New Wi-Fi standard 5G will be faster, but it will delight not all

In the near future, the Internet promises to be more rapid. In 2019, routers, laptops, smartphones and other devices will get support for Wi-Fi 6 with enhanced data rate. Also approaching the time mobile 5G network, however, in Russia the technology will appear only by the end of 2021 . The manufacturer of the chipsets, Qualcomm is already compatible with the 5G antenna, and now it’s time chips for improved Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, these chips are not designed to speed up loading websites.

It is reported that the new chips Qualcomm to provide Wi-Fi speed up to 10 gigabits per second. The network will operate in the 60 GHz band, that is, its waves are unable to pass through thick walls and other obstacles. In this regard, technology is difficult to use to speed up common web surfing. It can be used only for communication between accessories VR headsets.

Virtual reality systems are already used Wi-Fi for communication between the helmet and the controller. The link was provided by the specification of the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, which reaches speeds of 5 Gbps at a distance of about 5 meters. Another technology for wireless connection Wireless HD is considered, as well operating in the 60 GHz band.

The new WiGig chips raise to a new level — the claimed 10 Gbps will operate in a radius of 100 meters. New features will significantly reduce latency in VR applications, that is, make them more smooth.

Given that home-5G-Internet from Verizon, which is considered one of the first 5G networks in the world, provides speeds up to 1 Gbps, the new WiGig is far superior to his. Users that require extremely high speeds of Internet will be forced to keep the router and the device in the same room.

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