News on the margin week 13-20 August

Apple reaches 2 trillion and it is decided to delete the Epic account, Spotify and Facebook against Apple and loopholes in Instagram and the iPhone 12 coming from India and Telegram supports video and other news on the sidelines …

News on the sidelines week 13-20 August

Apple is the first private company to reach $ 2 trillion

Yesterday, Apple managed to surpass the $ 2 trillion barrier for the first time, to become the second company in the world and the first private company (state-owned Aramco) to reach $ 2 trillion, with the share price reaching $ 468.14. But at the end of the trading day, the stock fell to $ 462.83, bringing the value of the company back to 1.98 trillion, but it is expected that it will continue to rise, especially since Apple’s stock increased all these increases without the company disclosing any new products.

Apple: The Epic Games account will be deleted effective August 28

Epic Games said that it was informed by Apple that if it did not stop its payment platform no later than August 28, Apple would delete the company's account, remove all its applications and games, and prevent their access to developer software tools, as well as stop support for its famous game engine Unreal Engine and not Developed for compatibility with Apple's ARKit systems.

Epic Games resort to cracking down to prevent Apple from suspending its account

Epic Games said that Apple's decision to delete its account and ban the search engine Unreal Engine is a catastrophic matter and called on the judiciary to issue an urgent court order preventing Apple from taking this step until after the legal dispute is settled. The company explained that its Unreal Engine is used by a large number of game developers, and if Apple stops supporting it, this means losses for it and for other developers who will take a lot of time to search for another game engine, which will lose money and time, and in the end the company will lose its reputation and engine and this Irreparable damage especially as the case will last a long time.

On the other hand, a number of developers criticized Apple's decision to stop supporting Unreal Engine, saying that it was inappropriate and inappropriate and would cause losses for them, and one of them said that if Apple wants to make Tim Cook appear as a liar in Congress, they will not do more than that. What Tim means here is that Apple is helping developers, but now Apple is hurting developers who are not even part of the conflict.

Do we see iPhone 12 made in India?

Reports revealed that the company Westron, which collects some Apple devices, has increased 10 thousand new employees in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 12, which has reinforced a number of news that Apple will try to assemble its most powerful device in India, after news of the success of the current iPhone 11 assembly experience. Reports said that what is currently happening is collection experiments and that the actual production will not appear before the middle of next year. Apple aims to cover all the requirements of the Indian market for locally manufactured phones. If this is successful, it may expand for export. Currently, iPhone phones sold around the world are assembled in China, while factories in India, Brazil and others manufacture devices for the local or neighboring markets only.

Instagram: A vulnerability that caused us to keep deleted photos and messages of users from our servers

Instagram announced the granting of a security agent a reward of $ 6000, after discovering a vulnerability that made deleted messages and pictures not be removed from the servers and remain in existence for a year. Instagram thanked the security researcher and said that it would quickly fix the vulnerability in order to delete user messages that its servers keep. It is reported that the GDPR laws criminalize companies violating the privacy of users, and that if he asks to download his data, he obtains it, and if he asks to delete it, it must be deleted immediately, but “according to Instagram” messages and pictures were not deleted due to the vulnerability discovered by the security researcher.

It is reported that the Instagram application previously detected an error that was causing the opening of the camera and it was exposed in iOS 14, and now it detects a new error that is the reason why pictures and messages were not deleted. You see the next mistake will be what?

Facebook merges Instagram and Facebook chats together

Many users of Facebook Messenger and Instagram applications mentioned that they noticed that the Facebook messaging application now has Instagram messages appearing under the slogan "A new form of Instagram messages". This step comes within rumors that Facebook will integrate all its chat applications into one application, meaning that in the future WhatsApp will also integrate with Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook complains; And Apple responds, we will not exclude anyone and everyone will pay

◉ Facebook announced joining Epic and the companies that stand against Apple after Apple informed the company that the Paid Events service revealed by Facebook will get Apple 30% of any process that takes place from it. Facebook said that the feature is designed to help small companies book their conferences through the application. If Apple takes a commission and Facebook also gets a commission, this increases the price for the startups and makes it an illogical service, especially with a 30% commission from Apple. Facebook said it decided to waive its commission from In order to support small businesses, it asked Apple to waive its commission or accept Facebook Pay, but Apple refused both requests.

