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IPhone 12 the smaller size of the SE and Apple most valuable brand and Gorilla Glass Victus Tim Cook respond to fraudulent charges there is suing Apple and other news in on the margin …

الآي فون 12 أصغر حجماً من SE وأبل العلامة التجارية الأكثر قيمة والكشف عن زجاج جوريلا Victus وتيم كوك يرد على اتهامات الاحتكار وتيلجرام يقاضي أبل وأخبار أخرى في على الهامش

Forbes: Apple is still the brand most expensive globally

Announced Forbes on its assessment of the annual to the most expensive brands in the world; and as usual, I got Apple on the first position value of 241.2 million, an increase of 17% over the past year; it came after Google led 207.5 million and an annual increase of 24% and Microsoft in third place, Amazon in fourth and Facebook in fifth place. Most of the brands experienced an increase in value except for certain companies such as Facebook fifth place fell the value of the mark by 21% and Samsung in third place and values fell by 5% and the Toyota Center 11 fell 7%.

It is reported that the report measures the value of the brand “logo and the company name and reputation” and not the value of the company as a whole.

Tim Cook respond to the charges, Congress needs

Yesterday was the hearing of the antimonopoly committee of Congress, the heads of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and, of course, driving all of them about the same and he blew the charges; what matters more is what he said his Apple on the tongue of its chief executive, who denied the accusations and said that Apple is not suitable for programmers where they only own 60 application from among the 1.7 million apps in the App Store and developers have provided over the years more than 150 thousand tool API in order to develop their work and help them submit better applications. Tim said that Apple is not content to travel in any area of work or there are organs but usually does not have the biggest market share. Stated Tim date of the application and how the developer had spent 50-60% of the value of the application in advertising, came to Apple to provide him a commission of 30% which has become the standard in the market despite the development of applications, but Apple didn’t impose a $ 1 additional charge on developers, the same fees existing in 2020 are the same as what it was in 2008 when the appearance of the store.

You can watch a full response for managers of 4 and 5 and a half hours from this link.

The size of the iPhone 12 will be lower than the SE 2020

Leaked pics for the iPhone 12 with size 5.4 on the platform to communicate Chinese Weibo said the warrior with the words “screen iPhone 12 the real size of 5.4 inches and can be used with one hand; isn’t this screen “Falaj Shep” that you want to get it”.

Delivery came identical to the rumors earlier in his talk that Apple will reduce the edges of the phone significantly which will make the dimensions of the iPhone 12 is the size of 5.4 inches less than the dimensions of the iPhone SE 2020 which comes with a 4.7-inch display. Any Can us free to imagine which you’ve got on the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus in the size of the iPhone 8. Really it would be great.

The following image shows the sizes of the iPhone 12 in comparison with current devices.

Qualcomm hint at the late launch of the iPhone 12

Qualcomm has revealed in a financial report of its own about its outlook for the third quarter which said that there is an important client phone will pioneer flagship works with 5G their but they expect to postpone the launch of the phone to the next quarter which may affect the company’s revenue. The company of course you didn’t name Apple explicitly, but there is no agent selling the phones leading significantly and will be used sliced 5G from Qualcomm only Apple. The statement of the police official confirmed a lot of rumors and talk that Apple will announce the phones at the conference next month but will be delayed copy 5G of the iPhone to October or maybe November.

Team is suing Apple for a monopoly download the app on iOS

It seems that now everyone wants to sue Apple where the company announced the application to communicate the famous team from filing a complaint of monopoly against Apple in the European Union; the company said that Apple’s monopoly on the right to download software on iPhone and prevent competition in this area and that in 2016 they had a project launch application to be the platform for games any downloads games of it; but they were unable to launch this app in the App Store due to Apple’s regulations, they decided to cancel the project. They said that the monopoly of Apple caused in many cases from their case and are scaled to the creativity of the developers.

Of course complaints team strange understanding like demanding Apple to enable them to download store alternatives inside the software Store Apple, but in the end each person is entitled to the complaint.

Apple company the most growth in China last quarter

A report of the Centre for Counterpoint Research that Apple was more company smart phones to achieve growth in the Chinese market last quarter (April-May-June), where they achieved a ratio increase of 32% in sales, followed by Huawei the percentage increase of 14% while sales fell Vivo 29% Up Brother its 31% share 35%. It is reported that these figures are the percentage increase or decrease in sales and market shares. The report said that Apple in the month of February, achieved sales of 60% less than February 2019.

