New video from Samsung making fun of “extrusion” in the screen of the iPhone X

سامسونج نتوء آيفون

The idea appeared to extrusion for the first time in the phone Essential ph-1 During the month of August 2017, and then is followed by Apple when it revealed the iPhone X later that year. A large number of manufacturers of smart phones since the iPhone’s design we have participated since that time, dozens of phones that carry the same design language.

Earlier this week published a Samsung several video clips harnessed by their from some of the advantages of iPhone X like the camera and the lack of separate headphones 3.5 mm advantage fast shipping.

Yesterday, a video appeared new from the Korean company under the title of the previous sections with a “smiley” Ingenius, but the fun of having the net in your iPhone X and how it obscures part of the content.

While the best of dish the idea of extrusion company is Essential through the first smart phones, we can be considered a design language that serves as a transition to get to smart phone without dialogue at all, which seems possible within a short period.

The amount of irony in this video means that Samsung will not offer to launch a smart phone built in screen, or is it to do? Share your opinion in the comments

The new video from Samsung making fun of “extrusion” in the screen of the iPhone X have been published first in are.

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