News on the sidelines of the week 6-13 June

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 6-13 يونيو

Foxconn is ready to manufacture the iPhone outside of China for the American market.

Announced Taiwan’s Foxconn responsible first compilation of different Apple devices especially iPhone they are all in different circumstances in the dispute between China and America and immediately start assembling the iPhone outside of China if she had this. It is reported that there are rumors that America will impose a tax on the iPhone, if Apple continued to manufacture it in China so revealed Foxconn that it is ready. It is reported that the statement, Foxconn said that currently 52% of the energy of Foxconn’s production capacity has already been transported out of China and is able to provide all the required devices from the American market. Manufacture Foxconn the rest of the required in China for the rest of the markets other than America in this run apple of the customs penal if done.

Apple to start replacing links to iTunes to Apps

After cancel iTunes in WWDC conference earlier; Apple started getting rid of everything related to iDevice and iTunes we mentioned last week it deleted all of the page’s content iTunes on social media. This week, Apple started replacing the links to the apps in the App Store in the past was the Association of any application starts with now This completed the system so that the Comments link alternative Dreamcast link It is reported that Apple is in the present under the direction of the open link iTunes to the new format automatically.

IOS 13 calls to read the identity cards of the new Japanese

In the WWDC conference the previous Apple has revealed the tension in the to support the NFC feature to read the Tags different and that it provided an important feature of Japanese national IT support read identification cards new in Japan. The cards were introduced in 2015 and include a NFC chip to store data about the citizen. At the present time used to the various actors in Japan certain phone Android to read these cards, but with iOS 13 will be able to use the iPhone. It is reported that the iPhone is the phone most used in Japan and between 60% to 70% of phones in Japan are iPhone

Amazon beats Apple and Google in brand value

According to the latest classification to assess the BrandZ value brands on the Miss Amazon two centers and wrested the top brands of Google company. Increased the value of the relationship of Amazon to become 315.5 million, an increase of 52%. Followed by Apple, which maintained its status the third led 309.5 increased only 3% fell Google from the first position to the second value of 309 million despite the increase of 2% in value. You can share the image with the highest to learn more about the current disposition.

Apple’s attorney: we held meetings for months with Google because of the search engine

In a meeting with Bruce Sewell Apple’s attorney the former head of the Department of legal browse Bruce a lot of the issues that have been in his reign; and Bruce said They to get hold of search engine with Google “which rumored that its value was 3-4 billion, Apple increased it to 9 million according to the news,” it is very difficult to keep in the meet the team work of Google for several months straight, the meetings were held almost daily. In the case of the Samsung was in front of them between 7 to 8 million documents to be reviewed, so it was impossible for his team of 900 people around the world do this, so hire the services of a law office, and the allocation of 350 people to review the papers for long periods in addition to others, staff of the Apple so that the Apple and its link to Bill hours of work 280 thousand hours. They said they had a massive business in the same small budget estimated at $ 1 million only

Apple cancelled the project of building a data centre in Denmark

Apple has revealed about the cancellation of our plan to build a data center huge in Denmark. The municipality of Aabenraa she reported back by Apple, which was a surprise to them especially They years ago working together in the processing region to receive the company’s database. And Apple has purchased 285 hectares (almost 700 acres) in the city in 2017 to build a huge database within a project valued at $ 921 million, but now Apple you know the land for sale. It did not explain any reasons for this, but it has been clarified that the decision was issued in America with the cancellation. It is reported that the land of Apple completely adjacent to the parcel of land is owned by Google, to build its database.

Jailbreak for iOS 13 demo

Published hackers iBSparkes a picture on his Twitter account in which he explained that he managed to jailbreak for iOS 13 the first beta version on his phone the iPhone 8. He did not explain the hackers did he find new gaps or is it the gaps were in iOS 12, but did not close. It is reported that the latest version is available no jailbreak level is iOS 12.1.2 any of the following versions of iOS 12 has been closed the gaps. This means it is mostly a new vulnerability or undeclared in iOS 12 he had left them up for later use.

Apple want to buy a unit of the German intel

A recent report that Apple is already in talks with Intel to acquire a strip of the season in Germany. Intel was in 2011 acquired on the sector of wireless communications in the German company Infineon, in a deal estimated at $ 1.4 million and following which got intel on 3500 employees. Intel has said the focus of the research season in Germany in hopes of rival Qualcomm. The report said that the acquisition talks didn’t start currently but are since last summer and they lasted until after the announcement of the deal Apple and Qualcomm, which means it’s on the way to the end soon. The report said that Apple will get hundreds of Engineers in the world who work for Intel in the case of the completion of the transaction.

Dropbox unveils a radical modernization

The company revealed a Dropbox for a radical change in the design of the interface to use to develop phones and computers as well as the company website. The new design came according to his company business registration and”team work”, which involved the same areas to do certain tasks and now it’s easier to follow what everyone do. The update will add features like “shortcuts Shortcut ” to different locations and you can save them with your files so you can save content from different websites with your project that you do “this is useful for doing scientific research and need to save dozens of sources”. There are a large number of tools and benefits such as talks, Zoom and send files and other. The company explained that the new features will be available gradually in the coming weeks but, of course, will be available first for the paid companies.

News superior

◉ Announced Apple and Microsoft on a software update iCloud for Windows and release a new version in the Microsoft Store directly.

◉ Apple has updated the app iMovie for iOS to add new effects and 80 audio clip and other new features.

◉ Apple released the fourth beta version of systems pilot-iOS 12.4, television, tvOS 12.4 and WatchOS 5.3 and Mac 10.14.6.

◉ For years phone was the Google Pixel comes with one camera; this week Google published an image of your back Google Phone Pixel camera 4 next shows the design of the new camera phone which announced the end of the year. What do you think of this Jag?

◉ Reports revealed that Apple will increase the battery of your iDevice iPhone 11R is simple to become 3110mah vs 2942mah for XR current.

◉ Revealed Amazon for a copy of children of the sky smart Echo Dot come design, colorful suitable for children as well as ensuring that Amazon’s famous “two years guarantee against any problem, including abuse of children” as well as the duration of the 1 year of Service FreeTime for free. Heaven comes at a price of $ 50 is available as of day 26 of the month.

◉ Apple announced the launch of the service Apple Pay in the Netherlands.

◉ Set up the Apple launched the update iOS 12.3.2 for the iPhone 8 Plus just to solve the problem in the filming of the Porter without the effect of depth.

◉ Apple reported in its official website to a computer the new Mac Pro and the new company will be launched in the month of September, the same month the expected release of the iPhone and the new in.

◉ Report revealed that the design of the new Mac Pro “promising” enabled Apple to provide cooling for the computer, equal to or greater than all Mac versions previous it.

◉ Apple has deleted all the content of the page of iTunes on Facebook and Instagram as well as to delete links to iTunes. Delete the content I had 1 day in the month i.e. two days before Apple’s conference.

◉ Several reports that the new Mac Pro, despite the fit on the 3 huge fans, but quieter than the previous version. And Apple worked on its development on a secret project too in order not to leak any news.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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