New update for LG G7 ThniQ expands the options my camera

LG G7 ThinQ

Despite the launch for two smartphones during the financial period are LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ it seems that the Korean company continues to suffer from the losses cruel in the sector of smart phones in the world, which is what drives her – maybe – interesting updates.

Started phones LG G7 ThniQ on one of the communication networks of America to get the new update brings the option of manual control in the artificial in-camera AI Cam in addition to support for stickers for augmented reality from Google.

The new update allows the user to choose one of the situations my automatic manually within the AI Cam in the case of a mismatch with the image to be captured, as the smartphone has become the poster calls the augmented reality AR from Google via the camera, which provides users a unique experience.

LG G7 ThinQ update AI
LG G7 ThinQ update AI
LG G7 ThinQ update AI

In addition, the update brought some additional features of the phone-related control settings of the music and the size of the font on the main interface to fix the weather app built-in phone and add some options for the calendar and add important events.

The new update carries a build number of G710VM10e and brings with it also security updates for the month of July, which is available to all users of the LG phone G7 ThinQ on the network of Verizon of American that up for the rest of the users inside and outside the United States during the next few weeks or months.

The new update for LG G7 ThniQ expands the options my camera has been published first in are.

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