News on the sidelines of the week 14-21 February

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 7-14 فبراير

Samsung reveals foldable phone at the price of 1980 dollars

Samsung unveiled its new phone Fold folding. The device is very strong in terms of technical specifications it has an external display 4.6-inch super solid and when you open the device turns into a tablet-sized screen 7.3 inch quality 1536*2152 pixel density 414ppi and of course the screen more. Internally comprising a processor Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 graphics Adreno 640 and a storage capacity of 512 GB memory 12 GB and there is no possibility to add memory card. In the back comes with 3 cameras 12+12+16 mega pixel camera internally houses a huge bump on the right side and has a 2 front camera 10+8 mega pixel camera. And the device comes with a port 3.5 mm audio Aux. The battery is considered relatively acceptable and is 4380mah (this capacity great phones, but remember that tablet that capacity very unusual there) the price is high significantly with 1980 dollars. Watch the video trailer:

Samsung launches family of S10 new

Samsung unveiled the family of S10 new, which include this year 3 devices namely, the S10e is the least and S10 traditional and S10 Plus fabric top. Come three copies of the same in several things such as the processor SD855 in the American version and the Chinese healer and Samsung 9820 in the global women’s camera sculpture inside the screen as well as reduce the dialogue is prominent and the same network support and protection on the screens of the type Jor-El 6 (several women e come to the protection of Jor-El, 5) resistance water IP68 front camera “in my version S10 وS10e” and all devices come with a port audio 3.5 mm and a traditional company at the speed of 15 and the possibility to use the top as your “no charging of the phone itself” vigorously 9 and whether charging a traditional or wireless charging also.

The differences between the devices were as follows:

Copy S10e: come with a screen smaller is the size of 5.8 inch dynamic for the quality of 1080*2280 density of pixels 438ppi and lighter body of course 150 grams and the battery smaller 3100mah and the acquisition of at least the company 83.3% the device comes in two versions 128 GB memory 6 GB capacity, 256 GB memory 8 GB for the insight to stop at the side of the phone the device comes with 2 rear camera. The starting price of this version of the 750$ any think a new contender for the XR in its price segment.

Version S10: the basic version of the device comes with a screen 6.1 inch quality 1440*3040 density of the pixels is the highest 550ppi and women the highest also 88.3%. The phone comes in two versions of storage capacity of 128 and 512 GB both memory and 512 GB. The phone comes with three cameras, the background of two of them are the same born in the S10e perfectly the second is 12 mega girl lens f/2.4 used for training 2x. Insight in these women a built-in screen of the report is the most developed according to the Samsung also comes with sensor pulse and delicate boxes SpO2 and support Samsung DeX and bigger battery 3400 mAh. The price of this version is $ 900.

◉ Version S10+ : is the most expensive and most sophisticated it adopts a larger version of the S10, i.e. they include the same advantages of the former in addition to improvements which increase the screen size of 6.4 inch with the same pixel count and provide an additional option in the storage capacity of a 1 Terra memory of 12 GB. Add a second camera front and increase the battery capacity to 4,100 mAh. The price of this version starts from 1000$ which is the same price as the iPhone Xs (not Max).

It is worth mentioning that Samsung will make different pricing for each session as is usual for example S10+ although it’s the same price for Xs formal $ 1000 but it will be available in Egypt at a price of 18600 pounds while Xs the price of its official 24,600 significantly pounds and provide Apple Xs officially in her store UAE price of 4229 AED while Samsung will sell S10+ at the price of AED 3599 in spite of the help the world price for the two devices.

◉ There is a copy IV of the S10 which is 5G and there is something special only to support the networks of the fifth generation. Were not disclosed the date of launch. Watch the video trailer official for S10:

Sales HomePod getting 45%, but its share decline to 4.1%

According to a report by the Centre for Strategy Analytics that the sales of the heavens and the smart experienced significant growth reached 70% in the last quarter of 2018 compared to the previous quarter. The report explained that it was sold 38.5 million intelligent headset harvested Amazon to 13.7 million of them with a market share of 35.5% and increased 91% from the previous quarter. The biggest jump is Google that its sales grew 123% to become a market share of 30% as a direct threat to Amazon. And in the second place come companies on Alibaba China with a share of 7.3%, and Chinese search engine Baidu with a share of 5.7%, then the company Shao Chinese 4.6%, while Apple’s share decreased to 4.1% in spite of increased sales from 1.1 million devices to become 1.6 million, an increase of 45%, but it was the growth of the market exceeds the growth of Apple.

Apple’s retreat to the centre 17 of the list of innovative companies

The site announced the Fast Company list of the annual Most Innovative Companies came to the new list with the news unpleasant for Apple. The last was the Apple in the first place, but this year fell to the center 17. The lead company was Meituan Dianping, which specializes in delivering transactional applications came to the Basketball Association of the American NBA in the third and the Walt Disney Company in the fourth place and the famous songs Spotify in the centre of 12 and Google native “Alphabet” in the center of the 15 fallen Apple centre 17. The site said that the reason that the products of 2018 it wasn’t anything impressive or innovative, fun and several processor A12 that the website said that it was possible and not the iPhone and the iPad

Samsung launches new headset to rival the AirPods

Samsung unveiled the new generation of hearing by the Galaxy Buds which target suitable AirPods fundamentally. The handset comes with the same design idea special with Apple and own shipping “charge also wireless of the S10”. Explained to Samsung that the new generation comes with a number of techniques and improvements such as ergonomic design of the headphones external isolate noise and enable you to listen to what you want clearly. She said that there is a feature to run the external microphone in case you want to have a conversation with someone, you don’t need to create the sky and hear the other party. And of course I didn’t forget Samsung battery comes with 6 hours of listening audio through Bluetooth or 5 hours of calls. The price of the fish is 130$ and starts selling it from March 8 next. Are available free with the S10/S10+ and folding.

