News Apple, issue 267: iPhone 9 and “screen of death” MacBook

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the “screen of death” MacBook, iPhone 9 and more!

1.After less than a week since the detection of the throttle in the new MacBook Pro, Apple has released an update that fixes the manifestation of this effect. Professional now laptops based on Intel Core i9 will not suffer from overheating and reduced performance.

2.Scientists from the University of Adelaide have developed a quantum battery for the iPhone that allows for instant replenishment charge, reports ABC News. According to the author research, the newest technology allows you to charge smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronics less than one second.

3.To ensure fast charging of the new iPhone will require only those chargers that have a certified standard of C-AUTH. So Apple wants to protect owners of branded smartphones from the use of counterfeit accessories.

4.The failure of the T2 co-processor, which complements Apple’s new iMac Pro and MacBook Pro Retina 2018, may cause spontaneous reboot computers. On this forum Apple technical support write to owners of affected devices is a problem.

Judging by user reports, spontaneous reboot Mac occur due to critical errors in the operating system Bridge OS underlying the coprocessor T2. This effect, called “kernel panic”, essentially like “blue screen of death” in Windows.

A cursory analysis of the complaints showed that the problem is not a widespread phenomenon, affecting a very limited number of users. This is probably due to low popularity of the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro Retina 2018, which is still available for purchase not in all markets.

In addition, Apple engineers are already aware of the failure and are working on solutions.

5.New data on smartphone sales Kantar provided. The report covers the second quarter of 2018. According to him, smartphones on iOS increased occupied a market share of 6 percent thanks to good sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

For the US market 8 smartphones from Apple were among dozens of best-selling devices. This success was achieved thanks to the expanded lineup of models of iPhone. Today, consumers can choose the model starting with SE and ending with iPhone iPhone X. This allowed the share of Android in the United States to decline from 65.5 per cent to 61.1 per cent.

In China, the market share leader Android. Smartphones based on this operating system took 80.4 per cent of all sales in the second quarter of 2018. However, the best-selling device was the iPhone X. it saw 5.3 percent of all smartphones sold in China.

In Europe, the share of iOS also increased but not as much as in the United States.

6.9 iPhone with a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches can be sold no earlier than October. It is reported by the financial analyst of a large Bank holding company Morgan Stanley, citing sources in the supply chain. According to her, the delay may be caused by problems in the production of a new system of illumination of the display, which Apple intends to apply the available models.

Earlier it was suggested that Apple may intentionally postpone the appearance of the future flagship in retail for fear of creating internal competition between the models, two of which are in danger of fading into the background of the available and practically indistinguishable externally “cheap” iPhone 9.

Perhaps the only who are confident that the release of the new iPhone will take place on schedule, is TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In his opinion, all three products will debut in September and will go on sale a few days after the official presentation. The cost of the models, the analyst believes, will start from $ 650 for a Junior LCD version, reaching $ 1,200 per senior.

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