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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 22-29 نوفمبر

Egypt accuses Apple of fraud and the breakdown of local contracts don’t

Announced the device for the protection of competition and antitrust, it turns out not the leadership of the company Apple American practices of monopoly in the Egyptian market through contracts with distributors replace two force them to be the source of the obtained products is from Apple itself only prohibited from buying it from any other source, even if an authorized distributor for Apple in another state. And then you say Apple to sell its devices at inflated prices more than selling by the distributors of Apple accredited in the neighboring countries. In the conventional conditions was Can site source to buy devices from a reseller in Saudi Arabia or the UAE such as as long as would be no cheaper than Apple itself, but the contract Reserve which was signed by the Apple gives this. As well as said the device that Apple required on any dealer not out of Egypt that he is not entitled to sell the devices in Egypt to check that the site says the Gulf of Egypt to open a branch in Egypt and exporting the phone there and selling it cheaper than the source location. He explained the device that these practices led to a rise in the price of the iPhone in Egypt directly to the use device Apple 60 days to respond to it and modify contracts and device contracts Apple’s previous illegal used.

Apple plans to use a connection from the design of its future

It seems that Apple started having a problem with the SIM, at first it was with the crisis of Qualcomm and the war between them paid by the commission to Intel that you can’t provide the strips in contact with adequate speed and competitive amounts also making Apple lags behind its competitors or have to pay larger amounts. So reports revealed that Apple has already started since a long time in the development of partner contact are using the technologies and patents from Apple. The report did not indicate the date of appearance of this slide, although he had guessed that it would be delayed until 2021 after that Apple provides slide 5G of Intel this will be a slice of Apple also welcomes the fifth, but Apple does not have patents in this area will need to pay money for Oculus using Samsung, Nokia and others to obtain a license.

Amazon beats Apple in market value

Continued Apple’s stock results bad this week although it has not declined significantly as the price of Apple shares to were 169.1 $ this is dance is the worst and the least since last April. This up the value of Apple’s market to 802.4 million. The bad news, the second that Apple has been able to maintain its position the second that I got after Miss Microsoft, where it quickly developed Amazon as we spoke earlier, and its market value to 813.4 million. Can Apple maintain its position the second, or lose it in favor of Google, which reached a market capitalization now to 742.8 million. The second question is Will Apple in a club of 800+ million dollars or get out of it?

Qualcomm you get a judgment against Apple and its spoofing on

Got Qualcomm to court ruling against Apple in China to ban the sale of iPhones due to the use of its patents, especially in Kuala in the system. Commented Apple the that for some of the things that was used in iOS 11 and abandoned in iOS 12 since all Apple devices running iOS 11 can upgrade to 12 will not be blocked in any products based on this provision, which was suspended Qualcomm that maintain law and provisions.

Companies TSMC and Foxconn know the results of the work of the good

In the experience contrary to all the news and prospects the company announced TSMC is responsible for manufacturing Apple processors on the results of the business of the company during the month of last November which ended a few days ago. It was expected that sales are declining sharply since the client is the basic “Apple” say the demand has but on the contrary revealed TSMC achieve NT$98.4 “currency Taiwan dollars” and revealed an increase in sales for the month of October, although growth rates were lower than October, but there is growth in sales following the increase in the manufacture of processors, contrary to what was said.

The company Foxconn core area Apple has announced revenues of $ 601 million of Taiwan’s “ $ 19.5 million” in the period between January to November which means a growth of 16% from revenue last year, which also means a rise in the rate of aggregation devices this year compared to last year.

Apple announces new headquarters and more jobs in America

Apple announced about the construction of the headquarters is not in the mandate of the Austin American at a distance of 133 acres. She said that this article will provide 5,000 jobs with the expectation of a future increase to 15,000 jobs Apple has said that it will become the largest American company providing jobs in the state. She explained to Apple that its plan to invest $ 10 billion in the market of data centers “data Center” in America during the 5 years indicated that in general Apple intends to cause, directly or indirectly, 2 million jobs in America, and she said she will provided 6000 new jobs already this year in America and the number of employees to 90 thousand expected to provide 20 thousand job again until 2023.

H Apple’s New Discover the illness of one of the clients

Revealed One users hours Apple the fourth generation to feature the ECG saved his life through the discovery of heart problems has it doesn’t know it is. He said that by getting the experience and I told him that pulse of your heartbeat there’s a bug by irregular and advised him to go to the doctor. Then repeat the person’s experience several times and thought that there is a bug an hour where I don’t suffer from any problem he decided to wake the wife Test with her and the result was normal, he returned to the coast to his hands popped up the message that there is a bug in Heartbeat. Accordingly he went to the doctor and tests indeed show that he suffers from a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation or fibrillation in a heart disease causes the death of 200 thousand people a year

Google reveals more search results common

Google published the statistics of the search for 2018 for its said that the more words in the search was the World Cup in the lead and then the singer of Avicii’s “died” and then the singer “Mac Miller” is also expected, and then “Stan Lee’s” spiritual father of the world of Marvell, who died last month, and then the movie Black Panther. The person of the year in search “Angela Merkel. And did not appear in the search list any other technique.

Explosive news from Apple

◉ Apple announced the arrival of the service Apple Pay to Germany through many payment cards and the German banks said that more will be added through 2019.

◉ Said the Canadian government that Apple didn’t comply to her request for adoption hours by the fourth generation and measurement of pulse and ECG. The Apple has stopped the global water and explained that she didn’t get the credits and that Apple basically did not provide for recognition or rejection.

◉ Apple has appointed Tamara Hunter from Sony to be responsible within the export team will be responsible for the Casting.

◉ Announced Verizon company of America the beginning of the support tranche default eSIM your iDevice iPhone XR/XS new.

◉ Apple has launched the first beta version of their iOS 12.1.2 system previous watchOS 5.1.3 system Mac 10.14.3 system TV 12.1.2.

◉ Apple announced about the site of the annual salary for the reception of new applications and it will be on 23 December and 27 December. Demanded the developers to send their app for review before this date.

◉ Report revealed that Apple wanted to buy the rights to broadcast the series famous friends, but continued to network Netflix in obtaining the right to broadcast exclusive for $ 100 million.

◉ Reports revealed that Intel plans to provide a new generation of processors works with 10nm for Mac next year, in addition to reveal disaster graphics Gen11 which supports videos 4K and 8K.

◉ Report revealed that Apple may launch a feature contributions in the application of the news in the spring of next year “March-April-May-.

◉ Apple has introduced a discount of £ 50 on a headset HomePods participants in the service of their own music Apple Music UK.

◉ Apple has announced to provide 10% discount for military personnel of ex-combatants in the U.S. Army as well as their families.

News superior technology

◉ Microsoft announced about the situation Dark “Dark Mode” in the pantry for Mac OS Mojave.

◉ View the site BHPhotoVideo headset Apple HomePods at a discounted price of$ 100 which sold for 249$ instead of 349$.

◉ Google has updated the application to its official iOS support feature Lens Google Lens which you identify the image content and display information about it.



Google LLC
Size297.8 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


◉ Announced the application to enter about adding a feature to send voice messages as ways to reply to messages.

◉ Report revealed that Microsoft is considering the launch of the browser Edge on the operating system Google Chrome as well as provide a copy to the system Apple Mac.

◉ The company Epic to delete the game by the famous Infinity Blade from the store, Apple’s software due to their inability to continue to support the game.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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