News Apple, issue 288: 2019 custom iPhone and Mac in Russia

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the iPhone 2019, custom Mac in Russia, and more!

1. December 20, Apple released the updated iOS version 12.1.2. The update is meant mainly for those who haven’t installed the original build, offering correct mistakes made in the release version of flaws and bugs.

2. Brand App store in the near future will acquire a useful ability. Soon users will be able to give not only the apps themselves, but also in-app purchases in them.

3. A slight bend in the hull design of the iPad Pro 2018faced by some users when unpacking the tablet, not considered as a defect requiring replacement, reported to Apple. The company explains this is a side effect of the production process.

4. The Russian office Apple resumed sales of custom modifications to the Mac on its official website. Now users from Russia will be able at its discretion to change the configuration of computers, choosing a processor, amount of RAM and capacity of built-in storage.

Less possibilities for customization and offers the MacBook Air with Retina display. Those Russians who decided to purchase the new products will be able to increase only the amount of RAM, increasing it by half from the baseline. If earlier Apple offered on the Russian market only one variant with 8GB of RAM and different volumes on the drive now appeared in the sale and the 16-Gigabyte version.

Another nice new feature is the possibility to equip even the base iMac SSD capacity up to 256 GB. But most of the interest seems to invoke a custom version of the MacBook Pro. Now in the Russian Apple Online Store is possible to improve even the basic version of the professional laptop, equipping it with Intel Core i7 processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz and 16 GB of RAM to equip it with up to 1 TB built-in storage. As a bonus — the ability to choose the language layout of the keyboard, which is available on all company laptops.

5. A Munich court ruled that Apple had violated at least one patent of Qualcomm in the development of some models of the iPhone, Reuters has learned. This means that Apple no longer has the right to sell branded smartphones in the country until will not eliminate the violation. The court’s decision does not negate even the iOS update No. 12.1.2, released at the beginning of this week to avert the strike in China.

According to Reuters, the reason for the ban of sales of the iPhone has become Apple use so-called tracking technology envelopes. It allows mobile devices to more efficiently process the wireless signal, thereby reducing power consumption. It is this technology, if you believe the judge’s decision, was described in patents by Qualcomm and is used by Apple’s partners involved in the supply of modems.

From a report by Reuters implies that the ban affects all iPhones with modems produced by Intel, to which belong all models starting with the iPhone 7. Fortunately for Apple, the court’s decision does not take effect instantly, allowing the company to exercise their right to appeal.

6. The first show of the new iPhone will take place not soon, but it does not prevent enthusiasts to create new and bold concepts. Of course, such projects can hardly be called truthful and accurate. However, recreated the projects can give some idea about the novelties of the coming year.

The video was created by famous American designer, subscribe to the alias Concept Creator. Behind him a huge number of projects, including the concepts of future devices from Samsung, Sony, LG and other manufacturers. According to the enthusiast, iPhone (2019) change seriously enough. First, the smartphone will get a more angular design with beveled edges style iPhone 5/5s/SE. Secondly, the future flagship will receive advanced triple chamber and with the new location of the flash. Finally, the designer assumes that the next-generation iPhone will lose so many unloved element of the design recesses. Front camera and sensors TrueDepth will be located directly in the screen, which will save a significant portion of previously unused space.

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