News on the sidelines of the week 7-14 February

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 7-14 فبراير

The conference is coming from Apple in March 25

◉ Multiple reports that Apple is planning to hold a large conference in the Hall of Steve Jobs by the company on March 25 and the subject of this conference is to reveal the media services and video contributions to this field. The service reportedly will be “Apple broker” any services, videos and different channels you are searching on Apple devices.

◉ Noted new leaks that Apple was already signed with a number of publishers and conventions to provide search services to new and Apple on half of the proceeds of the “50%-50%” a larger proportion of the collected by Apple’s software store, “the three there.” She explained the leaks that there is already consent and satisfaction of the publishers although the fabric is great but they expect to get millions of customers to Apple users and high-income and expenditure.

◉ Mentioned site Bloomberg reported that Apple has sent invitations to celebrities and financiers in Hollywood to attend the next conference on March 25 to reveal the video service.

◉ Sources to CNBC that Apple will launch the service in the month of April after a few days of the conference, this means that the company already has a number of the publishers is enough to start the broadcast service.

To change the previous service is the videos, movies and TV series from different sources; either by the end of the year is expected to launch a new TV and Apple TV the 6th and video service own which is content owned by the Apple itself and she filmed and produced just as you company Netflix that have exclusive content of their production.

Tim Cook a member of the board of advisors of the White House for the rights of workers

The White House announced the appointment of the head of the company Apple is a member of the Advisory Board of “advisors” the US President “Trump” in the field of regulations, laws and the rights of workers. The council includes a large number of heads of companies, universities, and the US Centers for adults such as the CEO of Visa and the director of the company to SAP America, head of IBM and president of stores of Walmart and president of the company “Siemens America” and other celebrities. The appointment of Tim Cook and maybe hints to improve relations between Apple and US president who has long attacked the police in several previous encounters and comments.

User iPhone the US spent$ 79 to applications 2018

Study Centre SensorTower that users of the iPhone in America spend on average$ 79 per app last year which is the ratio of mean increase of 36% compared with the year 2017. Topped games ahead of spending $ 44$ increase 22%, followed by entertainment apps 8$ increased 82%, and music 5$ then media applications 4.4$ then lifestyle 3.9$. It is reported that the report does not include the expenditure of the service any does not mean that you are using the Uber app to your spend it account is the cost of your trip or the expense of purchases made from Amazon such as. It only improves the expenditure to buy things related to apps or games only and not to services in actual fact.

Apple Car self-driving in center late in the efficiency of having the best

Revealed Body American vehicles DMV report of its self-driving cars during 2018 the authority said that Apple came in ranked last in the efficiency of self-driving. The measuring efficiency by the number of times the system stopped working and the leadership of the company within the vehicle. According to the report, the context of the Apple TV interface 544 times in the distance of 1000 km to almost any crash detachable controller all 1.8 km the Mercedes unpack the holidays shows every 2.3 miles and Honda every 3.5 km and BMW all 7.3 km and Nissan malfunction every 336.8 km and GM GM malfunction all 8327.8 km topped the list company Waymo by the appearance of the number 1 malfunction every space 17847 miles.

Suppliers of Apple Largan is preparing to support the Apple camera tri

Revealed reports from sources close to the company Largan Precision and is supplier of Apple’s primary currencies that the company is currently expanding production lines for ready to support the Apple camera third which means for them an additional lens need Apple to buy them. The company had revealed falling profits and revenues 20% the end of last year due to a decline in the sale of the iPhone and thus their lens, so I plan to expand and increase production lines can not be explained by expected increase of the sale of the iPhone but that the iPhone itself will increase the number of lenses.

WWDC conference-19 to be held in San José, 3-7 June

Semi-formal has been confirmed that the conference of Apple developers WWDC19 will be held this year in the period 3-7 June by a leak of the official authorities in the city, because according to regulations, there was held a large conference needs approval of the government and security and that’s what Apple’s done. Delivery came in a document conferences and events held in the month of June where he showed the date of the Conference place. And later deleted the phrase WWDC from the government website but the material is reserved.

The number of users of the iPhone in America up to 189 million

A report of the Centre for CIPR that the number of users of the iPhone in America continued to increase the numbers record by the end of 2018, reaching 189 million users, and increase the means of 14% compared to December 2017, which had 166 million devices. As well as Apple has made an increase of 4 million devices the last 3 months (185 million end of September). The report added that the average price of a new device in the Apple reached 839$ said that the company has sold 62 million devices last quarter.

Cable C To the lightning coming through the days of MFi

Finally, after that was exclusive only to Apple and to prevent any other company from manufacturing it. Revealed company Anker it through the days will lead in a cable C To Lightning certified MFi by Apple. The cable is mandatory for anyone who wants fast charging by Chargers Mac PD various. The Apple sells a cable at the price of 20$ and the actions of the company are manufactured making many deprived because cable Apple known very weak in terms of quality. Now, with the statements of companies like Anker will put it cable it became better, especially it comes to ensuring the life span of the American company known for price 16$ less than the price of the cable of the original Apple.

Rumor: iPad mini 5 coming update hardware only

Revealed rumor site Macotakara that Apple will maintain the same size of the iPad Mini is 7.9 inches, but with significant performance improvements such as faster processor and that it would be A11 or A12 will support the Apple Pencil and big improvements in the camera and change the microphone placement. But some news said that it might support Apple first-generation Apple stylus, not the new version that is being shipped from the iPad itself.

News superior

◉ The Amazon iPad Offer 2018 for sale at a discounted price. Link the discount to the 24% version Wi-Fi 32 GB that has become priced at$ 249 and less reduction is the price of the 128 GB Wi-Fi networks which are becoming priced at 479$ any reduction of just 14%.

◉ Apple has the appointment of Frank Casanova in a new position he is responsible for marketing en a new position has been created for the first time.

◉ Apple announced contract with the U.S. