New update for smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch says the improvement of the status of swimming

Galaxy Watch

Samsung has begun today issued a new update for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Watch users in the United States and South Korea. This new update carries the Brown No. R810XXU1CSG4 cast size of 15 MB, which is available for both 42mm and 46mm. For the adult that comes out of this update is to improve the position tracking of the race, what this means is that it should be the former now able to measure the calories burned better during the swimming sessions.

Change the other prominent in this update is the ability to disable auto-sync for alerts from the smart phone comparison. This means that you can choose the alerts separately on your smart phone and your smart watch if this is something you prefer.

As always, this update may take some time before they are released to all users in all over the world, but in case if this doesn’t get the update yet to your smart watch, Don’t worry because it will reach you sooner or later. For the method of download and install this update, it involves the use of the application of Samsung Wearable to your phone.


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