News Apple, issue 287: prohibition of sales of iPhones and exit AirPower

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will focus on the ban of iPhone sales, the exit of AirPower.

1. Less than a week after the release of iOS 12.1.1 and macOS 10.14.2 Apple released the first beta version of iOS 12.1.2 and macOS 10.14.3. This is the fourth update of the current iterations of mobile and desktop OS, the company introduced this year.

2. In the mobile app Instagram introduced support for voice messages. The representatives of the service embed photo and video wrote on the official Twitter page.

3. Studio Epic Games, Creator of some iconic games for mobile platforms, made the decision about the removal of a trilogy Infinity Blade from the App Store. This is stated in the corporate blog of developers.

4. 10 December, Qualcomm announced that it has won a court case to ban sales of iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 and X Plus in mainland China. Reported by Business Insider. As a reason to force the display of the smartphones from local retail American manufacturer of processors called a violation by Apple in the development and design of branded devices at least two patents that do not belong.

The court’s decision to ban sales of the seven models of the iPhone is the pre, because Apple has a right of appeal to the appellate court. That is what, apparently, counting in Cupertino, because it is not afraid to release a public letter to consumers with the Qualcomm rebuttal statements and promise to keep all machines in sale in the territory of the people’s Republic of China.

To circumvent the sales ban, Apple will allow iOS 12. The thing is that the Qualcomm patents, which allegedly used the company relate to the implementation of the software of smartphones, whose composition has been revised in the current version of the operating system. Therefore, in order to formally fulfill the requirement of a court, in Cupertino, even if you lose on appeal, it will be recalled, the parties smartphones that are not yet updated, or do it remotely.

5. Some apps from the App Store can you spy on users, recording their movements every two seconds, in order to subsequently sell these data to several dozens of companies. This conclusion was made by journalists the New York Times, conducted an independent investigation. The tracking was so precise that it was possible to identify individuals based solely on information about their visits.

Despite the specificity of information on the movements of the users, they are of interest for at least 75 companies, which, according to their official representatives, collecting data on more than 200 million smartphones. These data are analysed and subsequently passed to the advertisers concerned with placement-targeted advertising on the Internet, as well as business owners who wish to track the efficiency of their work.

For example, the location data of users allow you to track store traffic throughout the day or a specific period of time. In addition, they can find out how long customers spend in the store, some goods often pay attention and even where they live. All this allows the owners of shops and other institutions to effectively promote their products and services, focusing only on potential visitors.

6. It seems that the release of the AirPower wireless charging will still take place, however, a little later than previously assumed. As reported by MacRumors, Apple has posted on its official website a new jobs — the company is looking for new engineers and specialists who will be involved in developing and designing products that are closely related to wireless technologies. What can it mean?

New jobs have been posted on the Apple website on 6 December. The company is looking for employees in the head office in Cupertino. In the description of the position provided that the prospective applicant should have extensive experience and specific knowledge in the field of wireless charging. It is noteworthy that among the products which will be the work provided and a charging platform of AirPower.

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