New update for the application “Google images” adds a button to favorite to feature your favorite photos


Company is working Google to bring a lot of new features and enhancements to the photos app, and the company introduced the American giant new feature to mark a pictures as favorite by pressing on the icon which has the shape of a star, which appears at the top of each image in the application of Google Photos, and then transfer all my favorite photos within the album one can access it easily.

Google-PhotosGoogle Photos


According to phonearena, even though the new feature is useful, but there are other improvements you have to Google added to the app to make it more attractive, such as the option to create files and images.

It is expected that the company launches more new updates to the images in the not too distant future, as users will be able to image Google soon to express their admiration of the page that is shared by their friends, this will be through a new symbol on heart shape available on top of the photo, next to the star icon the new.

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