◉ On the other hand, Apple clarified in a statement published in Bloomberg newspaper that no exception will be made for any party, whether Epic or others, and that Apple has not changed any of the regulations and laws and that these companies were paying in the past the same current regulations. Apple said that these regulations are in place to protect our customers. The company said that Epic created the problem for itself and that Apple did not change anything, the regulations are clear and there are no exceptions, and any company that wants to provide a paid service to Apple customers, there is only the current system.

◉ On the other hand, Apple announced the appointment of the Gibson Dunn Law Firm to defend it in the current cases. This office, Apple had assigned previous Samsung cases to it, most of which Apple succeeded in winning and collected in compensation amounting to $ 539 million.

Google Maps gets recolored to clarify details

Google announced a significant change in its Maps application, especially the default interface, as it recolored by changing its algorithms for maps. Google said that the new colors will make the map more clear and details prominent, making you see beaches, lakes and rivers better than before. The feature is now available in the Maps application and you can open it and go to the nearest lake to notice the difference.

Apple is now switching browsing from Safari to New + for subscribers

Apple services

Some publishers have discovered that Apple has added a new command in iOS 14 and the new MacOS 11.0 system, which is that if you browse in Safari looking for news and it appears to you on a site, and when you click on this site, it searches here for Safari. Is this site and news service available on Apple News + and you are subscribed to it? If present, your browsing will be directed to the Apple app. This causes great harm to news sites that depend on visits to generate income from ads, which is more than the revenue from Apple's service, which they say has very poor revenue and advertising.

It is worth noting that Apple puts this as a feature and there is an option to turn it off in Settings; But this feature is activated automatically, and of course anyone rarely changes the default settings or may not know their existence.

Spotify: We support Epic in its struggle against Apple

Spotify published a statement saying that it salutes Epic Games for standing before Apple and taking a stand and said that this matter strengthens and sheds more light on unfair Apple practices and shows how developers are harmed by them and that they stifle fair competition and harm users and make them pay more money. Spotify called on Apple to work in a "fair" manner and work to provide a competitive atmosphere and not to excel through unfair practices. Spotify praised the developers, whether large or small, who decided to stand before Apple and work to make the store a fair and competitive place. It is noteworthy that Spotify was the one who started the current conflict and the cases against Apple when it published a video in which it said that Apple is working to increase prices on users and at the same time it provides the service of its competitor, that is, it is a competing player and a judge in the same match, and last year it published this video for propaganda against Apple.

Telegram update to support video calls

Finally, after waiting, Telegram updated to add end-to-end encrypted video calls, a feature that had been absent from the app for years and was almost the only weak point for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Telegram now has more than 400 million active users and enables you to send 2048 MB files in exchange for 16 MB WhatsApp (128 times) and you can create groups with up to 200,000 people, create channels, share any type of files, use Bots, and the feature to delete and modify sent messages in At any time, as well as the Saved feature, which is a storage space for you to put any files and texts in addition to the encryption features and the temporary messages feature that are automatically deleted from the other party's device after a specified period you choose, as well as the secret chat feature that prevents the other party from taking a screenshot of your conversations (Android) Or tell you if the other took a screen shot (iPhone). Of course, Telegram works as a separate application on the computer and any device you have, not on a single device and a web copy such as WhatsApp.

