News Apple, issue 269: MacBook with Face ID and antivirus for iOS

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the antivirus for iPhone, MacBook with Face ID, and more!

1.Apple announced the sixth beta version of iOS 12, tvOS 12, watchOS 5 and macOS Mojave for developers. The updates came just a week after the release of the previous assemblies, which indicates the transition of the company on a weekly release cycle updates ahead of the official release in September.

2.Malwarebytes antivirus app came out on iOS. Today you can install the application, which is intended to increase the security of your device, but it is not yet available in the Russian App Store.

3.iPhone could get the awesome keyboard with T9 mode if not for perfectionism manual Apple. About Ken Kocienda, UI designer, who worked in the company during that period, told in his book Creative Selection, backed up his words with drawings and screenshots.

According to experts, the development team was instructed to design a keyboard for the iPhone, which they yet never saw. The only thing that would start was the width of the keys, which should not be less than 44 pixels. Failure to do so increased the risk not to hit the button, making the keyboard unsuitable for use.

The designer found a solution to this problem is to combine multiple keys into one, as it was implemented in other smartphones, with the only exception that just had to be three rows of four blocks each. Specifically for this keyboard, it was planned to develop a built-in dictionary that would choose the words according to the principle of T9.

Demonstration project keyboard the leadership of Apple was over almost before it began. It took less than two minutes later, Phil Schiller adjourned the prototype and expressed my dissatisfaction. The fadell altogether it took less than a minute to understand that the development is not worthy to appear in the release version of the iPhone.

4.Already for anybody not a secret that this year Apple will show the public the new iPad Pro c Face ID. But the American Corporation will not stop, experts say. There is every reason to believe that the proprietary face detection technology will find its application also in Mac. The only question is when.

The fact that Apple is indeed considering such a scenario, specify several previously registered patents. For example, last year was described a new way to unlock the Mac using the built-in camera and facial recognition technology.

Just recently, Apple filed another patent application, where we are talking again about ways of identification. This time has been described a method of face recognition using the depth map using the TrueDepth cameras. It is not excluded that Apple will make some improvements to the Face ID, by adapting the function to the Mac, and making its application more convenient in practice.

While there is no exact information, when face recognition will replace the thumbprint scanner on the new Mac. Experts believe that this can happen simultaneously with the transition of the company to ARM processors.

5.Case 6.1-inch iPhone 9 is going to be thicker than the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. This follows from the content of the review of prototypes of future smartphones, shot by leading YouTube channel DetroitBORG. The video demonstrates new products in all their glory, re-affirming their key features.

In addition to the increased thickness of the housing and the single main camera module, the iPhone 9 will have to have a LCD display that is visible to the naked eye, and the lighter hull than the iPhone X. she And the other features of the smartphone noticeable in direct comparison with the iPhone X and X Plus.

Interestingly, the slot for the SIM card on the body of “nine” is much lower than the other models. There is speculation that it has something to do with the characteristics of the LCD matrix, which requires much more attention when installing, than “organic”. According to another version, Apple had to shift the connector to fit in the housing two SIM cards.

iPhone X Plus, which also became the hero of the video, was not so remarkable. Externally, the model is 100% copy iPhone X, differing except in size. In direct comparison iPhone and iPhone Plus X 8 Plus it emerged that the smartphones are identical in height, which will definitely please fans the most efficient use of space.

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