News on the sidelines of the week 13-20 June

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 13-20 يونيو

Apple asks suppliers experience transfer 15% to 30% outside of China

Apple has requested of suppliers business procedures and introduce the idea of transfer of 15% to 30% of their output material to Apple to be outside of China. It is expected to be the cause of this demand to learn the Apple over the ability of the companies to help her get out of China after it confirmed Foxconn they are able to produce devices iPhone enough for the American market from its factories outside of China. Assessment of the companies will tell them how prepared each supplier and there will be an impact on the price and time required and other things to help the company for its future.

Apple identified systems experimental main

Apple has updated the systems trial launched in the conference WWEC 19 to the second version came as follows:

◉ IOS system 13.0 came a lot of improvements in performance and also revealed some new features like a notice from Apple if you delete any application that proposes to cancel subscriptions to services that exist in it.

◉ System iPad iPadOS 13 Apple has said that it added a lot of advantages but they made it clear that there are crashes and problems, many also promised to solve it in the next updates and public beta will be released next month will be a level significantly compared to the current.

◉ Mac OS 10.15 and did not know Apple what’s new in this version.

◉ TV system tvOS 13.0 and did not disclose the new it also.

◉ Clock system watchOS 6.0 and did not disclose the new features the update showed a permit directly from Apple that updates will soon be made directly from the coast and you won’t need to have an iPhone of the foundation.

Huawei learn to postpone the launch of the Mate X Foldable

After the technical problems encountered by Samsung in the launch of the phone by folding it in a scandal made her stop the phone “said they postponed the launch indefinitely” and the need are already in the recovery of their money police denied any release soon. It seems that the horror or what happened that made Huawei slipped her phone. more explicitly, it also seems that they found technical problems (not scream it) which prompted the announcement to postpone the launch of their phone rollaway also stated the spokesperson of the company to CNBC said, “We don’t want to say fired a device that destroys the reputation of the company” this confirms what we expected to discover a technical disaster similar to the Samsung, but Huawei managed the problem before bringing the device to anyone.

President of Huawei acknowledges the impact of U.S. sanctions

Revealed the head of the company Huawei in remarks after the passage of a month from U.S. sanctions was more important what came in:

◉ Fell international sales of the company “sales outside of China” by 40%, prompting the company to reduce production.

◉ The company does not expect the development in revenue, sales, general in 2018 has made $ 100 million are targeted to remain the figure as it is during 2019 and 2020.

◉ Expect Huawei to lose sales of $ 30 million through 2019 and 2020 due to U.S. sanctions.

◉ Decline in sales and US sanctions will not affect research and development in the company especially in the field of 5G.

Apple is working on a copy of the I. Maso and shortcuts for Mac

Was found codes in system Mac rule 10.16 revealed that Apple is working on the launch version of the walleye Maso and Application Shortcuts depending on the tool Catalyst provided by Apple to move apps from iOS and iPadOS to the Mac. Did not know the secret of this. especially that Apple already have an application I-Masu in the Mac, but maybe you want Apple to unify it with the iPhone.

Oppo unveils fast-charging technology is strongly 120 watt

The company revealed the Oppo for a new technology company called Super FlashCharge, the company said that it will come strongly 120 and this is a big jump in the strength of the Chargers. Even the screen of your computer MacBook Pro terms of touch comes strongly 87 and “this charger is a computer not a phone”. She said the Oppo that this new shipper would enable charging the phone battery 4000mah from zero to 50% in just 5 minutes and needs to be 13 minutes to feel up to 100%. Police have not released the launch date and availability of the device but expected that, in the MWC conference in Shanghai next week will tell us the details and we’ll see this charger or is it just a technical theory, as usual, appear at conferences only.

New Ask game Super Mario “doctor” next month

Announced Nintendo continue to release its new applications in iOS and Android. New game will release on July 10 as “Dr. Mario” is a classic game released in 1990. Watch the video to know it:

Tim Cook talking in the order of CEO to the center 69

Location detection Glassdoor American for the classification of the executives of the annual has been achieved Tim Cook is a clear improvement as Sughd to the center 69 after that was last year ranked 96. Was Tim in the 2016 ranked 8 and then decline in 2017 to 53 and then in 2018 to 96 but returned again to. Ratings don’t do the site yourself but it depends on the staff in the companies in the evaluation of managers. And last year was complaints from the pressures of work at Apple bloom, but it seems that the situation seemed in control on the staff.

Your new Israeli to penetrate the iPhone

The company revealed a Cellebrite device, and a new tool called UFED Premium she is dedicated to your law enforcement law enforcement agencies will enable them to penetrate the iPhone’s various versions which will replace the device GrayKey that stopped Apple. It is reported that the company Cellebrite, an Israeli take of “Petah Tikva” headquarters does not a of the early colonies of Zionism in Palestine. Apple has not yet announced on the news although it is available to you in the future to know the gap used and close it after several months.

News superior

◉ Apple announced the termination of the Dashboard in Mac real tools code from the WebKit Mac next. Recall that An Bord appeared with Mac system 10.4 and then Apple started to stop and the quality of the automatic system 10.10 with the arrival of 10.16 you will end up completely out of existence.

◉ Apple has logged 7 devices MacBook in the database of the Eurasian EEC and that makes us expect to reveal Apple’s updated MacBook during the iPhone month 9 or in the last month 10.

◉ Revealed Twitter Company about re-applied to Mac devices thanks to Project Catalyst that revealed by Apple, which they can convert the iPad to become a Mac application. And Twitter deleted the app previously in the restructuring plan undertaken by Twitter.

◉ Announced the German Interior Ministry that soon will enable the citizen to the German use of the iPhone and NFC to read national identity cards and issuance of the iOS 13. It is reported that the identity card of the Japanese as well as British reports said it would

◉ Microsoft has launched the application To-Do your for Mac.

◉ Held Apple to a cooperation agreement with the company BestBuy allowing to provide the latest in more than 1000 stores in America service support and repair for Apple devices directly. Any the client will be able to repair his computer in Best Buy instead of going to Apple

◉ Apple has announced that the application of the news, the stock exchange and audio recording and Home who saved Apple in the Mac will get updated drastically next month at the public beta of iOS 13.

◉ Amazon launched a new device from the family of reader books Canada Oasis comes with warm lighting “yellow” and a starting price of$ 250 will be available in markets from July 24 after a month.

◉ Revealed the company honor of his company Huawei from the list of devices that will be updated to Android system Q which will be released end of the year in order to reassured users about the future.

◉ Revealed a study that users of the Mac more productive and creative users of windows at work. The study was conducted on 1285 employees in companies of various sizes around the world.

◉ Began thousands of Apple employees in the experience of use of Cards Apple Apple Cards to use their usual daily preparation to launch the service soon

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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