News on the sidelines of the week 20-27 June

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 13-20 يونيو

The founder of Foxconn urged Apple to transfer manufacturing outside of China

He urged Terry Gou founder and chairman Foxconn company giant (more than a million employees) that Apple says the transfer of manufacturing to outside of China because of ongoing problems between China and the United States. Suggested Terry Joe to choose Apple Taiwan fiddle to their interests New thus avoid any penalties or future problems in particular that Taiwan is universally accepted (except in China). It is reported that Foxconn company take a China headquarters for its own good although it is a Taiwanese company. It is reported that the press reports said that Apple has asked suppliers to study the possibility of transfer of 15-30% of the production lines out of China.

OBO review the camera under the screen

Two weeks ago we reported that the Oppo hint to provide a camera under the screen fully. Yesterday at the MWC conference in Shanghai, the disclosure of several details she said that this technology is new and relies on transparent panels enhanced techniques “algorithms” advanced treatment and in the end, you’re pictures are very good. The company said that already capture a picture of the bottom of the screen will lead to the emergence of the “fuzzy areas”, but the algorithms that you will use will improve the final image to well. In Alta Protection said OBO that the technology will be available in the near future without any hints to offer and the future mentioned.

Important clarification: we reported in error in a news article on the sidelines last week that the Oppo would be for fast-charging technology is 120 watt. The right thing is that they company Vivo which is itself considered a sister owned company BBK, which owns the signs of the Oppo and Vivo and OnePlus and real water trade.

Apple identified systems experimental

Apple has updated the systems pilot’s update came as follows:

◉ Launch of the beta version of the fifth of iOS 12.4 and the second version of the Mac system 10.14.6 and the second system is the TV pilot tvOS 12.4 system clock watchOS 5.3.

◉ Apple has launched the public beta version of systems major that will believe the end of the year, which is iOS 13 system iPad iPadOS 13 and we talked about a way to download it in a previous article –this link– and system Mac 10.15 system TV tvOS 13 but has not issued a public beta version of the system clock.

Apple set the lead in the company ARM

In a step clearly and strongly that Apple is going to come in the development of their products, which is the most wins currently the company has contracted with Mike Filppo a leader in the company that ARM works they had 10 years ago was the last occasion in the company is a division of architectural, which says development in the architecture of the processors before provided for various companies. This news cascading from the rumors that Apple intends to move Mac to the core ARM has offered the Apple by the iPhone and the iPad, television and other appliances featuring the energy consumption low. It seems that Apple want to bring the ARM itself has to hear the process of evolution more.

Apple end its cooperation with a British company specializing in the accounts of the cameras

Revealed company Nanoco’s quantum dot last Friday that the American agent had “known that Apple” will terminate the contract at the end of the year and will not renew. It did not explain the reason to terminate the contract but said it was unrelated to the participation in the services and products their company. And Apple have teamed up, according to the newspapers with the police in the past to take advantage of the accounts Advanced have allow precise control of the light that reaches the sensor of your camera is better than the method used in the sensor of the Silicon-traditional, but it seems that Apple has other plans for the future of the cameras accordingly informed the company it contracted with him by the end of the current year.

Apple Heart Samsung because of the failure of the iPhone XS

He said a press report to ETNews, Apple has become a city to buy Samsung amounts reached hundreds of billions of won (us $ = 1150 Korean won) due to the failure of Apple in her phone XS. The Samsung has invested large amounts in a factory called A3 to produce screens of the type and specifications of the specific in favor of Apple and to source “Apple only” any produced for Apple only. But the American company because of the failure of its device did not achieve the sales target and therefore didn’t buy my screens from Samsung fell the energy production of the plant to less than 50%, which caused losses for Samsung. But decreased the profits of the tea sector in Samsung is a huge decline in demand from Apple and thus fell Samsung Electronics achieved net profit in 2018 will help 2.62 trillion won and 5.7 trillion in 2017.

The report said that Apple asked Samsung to create the factory a production capacity of 100 million OLED annually, but you can’t use it consequently it is expected to be fine according to the signed contract between Apple and Samsung. Especially that there are reports said that Apple imposed a fine on the Samsung due to some faulty parts received from them. So it is logical that the fined Samsung Apple also tomorrow, the obligation to contract.

