Newest update from Samsung brings one of the features of the Galaxy Note 10 to models Note the old

Galaxy Note 10

Arrived series phones, Galaxy Note 10 Series with a feature to convert your handwriting to text in the application notes for Samsung Notes, and promised the South Korean company that will bring this feature to other phones of the company by updating the Android 10 demo. Well, I don’t have to wait for a long time as long as the users of Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Note 8 have already managed to get this feature.

According to change, if your phone is capable of upgrade application Samsung Notes to version, you will get water even without the need for the S Pen, you can simply write with your finger. However, examination reveals rapid phone +Galaxy S10 about the lack of access to all devices on this feature, though it may have something to do with travel at the present time.

Not work feature to convert your handwriting to text, but can also convert text to a Microsoft Word document. While creating a note, you can zoom in and out, there are some other methods to choose from in developing the manual. To check if application Samsung your Notes have this feature, simply move to the ” About ” page and update it.

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