WhatsApp training using the app on 4 devices

Finally after delayed for many years it seems that WhatsApp had suggested that you might need to use the app in several places at the same time as revealed leaked images on the site WABetaInfo to WhatsApp testing the possibility of using the same account in different devices Number their maximum of 4 devices. This feature is very important because it might mean that WhatsApp may obtain the application on Windows and the iPad. Currently, WhatsApp only works on the iPhone and can open a browser and access the content and messaging and even apps is the same if the iPhone is not working, you can communicate the need to reverse any application conversation in the world where they don’t have that phone becomes your primary linked account is connected to the internet in order to communicate the situation.

Company Corning learn about the new generation of Gorilla Glass under the name Victus

The company announced the Corning of the new generation for a bottle of Jor-El, the famous special came on behalf of the new business is Victus. The company said that it has become talk of the fall from a distance reached 2 meters an increase of 25% compared with the previous generation of Jor-El, 6 which was 1.6 meters. And the development of resistance to scratches to the pressure. The company indicated that the glass comes with the same economic cost to own a bottle of Jor-El, 6 which we will see closely in the markets. Watch the video trailer for glass:

Apple to start assembling iPhone 11 in India

In the news is a surprise mention of the report of the newspaper The Economic Times that Apple has already begun assembling the iPhone 11 in India; and this is the first time that Apple says it compiled its latest handsets in India, where it was previously focused on hardware as old as the 6s/7/8 and others but it seems that Apple started quick steps to participate in the initiative of the government of India titled “Made in India” as well as to free itself from the customs, which amount to 22%, as well as problems of economic and military between China and India affecting the importation of phones from Foxconn factories in China. It is reported that the current assembly is also in the Foxconn factories in India rather than the interests of a new company earlier reports had talked about the allocation of the Taiwanese company for a billion dollars to invest in India.

Account FaceID coming for Mac

Enable local they codes your Mac The Next Big Sur of access for moving about the property FaceID camera depth the famous iDevice of the iPhone and the iPad. These codes mean that Apple is currently working on the development of computer Mac will come with the fingerprint face instead or with the calculation of the footprint of traditional. Generally accepted that Apple is currently developing a version of the MacBook pro size 13 inch to them before the end of the year at the rate of ARM processors called “Apple silicone” will this device is the first computer issue camera depth.

News superior

◉ Announced the organization of the conference of CES 2021, which was to be held 6-9 January 2021 that the conference is cancelled this year will be online-only because they don’t expect the end of the koruna prior to the date of their conference.

◉ Revealed Amazon for an updated version of the fully re-designed entirely to develop their own personal butler Alexa. Women came a lot of improvements and new features, not just design where the focus will be on the provision of benefits by the different applications on your device. The update will be issued next month.

Amazon Alexa




Size 277.3 MB
Version 2.2.355856.0
متاح في متجر البرامج

◉Traded pictures she was said to address the A14, specifically the part of your memory out. The registry said that the iPhone 12 will come with a memory of 4 GB as my device 12 Pro will be the memory of 6 GB.

◉ Google has announced that it will soon offer the application can be users of iOS from a backup copy to their device you can copy your photos, videos, contacts, and your appointments and keeps us in the service of Google Drive.

◉ The company revealed a need for a new version of the game Mario Kart will be in the desert Wild West.

◉ Revealed one of the Warriors that Apple next month will disclose update for iMac without waiting for the conference to September.

◉ Apple has revealed about her new store in Thailand which is designed entirely of glass. The store will start work as of tomorrow, Friday.

◉ Samsung leaked photos application Galaxy Buds show the headphone sound Samsung’s new Live medium disclosed in the Note 20 next week.

◉ Tool has been updated for iOS famous unc0ver to version 5.3 to support the jailbreak iOS 14.4.8 your iDevice iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air.

◉ In defense of Tim Cook has been clarified that Apple didn’t move the fees never a 30% always; but the report of Bloomberg revealed an e-mail leaked from Eddie Q to the directors of the company proposes to increase the fee to 40% instead of 30%, but in the end did not be approving this increase, and maybe that’s lucky for Apple now.

◉ The Apple log new batteries for MacBook Air came the size of a 49.9 wh any 4380mah, which is exactly the same size batteries Air Current which makes us expect the absence of changes in the design.

◉ Record Apple has a new patent to assess sound conduction by the bone; any can for your AR/VR arrange it that says the research sounds without installation of the headset in the ear or are fitted and connect the audio in stereo from several places so as to improve the quality of the sound.

◉ Reports revealed that LG will supply 20 million screen 6.1 inch type OLED of an iPhone 12.

◉ Apple has patented two devices the iPad can be connected together to provide exceptional functions. The patent reported a screen which can be 2 iPad, but mostly the product of my two devices iPad. To change the patent is not for a single binary screen but the two devices connected together to give a third device or special functions then you can separate them.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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