Telegram Messenger

The developer

Telegram FZ-LLC

the size 169.2 MB
Release 7.0
Available on the software store

Apple's repair center program now includes a Mac

Apple announced the expansion of its maintenance center program to also include various Mac computers; The maintenance program is a system that Apple revealed last year and allows private centers to apply to Apple to request approval, and its employees are trained in methods of maintaining Apple devices, as well as providing them with the tools necessary for maintenance. Thus, these centers are certified to repair your device, and your maintenance in them does not lead to losing Apple's warranty. The system was, since its release, only iPhone maintenance centers, but now Mac devices have been added. Only companies and centers in America, Canada and Europe can apply to participate in this program.

Apple updates its upcoming beta systems

Apple launched the fifth trial version of its upcoming systems at the end of this year, and it came as follows:

◉ iOS / iPadOS 14, the fourth beta for developers, which came with improvements in performance and some changes, such as improvements in the alarm application, a new widget for the news application, a button to hide photo albums, a number of explanatory screens "explanations", privacy settings for widget, improvements in HomeKit, showing the last shipment of the phone whenever it was, etc. Of advantages.

Mac OS 11.0 has not yet shown new features other than performance improvements and bug fixes.

◉ WatchOS 7 has not yet appeared, what is new in this fourth beta version.

◉ tvOS 14.0 shows no new features but rather general performance improvements.

Korean companies are calling for investigation of Apple and Google for monopoly

A group of startups in South Korea have submitted a request to the Korean Trade Commission, asking them to investigate Apple and Google for violating laws and monopolizing in-app purchases. The companies made the same basic accusation as Spotify and Epic, which is that Apple is preventing companies from providing their own method of payment from within applications. The companies said that the 30% rate imposed by Apple and Google is high, and the two companies own 87.8% of the share of stores in Korea and prohibit external payment methods, which makes us forced to deal with them and pay the exorbitant royalty.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Netflix has begun testing a new "Shuffle Play" button to randomly play videos if you don't find content you like.

◉ Apple has updated the Safari Technology Preview version to version 110; And Apple made changes to tabs, background, scrollbars, and many improvements. The Safari beta app is a developer version that Apple is testing features in before it releases it permanently in Safari iOS and macOS.

◉ Apple has changed the name of the Beats 1 app to Apple Music 1 and added improvements such as two radio stations.

◉ Apple has updated its TestFlight developer app and changed its icon.

A hacker posted a video showing his iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 13.6.1, and a jailbreak was made for it. The hacker said he had not used the traditional tfp0 method in the jailbreak and promised to publish the tool and method soon.

Apple stopped recording iOS 13.6, so the only option to upgrade and restore is iOS 13.6.1.

◉ A number of people offered their iPhones on eBay for sale and said that these devices include Fortnite. Some devices amounted to $ 5,000.

◉ Tim Cook announces that Apple will make a donation to California wildfire rescue efforts.

◉ An American company told you that next year it will launch a special Android version of the BlackBerry phone, "the actual QWERTY keyboard" and support 5G next year.

◉ Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Pay in England to compete with Apple Pay.

Trump signed final decision to sanction ByteDance, if it does not sell its US sector, it will face US sanctions.

◉ Reports said that Apple decided to stop expanding its factories in Vietnam to reassure the improvement of employment conditions in Vietnam.

◉ A report said that Apple will launch the iPad Air 4 next March and it will be with the A14 processor, which will be issued by the iPhone 12.

◉ Reports revealed that the famous American company Orcal has entered into negotiations to buy the American sector from Tik Tok.

Instagram announced the provision of a QR code reader feature in the application around the world, so that any user can create his own QR code, and this helps companies clarify their account in Instagram via the QR code.

◉ Reports revealed that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Company’s investment in Apple stocks amounted to $ 113 billion, which is equivalent to a quarter of the company's investment in all companies around the world.

◉ The US Trade Commission announced an investigation with Apple into accusing the Japanese company, Maxell, that Apple violated its patents and used them on the iPhone and Mac.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we have come to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the stray and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you She helps you, and if she robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for her.


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