New update makes the phone the Google Pixel 4 best

If there is one small feature features cameras iPhone to its counterparts in the Android, they are they pick up a greater range of colors, but it seems that Google Camera Pixel 4 may be catching up in this regard, according to the lines of the existing code in the Google Camera app, discovered XDA Developers that the lines of code will apply the camera on Android devices to capture images in a color gamut P3 instead of sRGB and this can make a big difference, although the code is currently disabled, so didn’t Google change after.

sRGB is the color gamut used by all Android phones, and captures a color gamut is smaller by 25% from P3, which is used by all iPhones since the iPhone 7, only Android phones currently on sRGB not because of its machinery but because of the lack of color management in the Android apps, so although the hardware that enjoy with sophisticated sensors have certainly have the ability to capture these colors, the program Android does not support it.

Google Camera Pixel 4 has become the best among all the phones

تحديث جديد في أندرويد قد يجعل Google Pixel 4 الأفضل بين كل الهواتف

I mentioned Google it will go to support a wide color gamut (including the P3 one), but did not specify a timetable, only that it referred to mentioned in the Google Camera official to that it may be soon, if the application Google Camera to capture the colors of the P3, and designed the system of Android also support this step, we can expect to pick up Android phones, the latest images look closer to real life, especially when it comes to green and red, which lacks of realism in most of sRGB.

Because the phone Google main the following is a Google Pixel 4, it is expected near the end of 2019, to be this is the first smart phone captures this wide range of colors, so if we can see the phone takes the first place in the list of the best camera phones we have, a feature retained by the Pixel 3 for a period of time, but at the same time we need to wait for the version of the Google Pixel 4 to make sure that which we expect in October 2019.

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