News on the sidelines of the week 16-23 July

Apple implemented to force the Muslims see the work and refuses to buy ARM and that the commission, like other sales impressive to SE the delay 12, and other news in on the margin …

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 9-16 يوليو

Twitter: inventor arrived messages accounts hijacked

Announced Twitter officially that the hack that happened to the accounts documented last week -see this link– have enabled the inventors of access to private messages DM to the number 36 account of the total 130 account was hacked from the account administrator, products in the Netherlands but they made clear that the only responsible official who has been access to his letters and the rest of the 35 are accounts of people or companies. It is reported that Twitter said it was using social engineering (relationships with staff) to get to 130 calculate the said inventor to the work of resetting passwords for a number of 45 sensitive but he couldn’t figure out any password for any account. Said grabber to download all data for your 8 accounts.

Apple is interested in buying ARM

Report revealed for Bloomberg that the company, SoftBank of Japan is considering selling the company ARM of the famous and specialized in the development of the architecture of processors and they said that Apple was the candidate key to be the buyer and hold discussions already between the two companies but in the end, Apple decided they are not interested in acquisitions on the ARM due to the many legal complications and many conventions and sensitivity to become Apple’s the one in a company that develops architectural all its competitors either Samsung or Qualcomm or Huawei and others which may stop the Apple in a lot of legal obstacles as well as the conflict Chinese American.

The report also mentioned that Nvidia have already applied, come and buy for the ARM and perhaps the coming period will show more companies; and also SoftBank display ARM in exchange as a contribution instead of being a private company currently.

Apple: don’t monopolize case, like the others.

As Tim Cook to testify in Congress during the days; cost the Apple company specialized in work, study, travel the world to find out the commissions earned companies; Apple has said in the study that for the follow up programs for you get 30% as commission Google, Amazon and Samsung as well as Microsoft this means that there is no blackmailing and forcing sellers to pay extra commission. The study included commissions, museums, games, books, and sell actual products like ebay, Amazon and even services such as Uber Eats. The study aims to clarify the commission Apple for the product photo both app stores or sell applications and games to effectively “DVD like” in Amazon and other.

It is reported that the complaints against Apple didn’t mention that Apple’s Commission is higher than others but talked to Apple and force them on defense while adding others to the option of direct payment to the developer is far from commission the Apple.

The head of Microsoft committed antitrust to protect their heritage from Apple

Next Monday will be held the antimonopoly committee in the congressional session to listen to the heads of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon complaints of monopoly against them; in the framework of the preparations of the committee have been meeting with the president of Microsoft “Brad Smith” to ask him in his capacity as chairman of the company accused earlier of fraud and in collaboration with the committee to prevent its recurrence. He asked the chairman of the committee, the head of Microsoft expressed the view in it the chairman of Microsoft, they are concerned about the way the management of Apple to follow the programs and force companies to pay them to get the commission arbitrary and said that the policy of Apple is that it can’t reach customers the iPhone without paying Apple royalties.

Report: sales of SE impressive thanks to Android and the users of the old

He said the report of the Centre for research Counterpoint that sales of the iPhone SE 2020 has become a bright spot in Apple’s history where they made the phone intended to encourage the number of users of the iPhone old like 6s and a kiss on the translation as well as impress a number of users of Android to trade. The report said that sales were above expectations that they placed the phone upon its release. The report said that smartphone sales fell 25% for the third quarter compared with the counterpart in 2019 and was the worst percentage decline in ZTE, which fell 68% and Motorola 62% decline Wu plus decline of 60%. While Samsung came lowest percentage decline of 10%; the Apple brought the decline of 23%, the report said that sales of the SE contributed to reduce the decline which was to become the largest of it heavily lol SE 2020.

The report said that 30% of buyers of the SE have had their iPhone 6s before and 26% had Android phones a rate which exceeds the natural medium for the acquisition of the Apple phone users of Android.

Apple may launch Mac soon with Intel processors

Last month Apple unveiled for the Wizards need their own building on the ARM and called the Apple Silicon and said that before the end of the year will be issued the first computer users with the new product. But last week reports revealed that Apple is currently preparing a large number of Mac devices to launch soon and this means that these devices are coming processors Intell traditional and not ARM landing. The report said that the computers entered the stage of “ready to drink” including computer iMac new design with small edges.

Company Luxshare acquires a factory to assemble the iPhone

The company announced the Luxshare it has reached an agreement with the company Wistron to acquire a factory in to assemble the iPhone in the city of Kunshan, China. Company Luxshare Precision is one of the Chinese companies that deal with Apple already undertakes a key role in the compilation of the headphones AirPods, but they seem to want to move to stage additional and are assembling the iPhone itself instead of the construction of the plant agreed with Western to sell the factory is already have. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously been noted that Luxshare is negotiating with Apple to enter the process of assembling the iPhone the old versions to be its next phase; the company began to deal with Apple in 2013 to manufacture cables and connectors and then got the contract to assemble the Apple Watch then AirPods and now you want to iPhone.

