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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 3-10 مايو

Charger Apple rapid 18 and will be the exclusive Docking the new iPhone

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 12-19 يوليو

Currently if you want to charge iPhone, X/8 is fast upon the acquisition of charger PD your Mac strongly starting from 29 and as well as the cable C To Lightning, but the news suggests that the iPhone Killer is coming charger quick 18 and and the same efficient the 29 and current will be within the components of the box iPhone. This is the good news the happiest even collectors X current because it means that there will be a fast charger at a price less than $ 50 your Mac. But this week, confirmed several sources that Apple will not sell this fast charger will be exclusive in box new devices, but they explained that after several months will provide his Apple independently.

Experience side walked which is that Apple’s rumored that it will allow companies to manufacture the cable C To Lightning as of the beginning of the next year after that was exclusive to Apple.

Fined Google $ 5 million for fraud and send a warning don’t

The European Union has fined Google $ 4.34 million euros, or $ 5.05 million because he was found guilty in the antitrust laws of their own. The European Union said that Google’s business is forcing companies and constructors to add, its services are compulsory and the head of Google’s Chrome browser and search Google, but sometimes Google is the default engine only as the best companies to work restrictions on the development of an open source version of Android to the detriment of the rights of users.

He explained that EU on Google to modify these practices illegal within 90 days or else will face a penalty of up to 5% of the proceeds from the parent company “Google” and not only of Europe but of the world as a whole it is a huge fine “revenues + global + company or not just Google”

It is a party when Google announced its rejection of the fine resume the government said that this resolution is inaccurate and proposed a system of Android and how it is useful for everyone as in the following picture:

Explosive news on the MacBook Pro version of 2018

Apple revealed last Thursday about the new generation of her laptop MacBook Pro version 2018 these were the highlights of the specifications and news own:

Specifications: support the second generation of Intel processors, including women hexa-core processors i9 as well as the Add screen True Tone and a slice of Apple’s new T2 Support memory up to 32 GB. Apple has said that the army is 15 inches faster 70% of the previous generation the generation of 13-inch is faster 100%. The starting price for the women’s 13-inch from$ 1,799, while the women’s 15-inch start from 2399$.

The fastest SSD in the world: the big surprise revealed by Apple, which revealed the numbers of tests modern that Apple added a faster storage SSD in the world to fit the new where able to transfer the 4.9 GB of data in just 2 seconds which suggests that Apple is dependent on new tablets maybe Samsung 970 like.

◉ Apple has added support for TrueTone different such as flat screen LG as well as Apple’s screen.

The dismantling of the device: the iFixIT team to dismantle the device the new MacBook Pro said he got several internal improvements in addition to declared at the top like increasing the battery capacity to become 58 and instead of 49.2 and providing it to a charger strongly 61 watts (this is for the 13-inch) the team said that the device gets 1 of 10 in the ease of reform that reform is almost a normal person.

The problem of the buttons: Apple has been experiencing a big problem in the wrapper MacBook Pro but the iFixIT team said that Apple looks like it was trying to download the design your own and solve his problem, which was received in the dust. And they made it clear that the initial examination showed a decrease in the photo they thought was that Apple changed the design of the interior, but he found unzip the buttons that Apple has added layer of silicone to block out the dust as shown in the following video:

Problem hottest: revealed one of the designers that the Apple device to the new version i9 facing a serious problem in cooling when you do a Render of any exploitation of maximum power for the device it fails the refrigerant and increases its temperature. He said that this happens at the speed of the Processor i9, which are 2.9 GB and not maximum speed “bind” which reach up to 4.8 GHz. The starting price for this version of 3099$ unlike any other adjustments and taxes. Watch the video:

Apple celebrates the World Day of leisure

◉ Celebrated the world this week the World Day of leisure has Apple on this occasion to publish a press release saying that it will add 70 image a new to enable more people to express themselves.

◉ On the occasion of the day anymore Apple has changed the picture next executives do not converted to the same special Apple which will release with iOS 12.


Company Corning unveils the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass

Published company Corning giant video trailer for the second part of glass’s famous and who came carrying capacity reached twice the previous generation where the glass 15 the fall of a distance of 1 meter. The company said that this glass will be available for companies in the coming months. Watch the video trailer:

Samsung published a video to mock internet speed in X

We talked previously that Apple has slowed down the speed of the internet in the iPhone in order to provide an opportunity for fillet connection Intel -see our previous article– a recently published study said that the S9 is faster in browsing the internet from X by up to 34%. Based on this publication Samsung has a viral video shows a woman in the Apple Store and ask the employee about the internet speed in the X compared to the S9 and said to him that he is the fastest of the 8 (info is incorrect by the way) to which she responded “isn’t it supposed that the phone of the future as you say). Watch the video:

Samsung reveals memory LPDDR5

Samsung announced this week for memory chips for smart devices of the model LPDDR5 said that this generation is faster 1.5 times of memory LPDDR4X which depend on IT companies in the latest models, mainly the Apple iPhone X Samsung said that the update is not only in the speed of 150%, but also in energy consumption terms has become less by 30% due to the use of architectural 10nm later. Several sources that Apple might be one of the first companies which buy this kind of memory cards for iPhone coming “next year and that will be released after two months”.

Goodbye Sir, Hi Selo

Announced Cole star team head to develop a tool for iOS Electra that they’ll replace CDs soon. another application is the Sileo to be a substitute for the CD which hasn’t been updated to iOS 11 so far. The team said that all of the tools CD previous as well as your purchases will be transferred with you to the “Selo”, but they have indicated that they will pay only iOS 11 the previous regulations won’t let them because the CD works well with them. Good-bye, Sir, after the service 10 wonderful years.

Another of the founders of Siri quits Apple

Announced Tom Gruber, another of the founders of Siri to resign from Apple and left the house, which was occupied by a head of Department of development of Siri. And anyone who doesn’t know the history of Siri they are in the beginning it was a Norwegian company arising introduced Siri on the application form in-store programs to 2010 but soon Apple has purchased the company delete the app and the two founders of the company in different areas in the Apple launched Siri with the iPhone 4s in 2011 and in the same year resigned one of the founders followed the founder of another Cheyer, who founded the smart application another supports ViV then Samsung has acquired us and change his name to Bixby, the assistant Samsung the current.

Leaked image reportedly bottle iPhone killer

Leaked image of the page was told it bottle fact his own iDevice iPhone X medium disclosed less than two months ago. The glass shows the sizes of the three and intercession 6.1, which is expected to come LCD also shows the dialogue slim so highly of the parties. Of course the picture there is no news confirmed that it is genuine but it shows us the ratio between the sizes of the iPhone next.

Explosive news:

◉ Team announced the developers behind the iOS Electra about the Publish files tool for iOS developers and make it open source. Those interested can go to GitHub and get the files for free.

◉ Apple closed the possibility of returning to iOS 11.4 and became the only option available is iOS 11.4.1 or upgrade to iOS 12 demo.

◉ Sent Apple an hour ago the demo version of the third year, which rewards the fourth beta to developers of iOS 12

◉ Apple announced a project financing Fund in China to select companies to develop solutions for clean energy.

◉ Revealed several reports that Samsung intends to introduce a version greater than phone S10 next year to commercial sizes of the new iPhone.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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