New update for the application Telegram brings with it new features for users of Android and iOS


Got Telegram app the new update carries the version 5.80 on two platforms Android and iOS, an update that brings with it some new and useful features.

You can now add people near you using the feature of ” close persons | People Nearby “. Each of the parties to enter into this situation, they become visible to each other. Then you can just click on his name to share contact information. Moreover, you can now also add people to your contacts when they send you a message even if you don’t know their number.

In addition, the application allows you to Telegram now also create groups based on location, and local groups operate in a small area may be neighbors or coworkers or students. Once the group is created, you will be able to persons in the vicinity of see it on their device and join it.

Allows the application Telegram is now also users to transfer administrator privileges to another member in the group, so if you are not interested in having a group anymore, you can transfer it to someone else within the group. Apart from that, this update allows users to now also activate the option the data messages for updates specific.

IOS version of the application Telegram I got to feature two additional. You can now use Siri Shortcuts to open talks directly with the people without opening the app manually. Finally, you can also get six custom applications were previously available in the Telegram X.


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