Apple: there is no evidence of any violation to our rights of workers

Apple Inc. said it has found no evidence on the measurement of any suppliers of Chinese violations of workers ‘ rights and forcing them to work extra hours or working conditions are not suitable. Comes Apple’s statement after reading the U.S. Department of Commerce addition of company O-Film and 10 other companies the Chinese in the Black List for taking advantage of Muslims see forcing them to work in the circumstances of the Times, salaries are low in a campaign that Chinese suppression of Muslims in western province. The ministry said of America that these companies 11 black list of the US companies not to deal with them and Apple dealers with company O-Film the parts of the camera and sensors touch. Apple has said that Tim Cook visited your own company’s headquarters O before in 2017 and Apple Watch factories and send teams to make sure that everything is fine.

Delay the launch of the iPhone 12 due to Corona

Said site Mac Otakara, Japanese he got the information from sources in the suppliers of Apple to the American company told them to sign this year not to launch the iPhone on time traditional. Annually held Apple conference in September and the new iPhone and after 10 days usually are launching the phone in the market, but this year it will be different where the sources stated that it will be delaying the conference for several weeks and the launch of the devices will be divided into two parts the first is the iPhone, to networks fourth-generation LTE will launch in October as version the 5G will come in November.

In the context of other reports that copied the iPhone 5G will support all of the waves of mmWave and Sub-6GHz

Apple’s challenge to their experimental next

Apple has launched a second beta version of their upcoming year-end came as follows:

◉ IOS/iPadOS 14 experimental the second which came with improvements in performance and icon to develop new music and add the in-app library and widgets for options popup Popup lies and Home-screen widget for screen time and general improvements in the design of some applications of lime.

◉ Mac 11.0 it did not appear even now more New other than improvements in the performance and fix problems.

◉ Clock system WatchOS 7 did not show up. what’s new in this release the second demo.

◉ TV system tvOS 14.0 and showed no new advantages, but general improvements in performance.

Amazon’s Alexa will be able to open applications

Amazon announced the update close to her assistant Smart Alexa in iOS, Android and will come with a called Alexa for Apps a feature that will enable Alexa to open different applications by the pictures only. Currently can only be for Siri to open any app you want. Feature available to developers to support any require that the developer says to update the program, but it will already number of apps famous Can you ask Alexa to open up Twitter and you about a specific hashtag or open a Tik Tok and start shopping or request a car with Uber. Alexa will be working with applications that support links to open them or what is known as deep links.

Amazon Alexa




Size 277.3 MB
Version 2.2.355856.0
متاح في متجر البرامج

News superior

◉ Apple has its registration for iOS 13.5.1 thus the only option is iOS 13.6 for those upgrading or the work of Restor.

◉ Apple launched this week the new researchers and security to enable them to access the deeper systems of their own which they can discover the problems.

◉ Samsung for version 5G phone by the Z Flip and it will be available on the market at a price of 1450$.

◉ Revealed leaks that Apple will open second stores in the Thai capital Bangkok on 25 July.

◉ Celebrated Apple’s anniversary of 30 years on the law on the Prevention of discrimination against people with special needs or disabilities in America.

◉ Facebook announced about the feature coming to iOS from Messenger is the possibility to lock the app with fingerprint Touch ID or fingerprint face FaceID. Water also will be added for Android in the coming months.

◉ Authority announced European antitrust that Apple and Amazon neighbor investigated for accusations of Monopoly where the accused dealers Italian duo in collaboration with and prevent the sale of Apple products and Beats them for price fixing and stifling competition.

◉ Revealed Instagram for a new feature namely “funding Fundraising” will be the account holder of the request for funding of follow-up. Water will be available in America, England and Ireland.

◉ Google choose to show the logos of the binder Assembly in the Postal Service’s own Gmail.

◉ Report revealed that Apple is going to add a telephoto lens sophisticated Telephoto in the iPhone as of 2022.

◉ Apple has patented enables Pen Apple to identify the colors in the right way then use it in the iPad; i.e. if you see a color in nature and coloring it so I touched it with a pen Apple. Of course the water is still patented and not knowing when it will stop.

◉ Showed a new patent to Apple that they works to convert any surface into a “touch surface the default” by a AR/VR are working on.

◉ Announced Spotify for the launch of a “video podcast” will be available in all states and users to free aim.

◉ Apple has revealed about some of the anime coming through 2020 iPhone, iPad and Mac on the occasion of the World Day of leisure.

◉Apple has to provide the feature “Sha business” for all companies and clients who use Zendesk. Water two years ago, it is available experimentally.

◉ Apple has announced it is committed to become all of its suppliers in China users of energy hygiene by 2030.

◉ Announced Skype for a new feature to iOS app/iPadOS is the possibility of operation blackout Blurring around you during a video call; this feature is important in the current time, which forced millions to work from home.

◉ Facebook announced its addition of a feature called Reels in Instagram next month in America; water is similar to Tik Tok.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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