New updates in WhatsApp for Android users and ios

Started WhatsApp to post updates of the experimental users of Android and iOS, which offers new features such as the status of the mute, the hidden and the alignment in the pictures, videos and GIFs, there is the advantage of the case of the mute for in the trial version of WhatsApp 2.19.260 for Android, while the index of alignment on the version on the operating system iOS, the latter is available for those who are part of the program TestFlight Beta program WhatsApp. Must be all the new features available in the updated official WhatsApp next to public users.

In the meantime you should install the trial version to check these features, and to talk about the new features, let’s take a look at them individually, first hides the demo version of the latter from WhatsApp completely any status updates that muted her, before that users were only able to mute part for case that you don’t want to see it, currently even if you keep a status update from someone, it will appear after completion of the system to others. Using the demo version of the new, users can hide the updates altogether, and they will show in any place.

However still application WhatsApp provides a way to view these messages, so don’t worry it can display messages to mute the sound by clicking on button “down arrow”, then there is index align new in the latest version within the program WhatsApp TestFlight Beta, lets update users set emoji and stickers, text etc to photos and videos and GIFs easily when you participate, this feature is already present on Instagram and it’s basically the one, where users can align things so that they look good on photos and other media.

Features Update WhatsApp

تحديثات جديدة في تطبيق WhatsApp لمستخدمي أندرويد و iosNew updates in WhatsApp for Android users and ios

Besides, this included WhatsApp and also a lot of bug fixes for iOS 13, the fix the errors relating to planning and the keyboard and iCloud, animations, and more, is available both versions experimentalists for download via beta software, works WhatsApp and also on the other features like Dark Mode and boomerang , etc., which should be available in future updates, added app owned of Facebook also feature fingerprint lock recently to the Android version.

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