New update coming computer MacBook Pro 16 inch to fix the sound problem

Surprisingly devices are issued MacBook Pro 16 inch new from Apple TV voice annoying, indistinguishable out of the sky when using some applications. Apple states it’s a problem in the system itself, will be treated in the next update.

Last November, Apple has released MacBook Pro 16 inch, got good ratings mostly by early adopters because of the improved keyboard, the screen display is excellent and other advantages. However, the photos pop-up is a source of discomfort noted by the users of the new device in various discussion groups over the internet.

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With regard to this problem, the users may notice a sound similar to jamming when raising the voice in the machine to score high while using applications such as Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X or QuickTime Player, or music or movies or other apps that rely on audio playback.

Added to this it has some users complained of another problem related to the computer new, a slow response time to the company, resulting in what is known as “ghosting” when scrolling through texts.

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