News on the margin week 5-13 August

IPhone 12 release date leaked, Apple rejecting Microsoft and Facebook gaming applications; And Tim Cook is now a billionaire, and Foxconn begins hiring employees to assemble the iPhone 12 and other news on the sidelines …

News on the margin the week of August 5-13

Leaks: This is the launch date for Apple devices


The leak, Jon Prosser, published a leak in which he said that the upcoming Apple devices will be scheduled for the following:

Week 37, on September 7, a new generation of Apple Watch as well as iPad without conferences will be launched.

Week 42, on October 12, Apple will hold a conference to unveil iPhone devices.

Week 42 also, Apple will start booking iPhone 12 devices and it will ship on October 19.

◉ iPhone 12 Pro will be delayed release until November.

The leak is strange and we do not expect in the iPhone Islam that Apple will launch the watch and the iPad without conferences. It has never been done by Apple working these devices treating the Mac with a silent update, especially with expectations of many advantages in the iPad and the watch .

Brazil is considering whether or not Apple has the right to use the name of the iPhone

In 2012, IGB Electronica launched a legal war against Apple in Brazil, accusing Apple of stealing its trademark "iPhone" which it owned in Brazil. In 2013, the judge decided that both Apple and IGB Electronica had the right to use the name of the iPhone, then returned in 2018 and the verdict was confirmed. But it seems that the Brazilian company is determined to continue as it filed a complaint with the Supreme Court accusing Apple of stealing the name of the iPhone, which it uses to sell Android phones in Brazil; IGB Electronica wants to prevent Apple from selling its phones in the name of the iPhone and that this name "iPhone" is for its Android phones only :-).

Before you just amazed at you information, which is that the iPhone was released in 2007, while the Brazilian company submitted a request to register this name in 2000, just as Cisco did in America and had the name of the iPhone as a landline phone at the time. But Apple is defending itself and says that the iPhone name was given to the company in 2008, when it had applied in 2000, but it was not granted to it. It is unfair that it was granted in 2008 and at that time the Apple iPhone was on the market, so the grants would have hurt them.

Foxconn: China’s world factory era is over


Foxconn, the second largest company in the world by the number of workers (more than a million workers), announced that the time of China, the world's factory, is over; Foxconn said that it will continuously increase its investment outside China and production lines, which a few months ago represented 25% and now have become 30% in a few months, and will continue to expand outside China. Reports said that the company made it clear that due to the problems between China, America and China with India, it expanded its factories in southern India with a strong request from Apple. It is noteworthy that Foxconn is a company from the Republic of China famous as "Taiwan" and not a Chinese company, but it was investing mainly in China.

Microsoft Duo is now available for $ 1,400

Microsoft has opened the reservation on its Duo device, which is more like 2 adjacent smartphones, as in the following picture. The device starts at $ 1399 and comes with the old SD855 processor, not the latest SD865, and it comes with 128/256 GB storage capacity only, there is no memory card port, and it comes with a single rear camera and a 3577mah very small battery, compared to the overall screen size of 8.1 inches. The device will be launched on the market on September 10th.

Apple plans to launch a paid exercise service

A report by Bloomberg newspaper revealed that Apple is working to develop a service that is sports training, fitness and paid advice. The report said that Apple will provide the service via VR, that is, you will be able to view virtual exercises in real life, and with this, Apple is entering into competition with Nike and Peloton. It is reported that last March was found codes for a fitness application carrying the code Seymour and now the new news makes us expect the approaching service.

The report said that Apple might call it Apple Fitness, and it might become part of the Apple One package that the company will provide as a discounted package in exchange for subscribing to all its services such as music, news and television together.

Apple broadcasts the Tehran series, starring and writing by Israelis

Apple announced that it will start broadcasting the spy series "Tehran," which is written by the Israeli Zionist Moshe Zonder. The film tells about a Mossad agent who hides in a secret mission inside the Iranian capital, Tehran. The series also stars Israeli actors, such as "Niv Sultan". The series will air on Apple TV + on September 25th

Qualcomm wins a case against the Antitrust Authority

With the start of the Qualcomm Apple conflict, the Antitrust Authority joined the conflict and sued Qualcomm for strangling competition and imposing hefty licensing fees on companies. Indeed, a verdict was issued against Calman in May 2019 of the conviction, but the company has appealed this ruling, especially after Apple caved in and forced it to reconcile a year ago. Indeed, this week, Qualcomm managed to drop the charge against it and cancel the monopoly ruling. For his part, the director of the antitrust agency said that he was disappointed by the judiciary’s decision and that the office would consider the options available to them. As for Qualcomm, it thanked the judiciary for the ruling and said that it is evidence that their business policy is sound and legal.

