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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 3-10 مايو

Further assurances the launch of the Apple a lot of products soon

Published the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo’s report to investors wishing to invest their money in the Apple report on the products that are expected to be provided by Apple before the end of the year came the Special Report by the identical with the rumors that we know so well:

IPhone: as we know al will launch version 6.1-inch LCD screen with two versions 5.8 and 6.5-inch screen OLED constitute a phone X/X+. The report said that despite the size of the iPhone LCD but it will come with a camera mono-and bi-women like OLED.

Apple watch: will Apple launch two copies of the former and the primary feature is a screen zoom and reduce the dialogue. Will the screen of 39.9 mm shop women’s 38mm current as well as the screen 45.2 mm shop women’s 42mm current. You will also get the Apple account of the pulse.

IPad: you will get the iPad on the depth camera and fingerprint face will reduce the pelvis and therefore enlarge the screen up to 11 inches instead of 10.5 to the younger version of the adult version will remain the same size to 12.9 inches while reducing the overall dimensions of the device.

Mac:Apple releases version Economic of Mac devices as well as will not update the MacBook to a size of 12 inches (maybe hurt is the women and economic) as well as update the MacBook Pro to decide on the treatment and education of memory 16 GB The size of the 13-inch as the size of 15 inches. Maybe not so hard, but to not update the Mac mini.

Apple headset: will reveal the Apple for the new generation of hearing by the AirPods which will come to the same design with many different improvements.

Charger Radio: announced by Apple a year ago but he didn’t believe until now for some unknown reason. So is expected to be launched at the conference.

Rumor: iPhone next will come the color.

Revealed several rumors as well as report to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple is working on the launch of the iPhone for the first time in color and get rid of the colors Silver, gray and gold current. The report said that Apple will offer the device in white and gold, gray, blue, red, orange. The report said that Apple may make these colors exclusive for at least the price of the LCD – price$ 800 or less while the version X will come in white, black and gold only.

Drug addicts trust the Apple watch to protect their lives

Report press strange that drug addicts, especially cocaine trust substantially in the Apple watch for FitBit to protect their lives where they depend on the property inspection auto-pulse life changes in the past to monitor any serious changes occur to them. Commented doctors on this matter that this sense of wrong pseudo safe because the changes resulting from overdose is extremely quick and will not work on the Apple watch in alert you well in advance.

Foxconn manufacturers the iPhone next to the main and delete will be

The report revealed that Apple company has chosen Foxconn to be is responsible for compilation of iPhone the base is mainly where I got the contract manufacturing of 100% of the production line of the iPhone OLED display with 5.8-inch screen (iPhone X next) as well as 90% of women X+ with a screen 6.5-inch in addition to 75% of contract IPhone LCD. The report said that company been you will be are responsible for the rest of manufacturing, while companies in Western countries have not been assigned with the manufacturing of any devices, the iPhone is coming due to a bug in the rates of own manufacturing. It is reported that Apple expects to sell 83 million IPhone LCD is a number greater than the expected sell out of women’s OLED the other.

Apple reported Intel that they will not use the provided contact 5G in 2020

The report revealed that Apple informed Intel that provided connections to their own type 5G which Intel is currently developed will not be used by Apple in the iPhone next or, as was rumored in the iPhone 2020. And did not explain the reports of it would be an alternative to Intel’s real in the shadow of the mixers Apple and Qualcomm are going to be Chinese companies or that Apple is developing a secret partner of his own but sure that this news if true would be a fatal blow to the centre for research Intel that it will depend on the money Apple’s huge purchases at the development of the same slices contact.

Huawei leaks the name of the next Android “you’ll see”

Posted position Polish pictures of the conversation was with one of the employees of Huawei and mention position name Android Pistachio or pistachio in Arabic. Sites the world took the news heavily as there were strong rumors about this week and that Google will name him pistachio ice creem or “ice cream pistachio” because the recitation of the Google-related contents “for reasons unknown” and corruption is not of milk, so they said that the ice cream of your corruption, not pistachio. I didn’t confirm or deny on the news but we’ll be back after 3 months from now.

Fined Facebook a hefty sum ? of up to 18 minutes of profit

The British announced that they found a company Facebook convicted in leaking private customer data in the leak scandal recent build it was approved fined the company a huge amount up to 500 pounds this amount is facing 18 minutes in the profits of the company Facebook where to a fine equal to 0.5 million GBP, while the profits of the Facebook quarter financial help of 5000 £ a fine of 0.01% of the income of the company. It was not yet known, will You pay Facebook a fine or resort to the British cause.

Employees of Apple’s “previous” thief will be fined 250 thousand dollars has been jailed for 10 years

In December 2015, the Apple set Xiaolang Zhang within the project called “Titan” prison of self-driving cars. Recently ended the cooperation of Apple with this position prior to his trip to China Apple discovered that he stole a lot of data to said notified the police that arrested him, investigations revealed that he already stole the data to sell said judicial organs that will be subject to financial 250 thousand dollars and imprisoned for up to 10 years because of this secret technique and try to smuggle them to China.

