New update to plugin Amazon makes it expresses the feelings of disappointment and excitement

Amazon announced the new program will enable her assistant Smart “Alexa” transfer feelings such as frustration and excitement when talking to users.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail” the British, the Alexa will speak with a voice happy and excited when the announcement of a winner in the contest, while will have his voice conveys a sense of sadness or frustration when the answer to a query the user about whether their team favorite has lost in a match.

Increased overall customer satisfaction from Alexa during internal tests by 30% when the transfer plugin virtual certain feelings, the new features are designed to create the experience more fun for customers-specific content.

Will be able to Alexa, also of the use of different types of sounds public presentations, along with the addition of passion, where will read the news story as if it was with the advent of the television news anchor or radio, and my tone neutral and purely without any deviations.

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