New update for the application Grammarly Keyboard adds a thesaurus to make you sound smart

Grammarly Keyboard

If you write too much in English, you may be familiar with a programme called Grammarly Keyboard, which is a service that allows you to check grammar while typing. This service exists as an overlay on the browser and is also available as a keyboard for Android devices and iOS. If you use the latter, it may be the last update that got it deserves your attention.

This is because in the latest update to the keyboard Grammarly Keyboard for Android and iOS, the developers brought the feature suggest synonyms for users to comment. And for non-Insiders, the synonyms are the words meanings almost identical. Is used in order to provide some development during the writing more power and to avoid repetition in the text.

Through suggesting synonyms by the application of Grammarly Keyboard, users will be able now to replace the words that they write if they are looking for more diversification and to avoid repetition. You can use this new feature while writing a document on your phone and want to make it looks perfect. We’re not sure how useful this feature is for text messages, which is usually plain and quite simple, but the option is available if you want to use it.

Must be the update is already available now, so he moved to a store – iOS App Store or Google Play Store if you want to check this feature.


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