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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 14-21 نوفمبر

Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 865 and 765

Qualcomm has revealed about the healers first is the flagship SD865 which is going to be the processor for most of the Android phones higher than Shawty Samsung (the American version) and Abu having the Assos and others. The second is the Wizard class average on SD765.

Processor SD865 will be one of the early backers of the company does Shawty call my Mi 10 and they said that offers graphic performance Top 25% performance in the best 15-20% according to the tests, the initial that appeared to. Supports SIM X55 5G memory up to 16 GB type LPPDDR5 screens its 144Hz refresh rate and faster charging 40 Watt (currently 27 watt) will also support filming [email protected] and the possibility of filming videos quality 8K and a new generation of artificial intelligence the ability of 15TOPS and other techniques.

The costs to the initial testing for Snapchat Drago 865 which will be released by the Android phones until the end of 2020 haven’t been able to access the results of processor Apple A13 current.

Comparable to play one in the Qualcomm check 4303 points for the nucleus A13 towards 5400 points, the overall performance in the Qualcomm is 13344 points for 13900 i.e., that the iPhone currently will the rights on the processor which will be issued at 25% for single and 4% serious total.

Qualcomm: we are working full speed to develop 5G iPhone

In reply to questions about Apple during the conference, said Qualcomm that it has held for years with Apple and that this contract is important for the world of Snapdragon. Indeed, there is a team of Qualcomm working with Apple to provide Partner Communications 5G an iPhone as soon as possible and they are already in proper time “according to the schedule agreed with Apple” in the development of 5G. But did not explain Qualcomm any details on the launch of the iPhone 5G and is there modifications requested by Apple or the type of the current cooperation between them.

The resignation of the founders of the Google Alphabet

Announced all of Larry Paige (46 years old) and Sergey between (46 years old) resignation and retirement from employment in the company Alphabet parent company Royal Google. Came independence in informal speech we announced that Sundar Pichai Google executive director will also serves as the executive director of the parent company Alphabet. They said in a speech that their company was now 21 years old and became a young mature you have slit its own way, so have to do without the father mature who leaves his children to choose their own future with advice and when needed but not daily annoying. He told the founders that they are happy with what they see now from Google that it was just a research project for them when they were students at Stanford University and has now become a giant company.

They explained that they will continue in the company as shareholders basic (owns shares of AED 110 million in the company) but will get away from daily management duties and leadership.

Account fingerprint sophisticated in iPhone 12

The report revealed the newspaper UDN, Apple is currently conducting tests to integrate the calculation of a fingerprint under the screen “ultra sonic” sophisticated to be with the calculation of fingerprint, facial FaceID current and not a substitute. The report said that Apple wants to put a completely different account than the one on the Android devices present the beginning of it more accurate as well as he can scan two fingers at the same time, as well as features to provide a distance of 17 twice the size of the footprint of traditional phones which will not be governed by office-specific, but maybe anywhere in the half of the phone’s bottom will work. The report has yet to confirm that Apple decided to provide insight to whether or not they want something special and different from the current format phones Android with Apple’s this shape and quality completely.

It is reported that the sensor provided is of Qualcomm revealed at the Qualcomm two days ago.

Apple releases guide to solve the problem of machine book 2019

Apple said it is aware of the existence of a problem with the MacBook Pro 13-inch version of 2019; the cause of this problem in the extinguishing device and even the battery is full. Apple has said that this problem can be solved through the use of the device even less battery to about 90% then close all open applications and then entered in sleep mode, Sleep Mode and connect it to the charger for at least 8 hours after these 8 hours the machine is running and updated to the latest version of MacOS.

The company said that the previous steps will solve the problem, but if you listen, you can come to the centers to support their own.

