News on the sidelines of the week 19-26 July

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 19-26 يوليو

Qualcomm: Apple will not use the slices to contact us in the future

Said the “Christian year,” Qualcomm CEO as well as the financial director “David George” they’re convinced that Apple decided to rely on the Chipset contact “mode” to prevent their competitors in the iPhone instead of their company’s products. They said they will continue to provide segments of contact for older devices of Apple but iPhone killer will not guarantee their product. Come to this permit as no major surprise not because of the failure of Apple, but because the News said that Apple will rely on Intel by about 30% and not 100% as means permit but it seems that Apple have managed to ensure the connection strips in large quantities making their offers on the move.

Samsung the screen gas breakable

Samsung announced the new innovation is the manufacture of OLED display unbreakable. The company explained that the new screen featuring the same characteristics of the oleds are traditional but they differ in the protection layer where the plastic layer built it to resemble in their properties the glass. Currently companies rely on glass as a layer protection for the most popular types of glass comes from the company Corning “Gorilla Glass”. Samsung said that the screen was able to skip the tests of the American army successfully survived 26 time fall from a distance of 120 cm without problems and works efficiently in temperatures from minus 32 to 71 degrees C. This makes it suitable to work in all conditions. It has been suggested to Samsung for additional strength where she is also spared from the fall test to a distance of 180 cm, but did not explain any details about this test. And placed Samsung when you will see the screen light and you will be added in Note 9 expected to be announced next month or not, but she said that the screen suitable for smart devices as well as military.

Huawei expects to sell 200 million phones in 2018 and aim the center of the Apple

Huawei unveiled on target to sell 200 million phones this year. The company said that the number of 100 million phone were able to reach in 2015 on the 22nd of December in the year 2016 arrived on 14 October and in 2017 they arrived on 12 September and this year they managed to achieve on the 18th of July which is almost 6 months and 18 days aims to be the sales of the second half better than the first and thus threaten the second place which can take you Apple for years (usually sells Apple 210-230 million iPhone per year).

Morgan Stanley: Apple is facing delays in the manufacturing of the iPhone 6.1 inch

The report said the centre for Morgan Stanley that, according to the sources of their own, Apple is currently manufacturing basic of an iPhone 5.8-inch and 6.5 inch two copies of my OLED but still having problem with LCD screen size of 6.1 inches and this is the problem caused by the main is the use of Apple slices illumination 0.3 t LED which will help to reduce the very poplar as hosts. The report said that Apple is late 4 weeks on the schedule which is a number less than 6 weeks, which I mentioned earlier but remain late in the production. The centre explained that the Apple if you can’t solve the problem of manufacturing this loss means that they will unlock my copy of X the OLED and the delayed launch version cheaper LCD for the month of October.

Apple solved the problem of the heat of the Mac is a i9 substantially

Last week we talked to Apple is facing a problem in the MAC version 2018 – processor i9 where the deployment of a specialist video in which he explained that the MacBook can’t hold the power of the processor and thus reduce performance to avoid extra heat. This week’s publication of the same person the video made it clear that Apple is facing him and requested information about the problem, and then update was released for the Mac. After the update did the same person do the tests and found the improvement of 30-35% in performance. He explained the owner of the problem is that he is still the wizard is not working at full capacity, but the challenge has been accepted significantly. Watch the video


Apple may require support PD 3.0 than the iPhone killer

Reports have indicated that Apple intends to add a new obstacle to manufacturers than PD with the iPhone next. The report said that although Apple will use the accepted PD just like the Mac and iPhone X and 8-current, but she said that it will be adopting the standards of the USB PD 3.0 while the majority of chargers the current application of PD 2.0 this means it will not work with the iPhone next. It is reported that the technique of Power Delivery is the charging technology available to everyone because of the foundation of the USB, so I afraid Apple from the availability of chargers is poor cause in the give her phone, so I decided to support the third-generation standards because they are higher and more complex and difficult to companies that make chargers anonymous.

Samsung facing ridicule from iPhone X

After the video the magician last week the internet Speed has Samsung published a series videos new spoof of the iPhone X:

Fast shipping: although the speed of X in fast shipping miss the S9 and that the latter uses an old technique dating back to 3 years or more but laughed at Samsung from the lack of a quick charger in the box as in the following video:

Second video making fun of the lack of a separate health

Second video making fun of the camera of the iPhone X because it is rated 97 points in DXOMark and rights we have S9+ which he got to 99 points (we don’t want Huawei phone by P20 Pro, which got 109 points) watch the video:

Sony reveal the latest expense of filming in the world

Sony announced the industry pioneer accounts of cameras in the world for the delicate IMX586 newer which supports the filming of 48 megapixels. She supports pixel compressed, 0.8 µm, the company said that this does not mean a reduction in performance terms match the quality of a pixel resolution of 1.6 µm with a camera 12 Mega is number ultra. The company explained that the delicate new supports a lot of updates in the video, not still images like quality 2160p up to 90fps (iPhone X is the highest currently it supports up to 60fps for 4K) published Sony Pictures to illustrate the difference quality with the delicate New (the previous picture). It is reported that the companies Apple and Samsung are relying on the accounts of Sony cameras in its phones, including X and the Samsung S9 so that they support this sensor in the future, maybe in X3 and the Samsung S10 or S20.

Alternative Cydia Sileo hints to its design and its advantages

Published many of the developers videos for “torrent invites” alternative to Cydia for iOS 11 and flexed more. Watch the video to review the detail for “torrent invites” if you’re a fan of iOS:

Apple is preparing to significantly improve farmers headphones home iPod

The report revealed that Apple is preparing to release the big to hear their HomePod will adds a number of advantages such as the possibility of making phone calls and add more of a temporary feature found on the iPhone. The report said that Apple will add more in detail, for example, calls not only communicate but will be able to answer calls and in the list relating to the previous two and tell you of the call as well as the feature to redial if the other person is busy or not you will be invited to contact emergency and other advantages. Is not confirmed a date to add this more, but was told that Apple will know about it after a month and a half in the conference iPhone

Apple published a video address A11

Apple posted a video to show how powerful the Processor A11 its own and how it makes you feel like you’re inside the game. Watch the video trailer:

Explosive news:

◉ Google has announced an application update Street View to support the screen of the iPhone X.

◉ Revealed an internal paper leaked that Apple already has the pledge of the added layer of silicone to keep the dust in the keyboard MacBook Pro 2018 rather than change the design.

◉ Announced eBay currently it supports system support Apple pay Bay will gradually stop customers in their accounts.

◉ Reports revealed that Apple may open next week its new headquarters in Italy, which has been designed completely underground and provides the interface to the glass only at the top of the order to maintain the characteristic shape of the Office.

◉ Reports revealed that Samsung is going to change the style of numbering of a family S to become a phone that follows the S10 is S20 then the S30 so as a company Huawei, which launched the P10 then the P20 and they will progress Mate 20 soon.

◉ Announced the Instagram feature that lets you know your friends are there “online” or not.

◉ Announced Comcast off the acquisition project on Fox-this you can Disney to resolve the page easily its offer to $ 71 million.

◉ Revealed the latest test that Siri was able to answer. right on 78.5% of the questions compared to 85.5% assistant Google as an improvement in the performance of Siri that I got earlier to 66.1% and above months 52.3%

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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