New update for the application SteamLink allows you to broadcast games anywhere

Valve SteamLink app

Non-reviewed Microsoft streaming service of cloud gaming Project xCloud own, before the announcement on Google’s plans for its new in the games sector, the company Valve update the application SteamLink to allow the experience of uninterrupted play outside your home.

In the past, did not allow application of the SteamLink users playing on Android devices their own if only on the same network with the computer. However, it is through the provision of an advantage Anywhere, you can choose where you want to enjoy the games Steam.

Still this new feature is in the experimental stage and require a few extra steps such as downloading the latest version of the app on your Android device and activate the brown experimental on the program Steam on your computer. Once you activate participate in the testing process and connect the two devices, you should then be fine.

In theory, will now be able to run the library Steam whole, provided that you have a connection strong enough for your phone and your computer. There are no accurate figures on the ” speed example of the company“, so experience may vary in use from one user to another. Generally, Service SteamLink is only available on Android devices and Raspberry Pi at the moment.


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