News Apple, issue 289: iPhone sales banned, and iTunes appeared on the TV!

The time has come to break away from the new year table and see what interesting happened in the world of Apple over the past week. Spoiler – a lot! So let’s not waste time, let’s go!

1. Until you had finished last year, but Germany came into force a ban on the sale of the iPhone. Qualcomm is so offended that Apple uses its patents that paid a security Deposit in the amount of 1.34 billion euros, if only to allow “Apple” to sell the iPhone and iPhone Plus 7/7 8/8 Plus.

Sounds scary? But it is not necessary to dramatize. The decision of the German court applies exclusively to the Apple without affecting the company’s partners from the local retailers and mobile operators. Therefore, the presence of the ban itself does not mean that now the people of Germany will not be able to buy an iPhone.

And if Apple fails to prove to the judges of the appellate court of his innocence, and the ban will remain in force, the company will lose not so much as you think. Apple sells no more than 3% of the iPhone in Germany on their own, all the rest goes into the pocket of the local stores. So for Apple it tears.

2. By the way, in those dates there was the biggest tech conference CES, where it was announced a separate version of iTunes to smart TVs. Having signed a partnership agreement with Samsung, Apple took the fateful decision confirmed that the search for a new self ready to any types of cooperation.

Securing access to the new software platform, Apple has given access to enormous number of paying customers willing to buy the films, many of which in the future will definitely sign up for new service. No joke, a few million subscribers is not lying on the road.

It is obvious that in the following years, Apple would pay less attention to hardware products, including the iPhone, giving preference to corporate services and applications. Amazon, Netflix, Spotify has proven that real success is not so important “glands” as quality content. But you continue to stand in line for an iPhone, go ahead.

So very soon we won’t have to buy a separate Apple TV, it’s already built into the TV. But is that what it was?

3. 1 January was generally a lot of changes, and it’s not about a massive hangover. In Russia has increased VAT to 20 % — just like two percent, and Apple was still more expensive — in most cases the increase amounted to 2-3 thousand rubles, but in relation to top-end configuration iMac Pro and Mac Pro it exceeds 10 thousand rubles. And this, incidentally, almost new AirPods (or perehodnik for iPad Pro).

Everyone expected Apple to increase prices and services with apps, but…Apple has included the increased VAT in the price of content sold on the territory of Russia music, in-app purchases, movies and so on. And he did it cleverly: in the receipts received from 1 January, Apple already demonstrates that VAT is 20% and the final amount is the same as in December. My inner mathematician is angry and asked: how? Very simple: Apple has lowered the cost of services without VAT.

For example, Apple Music in December cost 143 rubles without VAT, and in January 2019 — almost 141 rubles. Anything does not deny, as they say. This, of course, penny, but still nice that Apple took the tax themselves and not raised prices in the App Store and iTunes Store, as previously assumed. Reduced company payments to the developers — is yet unknown. Someone has to suffer!

4. Apple issues all began — the company has decided not to report iPhone sales in the last quarter, for which analysts had been thrown at the fan and were as follows. Tim cook successfully parries all attacks, and then recently said that the iPhone is XR is the most popular Apple smartphone, since the start of its sales. According to him, all the rumors and reports about the alleged failure of the iPhone sales XR is absolutely not true. Well, we had no doubt.

All the troubles Apple is blaming a General slowdown of the world economy and trade war with China. Cook expressed the hope that these problems will be resolved soon, and there’s a good reason. So on AliExpress new iPhone don’t run to order.

Yet, by the way, cook wrote a letter to investors, which stated that it had decided to make some adjustments to the chosen business strategy after receiving the message about the low sales of the new iPhone. Budget ayfonchiki will be delivered? Ah, dreams.

5. And another insider, apparently, is too well celebrated the new year and leaked a picture of the back panel of iPhone 11 — already with three cameras. According to the insider, his rendering is based on data from reliable sources and is actually a rendering of the prototype. Prototype of the new smartphone Vivo?

Just look for yourself. Hardly there are those who design the basic iPhone camera XI might seem attractive. Well the truth is, it’s either insider “smoke break”, or in the Apple began to experiment at Christmas. Come on, Apple, we are still on the fringe-it’s not recovered!

Yeah, this week has been rich in news from the world of Apple. Important events — the next beta of iOS and video calls in Instagram, which has started working as it should. By the way, subscribe to our channel at Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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