New Zealand joined Australia in banning Huawei

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Has become New Zealand’s latest Western country to express concern about the use of the equipment Huawei in fifth-generation networks 5G, which prevents the operator’s request Spark Spark, a telecom New Zealand previously, the deployment of equipment to the Chinese police, where she wanted company Spark Telecom, the deployment of equipment to network radio from Huawei in its infrastructure, but Communications Security Bureau the government’s GCSB, he said that this “will prove a significant risk to national security,” Consequently, New Zealand joined Australia that have blocked Huawei from to be a resource for networks 5G earlier this year, and to prohibit her from participating in the national network broadband.

These include the move a new blow to the aspirations of the Chinese technology company to become a leader in the technology of the next generation of wireless communications, where Huawei is the largest telecom smart phones in China, and has invested heavily in 5G to become one of the few companies such as Ericsson of Sweden and Nokia Finnish are capable of producing equipment competitive networks of the fifth generation of the world.

She argued Huawei that with or without their participation in putting up the fifth generation in Australia, the manufacturing technology will be in China, and will lead to the elimination of the industry, which slows down the upgrades to the network and out of competition, The Shape of Huawei a major supplier of networks based cell phones currently that have been built by Optus and Vodafone in Australia.

It also helped Huawei in the construction of the test site networks fifth generation 5G near the Parliament of New Zealand, the move came after the Prime Minister, Jacinda are Jacinda Ardern, to reducing the quality of the close relationships between the New Zealand government and the former government of China and more towards Japan, and may have to step ban new economic impacts for New Zealand, as China is the largest trading partner.

She was company Spark telecom about it was disappointed by the decision of the Office of Communications Security in the government of New Zealand, explained in a statement that the Office of the government security in the New Zealand decision to prevent Huawei from participating in the network by working around your closet based on national security concerns.

She said: “I told the general manager Andrew Hampton Andrew Hampton that he sees the suggestion of Sparrow to use the equipment for networks of the fifth generation of Huawei in the 5G network RAN own and planned would, if implemented, raise significant risks to national security”.

Confirmed spark it still plans to launch 5G network by mid-2020, while the company said Huawei in a statement: “it’s looking at the situation, as noted by the Office of the Communications Security Governmental GCSB, this is an ongoing process, and will respond actively to any concerns and work together to find a way forward”.

The Chinese company “as a world leading supplier of communication devices, we are committed to developing solutions for reliable and safe for our customers, has already been the deployment of equipment to the fifth generation of Huawei by the company of the big problem in all over the world, which we signed more than 20 commercial contracts in relation to the network of the fifth generation”.

The law requires the Chinese organizations and citizens support the work of the intelligence and to assist and cooperate with, which analysts say it could make the equipment firm Huawei way to learn, the decision to ban the Australian has provoked angry reactions from Beijing, reflecting the lingering diplomatic tension between China and Australia.

As the company has faced stiff resistance in the United States during 2012 when he said the report to Congress if it constitutes a security risk and warned phone companies from buying their equipment, as the Department Trump the enactment of laws to prohibit them from working within the American market, which is now paying allies to follow suit, where they warned US lawmakers of Canada to keep Huawei out its plans for network 5G.

It is said that U.S. officials put pressure on Germany, Italy and Japan to use radio communications equipment from Huawei, and is considered New Zealand a member of the security alliance to share information and intelligence labeled the Five Eyes “Five Eyes”, along with Australia and the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The gate Arab News Technical New Zealand joined Australia in banning Huawei

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