Tim Cook is officially a billionaire

After the continuous rise in Apple's market value, now the CEO of Apple has joined the billionaire club; Tim Cook owns an approximately 0.02% stake in Apple, or specifically 847,969 shares, and the share price today is $ 457, meaning the total value of shares is $ 387.5 million, in addition to Tim Cook's personal fortune of $ 650 million, bringing the total to more than $ 1 billion. It is reported that Tim announced in 2015 that he would donate all of his wealth after his nephew completed his studies. It is reported that Apple's market value now reached 1960 billion dollars and was 350 billion at the time of Steve Jobs' death

Russia: Apple owed a monopoly in its software store

Russia's antitrust service released a report saying it found Apple guilty of a monopoly charge at its software store. The report said that Apple has an exclusive right to download 100% of the applications on the iPhone devices and owning a 100% share means a monopoly, and accordingly Apple is condemned. The report said that Apple's monopoly makes it the one in control of applications, for example in 2018 it decided to delete all parental control applications; And because there were no alternatives, companies lost any opportunity to make their apps available to iPhone users. Russia said that Apple will be referred to the judiciary for a ruling against it to correct the situation. For its part, of course, Apple rejected the decision and announced that it would appeal.

Foxconn begins a labor request to assemble the iPhone 12

Taiwan's Foxconn has published a massive job application for the primary manufacturing of the iPhone 12, and the company has not indicated the number of employees required, but reports said they would be tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. An internal memo in the company said that there would be large financial rewards that would raise salaries of up to 9,000 yuan, equivalent to roughly $ 1,300. It is noteworthy that recent reports spoke that Apple requested reducing future payments, but sources said that this reduction will not affect the beginnings of manufacturing, but on the later stages.

Facebook: Apple forced us to introduce a gaming app without games

Facebook said that Apple had refused to approve its Facebook Gaming app, which includes a large number of games in the form of Mini Games or mini-games; The company said that Apple forced them to provide the application without any games. The company said that the games application still includes features such as watching and sharing “live broadcasts” of popular games, but Android users will find an additional advantage, which is getting a number of games within the application itself.

Facebook Gaming

The developer

Facebook, Inc.

the size 280.0 MB
Release 24
Available on the software store

Microsoft: Apple refuses to allow Xbox Game Pass games

Microsoft revealed in a statement to CNET that the Apple software store is the only one that prevents competition as it will not allow the provision of games that depend on the cloud (actually the game works in the cloud and you control the application of your phone) and Microsoft said that Apple differentiates between games and applications other than games as it allows the latter By doing what you refuse to play games.

For its part, Apple acknowledged the ban, but explained that the reason is the lack of ability to review and examine the games on the cloud, and that the developer can add, modify and delete any game from them without returning to Apple.

It is worth noting that Google also has its Stadia platform banned on iOS as well, similar to Microsoft and Facebook.

Learn the results of the new iMac performance tests

Macotakara has published the results of performance tests for the iMac 27, which Apple revealed a few days ago and is currently available for sale. You can look at the image above to know the performance of the processor. The image is at the bottom of the graphics card.

The SSD of the new iMac is non-removable except for 4-8 TB

Last week, Apple quietly unveiled the latest version of the iMac; This week, the details of the device began to appear, as there was negative news for iMac fans, which is that Apple changed the type of SSD of the device to become part of the hardware that is not removable, meaning you cannot change the hard drive and increase its capacity. Other reports said that if the customer chooses 4 terra capacity ($ 1200 additional) or 8 terra capacity ($ 2400 additional), here it will come with a removable and upgradeable hard drive. That is, if you want to buy a new iMac with a removable hard drive, the lowest price will be $ 3,500, excluding taxes and fees.

Miscellaneous news

◉ One of the well-known accounts of the leaks posted pictures that he said were of the iPhone 12's OLED screen. The leak did not give any information or details about the screen. The tweet was deleted later.

◉ OWC, a company that specializes in selling hardware hardware, has published a detailed breakdown of the new iMac. Watch the video:

Apple has sent its first public beta version of WatchOS 7.

Google announced an update of its Maps application to support CarPlay, and the company said that soon it will also support the Apple Watch.

◉ Amazon announced that it will launch its podcast service within the Amazon Music and Audible ecosystem.

◉ Apple has added some services to the developer application, such as improvements in audio quality and the ability to share content links.

◉ Canalys said that Apple sold 15 million iPhones last quarter in America only, a record that has not been achieved.

The New Jersey State Supreme Court says suspects can be forced to divulge passwords to phones in some cases. In the past, several states have refused to allow the police to force the accused to open his device.

Apple has sued a small startup for imitating the Apple logo. The next image is the Apple logo next to the company logo "Pear".

◉ Yesterday, Apple released Mac update 10.15.6 and it came to fix some problems and errors.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And it helps you, and if it robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for it.


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