News Apple, issue 265: iOS 11.4.1 and GOST for mobile applications

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about iOS 11.4.1, Guest mobile apps, and more!

1.Smart column “Yandex.The station” went on sale. Initially the device will only be available through brand offline store in Moscow, but in the foreseeable future, the smart speaker will begin to implement throughout Russia.

2.July 9, Apple announced the final iOS version 11.4.1, watchOS and tvOS 11.4.1 4.3.2. Updates are already available for download over the air to owners of all compatible devices.

3.Rosstandart approved the provisional quality standard for mobile apps. The list consists of 87 criteria, which concern not only functionality but also your security program.

4.Many iPhone owners have complained that after upgrading to 11.4 the battery life of the smartphone left much to be desired. Mostly the problem manifested on older devices. Apparently, Apple has finally fixed this annoying problem in iOS 11.4.1.

Released in late may, iOS 11.4 caused a lot of trouble to owners of iOS-devices. First of all, users have noted an increased consumption of battery in the background. To return the same measure of autonomy could not, even if you turn off all energy-consuming functions. The only solution at the time was to restore the device through iTunes or to execute a General reset.

In the latest update 11.4.1 Apple is not explicitly stated how to solve this problem, but noted a significant improvement.

5.This year, Apple may permanently withdraw from the sale of 2017 and iPhone X iPhone SE, completely stopping their production, analysts say the company BlueFin. According to experts, narrowing the range, the manufacturer plans to increase consumer interest in models, which is scheduled for release in the autumn.

Apple can not too much to reduce the retail price of the iPhone X, and therefore its continued presence in the market is simply impractical. With three new models from different price ranges consumers will most likely not pay attention to last year’s smartphone.

iPhone SE, which at the moment is the cheapest smart phone Apple also should disappear from sale. His place, according to BlueFin, have to take the iPhone 8.

Waiver of production of two models will allow Apple to increase production of new models, analysts say. According to recent estimates, in the final quarter of 2018, the cumulative shipments of the new iPhone will reach 28 million units against a projected 24 million first.

6.Apple plans to use special chips for backlighting LCD matrices in the “budget” iPhone. This technology will make the frame around the screen is minimal, while keeping the maximum brightness at the same level. It is reported by DigiTimes, citing its own intelligence sources.

The use of new LED chips for backlight will reduce the frame around the display with the usual 4.0 to 4.5 mm 2.0-2.5 mm. Therefore, LCD-screens will be able to compete with OLED-matrices.

It is assumed that supply of the updated components will be the Japanese company. At the moment it is the leader in led manufacturing in the world. Recall that all iPhone that Apple will reveal this autumn, will have the same design as iPhone X. the Only difference will be the “budget” model – one camera instead of two, aluminum frame instead of steel, and cheaper to manufacture the screen.

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