Disclosure of deposit and buyer bei the fourth generation

The company disclosed the deposit and the buyer for the release of the Raspberry Pi a new 4 which was the starting price of 35$. Devices deposit the buyer is important for all students of engineering, and manufactures robots and other hardware engineering small. Deposit new buyer comes with a processor quad-core ARM-A72 Bluetooth 5.0 and support networks, “GB” outlets, USB 3.0 support, Run 2 screen the quality of even 4K, and the possibility of decode quality [email protected] options memory up to 4 GB LPDDR4

Bill Gates: the biggest mistake you made was the loss of phones in favor of Android

Challenge Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft the past that the biggest mistake in his life was the loss of sector phones in favor of Android, said that this error is caused that there are 400 million went to Google instead of his company he was supposed to this place for his company because they were Christians on the brows decoder is supposed to also be on the phones. It is reported that he did not shout the name Google but said he could move this $ 400 million from company G to company M. You can watch the meeting in full or move to minute 11:40 and who started talking about Android

The video proves that the Mac Pro does not fit a grater for cheese

Video funny done by one of the alter where he emulates the design of the new Mac Pro, which the title with a cheese grater and then he tried it with cheese but the result was the failure of the design to do without a cheese grater. Video spoof of course, but it’s worth the watch to see the size of the effort done by this person:

Center IDC: Apple will continue to top the market of wearable until 2023

◉ Said the latest study centre IDC statistic that the market for wearable devices will continue to grow until 2023 total sales to 302.3 billion pieces in that year compared to 222.9 million expected this year. The report stated that smart watches represent this year 41.2% of sales is expected to increase its share to 43.5% in that year; headsets currently accounts for 32.3% will be to 34.8%. The report said that “frames the hand” which is the old form of smart watches “bracelets worn to measure the pulse or the functions of specific” most notably the Mi Band of the Shawnee and a lot of devices FitBit and other products currently account for 24.3%, but is expected to less market share to 18.2% this means that there will be a preference for smart watches in the future from Panda sport which although it won’t lose sales but it will benefit the growth of the share market.

◉ The report also explained that Apple currently is leading the market will continue to lead until 2023, which included the report will be its market share at the time of 25.9%.

News superior

◉ Google announced the new update to YouTube app on iOS and Android. The update came with a great possibility of blocking areas of the mask you don’t want to follow them. In the former you reject the particular proposal, but currently you can request not to suggest any videos from certain channels.

◉ Apple posted videos propaganda explained that the iPhone environment friendly and recyclable; and to store software securely and examination of the applications to it; third video talked about walleye Massu and it is encrypted.

◉ Apple announced expansion in the city of Seattle, U.S. in addition the headquarters of the new will lead to the appointment of a 2000 person new to the city.

◉ Update of the new development team came to support the climate talks is a feature that enables the owners of the events and the business of sending messages to appear for in the occasion (if they wish). And add the option to add people near you without the need for phone and data in support of testing Siri.

Telegram Messenger



Telegram LLC

Size153.7 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


◉ Amazon announced that on 15 and 16 July will be the “prime Dai” and they are days of special discounts been offering such huge deals Black Friday “or Friday the white or the green if you think Black color swearing and insulting”

◉ Apple has updated the important applications of iWork on iOS devices as well as macOS to add several improvements and advantages.

◉ Apple has acquired the company a company that relies on artificial intelligence to develop and deliver self-driving cars. Confirmed the Apple Page said that dozens of staff have moved to already has in Axios.

◉ Foundation announced VESA standards, DisplayPort 2.0 and it supports running 2 8K screen or one screen and 16K will stop in 2020. It is reported that the current standard DP 1.4 was released in March 2016.

◉ Apple announced the availability of the service Apple Pay in 13 additional states as of yesterday I come to Greece, Portugal and Romania among the new batch of states

◉ Reports said that Intel will know own patents in the field of the season and trends for sale in the auction rather than selling them in a deal as rumoured previously.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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