. This is especially felt when working with a large number of sites, to find among them need sometimes more of a challenge. In the end, Google realized that the same carousel that you want to flip through, erasing the oleophobic coating of the screen — this is not the best way to implement a menu of running tabs and decided to change it dramatically.

Monday, 27 may, Google released the final version of the updates Chrome for Android with new menu tabs. Previously, this feature was hidden in the experimental menu the web browser and, despite the fact that could be activated, was intermittent. Now the long-awaited innovation was available to all, promising better change the way we think about multitasking.

What’s new in Google Chrome

In fact, the innovation in question represents two functions, combined into one. The first is a modified grouping of thumbnails of tabs, now do not bump each other as before, but are apart in grid view. To understand how convenient to communicate thus with the sites you from the first minute, because now the Windows do not overlap each other, allowing you to clearly examine the contents of each of them.

The second feature that appeared in Google Chrome, is the group running the web pages. It allows you to create a so-called tab groups icon which will appear at the bottom of the screen, thus facilitating access to each of them. This feature is useful in case when you have multiple tabs open on different topics, but at the moment you need not all. In this case, you simply group them and switch between them with one click.

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Application: Google Chrome
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 75 people

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