Shawty reveal Mi 9 best phone video camera in the world

The company announced the Shao Chinese announced the launch of the new generation phone of its flagship Mi 9 and the device came to design updated colors and a flashy background and equipment strong. Where came the device screen super for Samsung the size of 6.39 inches 1080*2340 pixels and glass Gorilla 6 processor SD855 and a storage capacity 64 GB memory of 6 GB and a 128 GB memory 8 GB and a third Explore with a storage capacity of 256 GB memory to 12 GB. The phone supports Quick Charge QC 4.0+ strongly 27 agreed and wireless high-speed 20W (Samsung S10 supports fast charging 15-watt wired and wireless) as the device supports fingerprint built-in screen.

Point possible core camera triple is 48 MB and 16 MB and 12 MB according to DXOMark the camera is the third best camera phones in general and I got 107 points superior to the Xs Max. In the filming of the video won first place as the best video camera in all the phones including Mate 20 Pro. And of course don’t forget the point of Miss Shao my basic price is possible where the starting price of the device from 445$ up to 600$ for 256/12 GB but these are the prices for the Chinese version the global women speak at a slightly higher price ($50).

◉ By the way, Have you noticed that pictures of the phone first is stolen from pictures wallpapers Apple Mac Mojave?

Apple plans to launch Mac Pro 16-inch 6K size 31.6-inch

The report said that Apple intend this year to reveal a completely new design for the MacBook Pro will come in sizes a new screen which is 16 inches to 16.5 inches, according to the report. Targeted at Apple these devices attract old user who pissed off Apple in 2012 when I stopped saving the size of 17 inches.

The report revealed as well about the layout of the Apple to return to the world of screen production, the situation will be the screen quality 6K size of 31.6 inches. The last screen made by Apple called the “Apple Cinema” was another version released in 2011, the 27-inch is priced at $ 999 was a quality of 2560*1440 pixels any 1440p while the quality of the 6K means 3072p for restoration by the standards of the video (5 times the number of pixels).

383 million to be used for Apple Pay and start doing it in Saudi Arabia

The report revealed that the number of users of the payment service Apple Pay reached 383 million users world an annual growth rate of 135%. The report said that only 15% of users of Apple Pay is in America and 85% into around the world. The report explained that the causes of the spread of the service outside of America it is acceptable better in the means of transportation in China, Japan, Britain and Russia. The report said that 24% of financial iPhone in America and use them, compared with 47% globally.

It is worth mentioning that there are some news that the water was activated yesterday in Saudi Arabia banks “Al Rajhi development and the island and Riyadh commercial”.

Bloomberg: Apple will continue to apps the iPad on the Mac soon

Uncover a news report of Bloomberg that Apple intends to launch the SDK “tools for software developers” during the WWDC conference the next enable them to processing apps to the iPad to the MacBook. The report said that the launch of the SDK is considered a first step of a series of steps to get her Apple up in the year 2021 that it can provide unified application works on iPhone / iPad and Mac devices. The report explained that the tool will be available as of WWDC after 4 months and its purpose will be basic make application to the iPad work on the Mac (just works) which is not the launch of unified application for the Mac and the iPad. It is the same application to the iPad but can work on the Mac.

It is reported that the report indicated that Apple plans next year to 2020 to launch a copy of Mac work processor of its design is not Intel processors. The processor is a fundamental obstacle towards applications run uniformly between the devices because the apps designed to work on ARM-based smart devices differ from source on x86 right match.

News superior

◉ Apple sent a second beta version of iOS 12.2 system Mac 10.14.4 system previous watchOS 5.2 system TV tvOS 12.2 to the developers.

◉ Report revealed that the iPad mini 5 average detected soon come to the same design 4 with the adjustment of the position of the microphone. The report is supported this time on the leaks to draw a design, not news only.

◉ Report revealed that Apple intend to provide a feature to measure the pulse ECG watch the fourth generation in a number of states.

◉ Apple has published a report on her car, self-driving and technical procedures carried out by their application as well as secure drivers. Statement comes after Apple’s report showed that the policy of Apple’s most disruption among its competitors with driving.

◉ Apple has acquired a startup called PullString and is working on the development of applications voice based on the talks artificial intelligence.

◉ Apple has acquired the British company Emerging called DataTiger specialized in the field of e-marketing.

◉ Apple has deleted all the SDK for companies in the service Shazam owned after providing the app free and without ads.

◉ Samsung unveiled also at the conference about the new generation of H it supports Active and promising to provide the advantage of measuring blood pressure soon. Previous price starts from 200$

◉ Report revealed that the license Apple corporate Enterprise use download apps pirated.

◉ Forced Apple to put a clarification on the slowing down of the speed of the old hardware on its home page in Italy.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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