#news high technology 271 | new cars of “Russian Railways” and the world’s first body scanner

Every Monday in the new issue of “News of high technologies” we summarize the results of the last week, talking about some of the most important events, the key discoveries and inventions. Today we talk about the world’s first whole body scanner, new cars Railways. Below the news you can find in a text format.

The reserved seat will be comfortable

In October it became known that Russian Railways plans to upgrade their economy class cars. The company’s CEO Oleg Belozerov promised that “on the basis of forming common or second-class carriage, in a common space without the compartment will create a personal zone of comfort.” And now, a month later, the Agency RIA “Novosti” showed a new concept of second-class carriages of Railways.

New cars that promise the modular division of space, seats with curtains and vending machines. Also there will be (finally) the electrical sockets and USB sockets and individual lighting.

In addition to personalized second-class seats, and toilets will get a hygienic showers, automatic taps, soap dispensers, paper towels, built-in Hairdryer. Promise also changing tables.

The representative of Russian Railways assured the authenticity of the images presented by the Agency, and modernization of cars will begin in 2019.

Considered even the alternative capsule, where passengers will create individual space. There are proposals for “space-transformer” where it would be possible to form a place to visit,” promised Belozerov.

In April 2017, it became known that Russian Railways is also looking for developer of an autopilot for their trains.

New body scanner

Researchers and scientists from the University of California in Davis with their Chinese colleagues from the company United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) has created a device EXPLORER that represents the world’s first medical scanner that can create three-dimensional picture of the human body. The Network has released the first images created using this scanner. About the created apparatus according to a press release on EurekAlert!

EXPLORER is a combined system of positron emission tomography (PET) and x-ray computational tomography. In the end, the unit has so high sensitivity that is able to create an image of the whole body in just a second, while longer use — dynamic images, which can be seen as a specially marked and introduced into the body drugs move throughout the body.

The concept of the device was introduced 13 years ago, however its development started only in 2011. Initially on the development of the national cancer Institute has allocated a half million dollars. In 2015 year, the National institutes of health has increased the development budget for another 15.5 million dollars.

NASA will test SpaceX

Space Agency NASA is going to conduct a comprehensive safety examination of the companies, SpaceX and Boeing. Recall that both are engaged in the creation of spacecraft for the delivery of American astronauts to the International space station. The reason for the check? Smoking marijuana Musk live during an interview on one of the Internet show in September. It is reported by the publisher of The Washington Post.

In California, where the interview took place, Smoking marijuana legally. Despite this, the behavior of the Mask “has caused serious concerns at the highest levels of leadership at NASA and prompted the Agency to look closely at the culture that exists within the company,” the source said.
It is noted that the checks will begin next year and last several months. The representatives of the Supervisory group check “everything that can affect security.”

Lockheed Martin has set out to build the quiet supersonic aircraft

Lockheed Martin has set out to build the quiet supersonic aircraft in the world. It is reported that NASA will spend to develop about 250 million dollars (this amount was voiced at the conclusion of the contract).

The new aircraft was named X-59 QueSST. It is worth noting that the new aircraft refers to the civil aviation and will produce passenger airline flights. But there is one problem: the use of supersonic aircraft for the transport of persons is prohibited due to the high noise levels of the aircraft when breaking the sound barrier. Lockheed Martin and NASA wanted to promote noise-canceling technology to cancel the existing rules. A new experimental aircraft intended for the return of supersonic passenger air travel, the latter of which made the Concorde in October 2003.

As regards the technical characteristics of the future aircraft, most of them are kept secret. It is only known that the aircraft will fly at altitude of 55,000 feet and speeds of up to 940 miles per hour, which translated in the metric system equal to 16764 m 1512 kilometres per hour respectively.

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