WhatsApp more application won first place in the history of the software store

In conjunction with the birthday software store X the center of the Sensor Tower detects the statistics of the particular surface area which extended the survival of applications in the first place in the period between July 1, 2010 until July 5, 2018 or 8 years. Came WhatsApp in the number of days of 1783 and then the messenger facebook the number of days of 1671, and then Facebook itself 1541 then Viber 1360 day then Instagram 1762 then there 741 day.

As for the paid apps part strongly the game Minecraft to the number of days of 1645, and then the application Facetune to the number 1501 on then AfterLight a number 1312 day and then apply the sport 7min number 1134 day came WhatsApp number 1044 day (was driven in the past).

The report of Canalys reveals the failure of the headset Apple exceeded 5% of the market

Detection center of the Canalys statistics new speakers smart stop the sale of 100 million intelligent headset around the world by 2018 and to be the share of Apple in which only 4%, but he also predicted that becoming increasingly popular these headphones and up sales by 2022 to 350 million headset and Google, Amazon lead with a share of 34% each, followed by Apple with a share of 10%

Apple gives LG the title of largest manufacturer of OLED for smart watches

A report by the Korean company LG has got the title of largest manufacturer of OLED for smart watches around the world where the supply of 10.64 million screen with a share of 41.4% followed by Samsung with a number 8.95 million screen and the share of 34.8%, then the company Everdisplay Optronics with a market share of 16.2%, the report said that the main reason behind the superiority of LG back the request of Apple corporate for an hour where I asked Apple 14.75 million screen last year I got LG to 70% of that number or more, according to the report.

Apple will use LED lighting to provide the edges of the phone LCD

Reports revealed that Apple will use the lighting strips 0.3 t-type LED backlight LCD your iDevice iPhone 6.1 and the next. The report explained that the phones that work with LCD screen used for illumination 0.04 t LED be display a dialog 4.0-4.5 mm, but Apple demanded that the company provide more refined version which is 0.3 t which will enable it to minimize dialogue to 2.0-2.5 mm almost any become iPhone but the edges of the ticket. Sources pointed out that Apple will rely on a company called Nichia and is already manufacturing in China and Japan segments of the lighting mentioned.

Report: goodbye iPhone X iPhone SE

The report revealed that Apple has decided to stop production of iPhone X iPhone SE full (previously it was reducing production) in preparation of offer devices three new after two months. The report said that Apple wants to reduce the number of iPhone devices existing then cancel X to encourage the acquisition of the new generation of While abolition of the SE because the price will be reduced to 7 to be the economical choice alternative. And Apple to sell 91 million I-new iPhone in the first quarter following the 92 million in the quarter following these figures belong to the new devices and not the old version that will use at home, but at discounted prices.

Firefox reveal application passwords on iOS

Revealed Firefox from the application you can save passwords and use them in your apps in different iOS will be recorded in the browser Firefox. App locked encryption 256bit. Watch the video trailer:

Microsoft launches surface Go Economic to rival the iPad 2018

In the quest of Microsoft to promote the spread of the tablet Surface Microsoft has launched version economic its device name Go and come at prices starting from $ 399 with memory 4 GB Processor Intel 4415Y and a storage capacity of 64 GB. Increases the price of the device to become the 549 dollars for the same storage capacity of 128 GB memory 8 GB. Microsoft offers a discount of $ 20-30 for students, schools and the military. The company aims that the device rivals the New iPad of Apple which was launched a few months ago. Microsoft’s device has 10-inch screen 1800*1200 pixels. Features of Port C and the entrance to the sound of Reader cards and other advantages that make it more like a computer the personal laptop.

Watch the video trailer:

Apple destroyed the team of Siri and the team of “learning machines” under the leadership of John janadriyah

3 months ago Apple has appointed John Giannandrea, a former leader of Google Inc. responsible for the development of search engine Intelligence industrial to take one of the positions within Apple. This week the company decided to officially merge team Siri and the team of “learning machines” or what is called a test ML to be under the leadership of “John”. Designed Apple this uniformity to be all sections of artificial intelligence, either Devices or applications in one team and therefore it gets better.

Explosive news:

◉ I got to hear a HomePod to update in conjunction with iOS system 11.4.1 and did not explain the Apple any advantages you will improve performance.

◉ Apple launched its beta version of the application shortcuts for developers iOS 12 to provide, modify their applications and processing to take advantage of them.

◉ Celebrated Apple the beginning of the week marking 10 years since the launch of the software store and reviewed the history of the development of the store’s most downloaded apps.

◉ Apple has added more banks in Japan, America and Spain to service Apple Pay expects to add Australia in the coming months.

◉ After waiting 8 months Google has updated the InBox app on iOS to support the iPhone X.

◉ Report revealed that the feature to restrict access to the USB port of the iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12.0 can be fooled by special adapters Apple.

◉ Were to sue Apple for stealing patents, one of the companies to feature DND while driving which is disclosed in the iOS 11 last year. The patent mentioned was made in 2013 and effective in 2015.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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