News high-tech: Unmanned taxi from Tesla

If mid-April is completely gone under the news about SpaceX, in the past few days all the attention was focused on the Tesla. But Russian IT giants are not far behind — that “Yandex” will vipula its unmanned cars on the streets of Moscow in may! Sit back, now everything will tell.

1. Let’s start with the fact that Tesla has increased the reserve their cars without changing the volume of battery. How? The company has updated cars the Tesla Model S and Model X, to equip them with synchronous motors with permanent magnets, a new transmission and cooling systems, and lubrication.

Due to the increased reserve, the volume of batteries has not changed and amounts to 100 kilowatt-hours. But, according to the manufacturer, they are charged as much as 50% faster — the main thing is to use a charging station Supercharger v3. The new transmission also affects the acceleration of the car: standard Tesla Model S accelerates to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and modification of Long Range — 3.7 seconds.

Owners of upgraded cars for another surprise — a Ludicrous mode Mode to increase the power of electric motors. Yes, the “red button”, which must not be pressed.

2. But it’s not such epic news that Tesla plans to launch the taxi network on autopilot in 2020 (Uber, goodbye). Tesla will allow owners to add their appropriately-equipped cars to app ridesharing, which will operate on the same business model as Uber or Airbnb. The company will pick up 25-30 percent of the profits from these trips, says Elon Musk.

The introduction of new features will literally allow the cars to move completely Autonomous, not like now — only on the road, supporting lane and requiring the driver to follow expensive. The last step is software that, according to the Mask, will be fully completed by the middle of next year. Out of interest, the system operates on the basis of 70 billions of kilometers, collected all the cars Tesla.

How now with taxi drivers on the way to communicate?

3. At the end of 2016 the company “Yandex” has started the development of its own automated driving. All the while her drones were tested in special landfills, but in may they will appear on the roads of Moscow. The autopilot system will be installed on serial models of Hyundai and Kia, but in the future the company intends to provide its software and hardware and other manufacturers.

The experiment will last until March 1, 2022, the cars of different companies will appear on the roads of Moscow and Kazan. In the early stages of driving will be the test, which in case of danger will be able to take it over. But the developers hope that the car will be as independent and on their basis it will be possible to create services for unmanned and cargo taxi.

Cars have already been tested in Moscow, tel Aviv and Las Vegas, and it can learn how to drive on the roads of other cities. Most importantly teach them to Park.

4. How are things at the gym, guys? We thought so. Then this news is for you, plastic surgeons have learned to pack on the belly fat to six pack abs! They change the shape of the stomach so that you feel like you spend all your time in the gym.

Plastic surgeon uses the usual tools for creating pack abs of several layers of abdominal fat, emphasizing the natural lines of the abdominal muscles.

As with most plastic surgery procedures, there are specific guidelines that must be followed in this procedure. In a few weeks will have to wear armbands and to visit the doctor. Even more important is the continuation of a healthy lifestyle and sports. Unfortunately, I do not get to leave the hospital and lie on the sofa for six months, expecting that you will be an Adonis.

How do you think we will soon have to cut on the roads of Russia on unmanned taxi? Your opinion you can write in the comments or discuss topics in our Telegram chat.

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