Screens MLED up iPad and Mac next year

ماك بوك برو

Detection analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple may begin to rely on screens and Mini LED or test MLED as of the second half of the 2020 law. The analyst said that initially it will be in the iPad Pro 12.9 inches which will come up time processor A14X tried a MacBook Pro 16 inch new generation. The report seems strange, especially that the iPad Pro hasn’t been updated this year and that happens with the first processor A13x does it make sense to say Apple after 6 months of the issuance of another copy of it! In general makers, Mini-LED features less power consumption and does not show the problems of “Burn-in” and also do not come exclusively to Samsung but other companies like LG and thus making their reliance on their regions.

Apple is considering to attach the AirPods with the iPhone in the future

سماعة AirPods

Reports said that Apple is currently considering the option of providing a headset AirPods or a special version of the pre with the iPhone directly which come to substitute for the sky Wired the current. The option is difficult because Apple sells the sky Normal vs 29$ while the AirPods compared with 159$, so the report said that the company is still considering the offer on the step which is an optional add-on at a discounted price for example, say You iPhone 12 Pro its price is 1000$ with a traditional or $ 1080 with AirPods. It is reported that the reports, talked to Shawty, Samsung realize the provision of hearing their competition to Apple “headphones TWS” for free with their phones and the senior category.

JPMorgan: Apple may launch 4 phones iPhone per year from 2021

Stop JPMorgan investment that Apple as of the first half of the year 2021 will be held two conferences of an iPhone per year. Someone in the first half and two phones and the second at the end of the year and phone also. The report is so weird because he might understand that Apple may intend to update your phone every 6 months not the year as it is the case that it loses the iPhone, one of his key strengths. But it might be intended to divide the Apple phone, for example, held a conference in September as usual to launch the iPhone 13, like edition of his jutting, twisting Max and then in March the following launches version 13 of the regular as well as iPhone SE economy so that the phones will be economic in the conference phones the top conference the last.

The report also stated that by the end of 2020 will offer Apple’s iPhone OLED size is 5.4 inches and another 6.7 inches in addition to traditional 6.1 the current and several previous articles have mentioned these new sizes.

Site DXOMark Knows Best-2019

Location detection DXOMark in the report of the lengthy comparison of all top phones said that the best camera in a phone at all is for the Huawei Mate 30 Pro “is not available universally, but exclusive of China” as well as the phone “Shawty Mi CC9 Pro” which is also a phone available in China and some Asian markets, and not globally. While phone is the only region globally in the list of the best is the iPhone 11 Pro Max which came in the second place are women, two of Note 10+, and S10 support 5G “not available extensively globally.”

The site said that in the event was the filming of the video is the basic way iPhone 11 Pro-Max offers the best quality video in any smart phone globally.

BMW cancel the subscription to Apple CarPlay

Report revealed to Autoblog that BMW will cancel the annual subscription imposed on the users of its policy for 85 GBP ($111) in Britain for a service Apple CarPlay and the same will apply “cancellation” in America. The spokesman said the official of the company that this procedure was to satisfy the company’s customers. For clarity, this resolution applies to users of the latest version of the “infotainment system” as cars that use older versions such as the i3 and i8 will pay 235 £ “308 dollars” versus lifetime subscription to Apple’s service. It did not explain you will be refunded the amounts paid to the customers who are already paying currently.

News superior

◉ Putin signed a law that forces all smartphone devices sold in Russia to come to the applications of Ross pre-installed. The decision shall take effect on July 1, 2020.

◉ Apple has announced that it has completed the final acquisition on the season in the Intel vs $ 1 million.

◉ Tool has been updated for iOS checkra1n support iOS system 13.2.3 and the iPad 5 and the iPad Air 2 and the first generation of the iPad Pro as well as Apple TV

◉ Stopped Apple the possibility of returning to iOS 13.2.2 expected Gilbert currently. Thus the only option is iOS 13.2.3.

◉ Make Tim Cook as CEO of Google and a letter to the U.S. government demanding they stay in the Treaty of Paris to preserve the environment and protect the climate.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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