New update for Galaxy A50 brings style and Night Mode with other features

Samsung launched a new update software Phone Galaxy A50 provides the users style of photography Night Mode, with the advantage of slo-mo, along with updated software protection.

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In the update of June the Galaxy A50 made Samsung a range of new features to the users of the phone, comes over the head style night photography Night Mode, where the UP size this update to 422 MB, in version number A505FDDU2ASF2.

The report indicates that Samsung is also offering full control of the Galaxy A50 through this update features video recording, motion all, where you need these to reset the settings of the camera to enable the new features in the camera phone.

Also among the new features provided in Update Software phone Galaxy A50 in the feature scan the QR code application cable and Bixby Vision in the phone.

Recall that the new update software Galaxy A50 is now available, where the user will receive a notice and or the user can stop the settings and then a list of software updates to install the latest update.


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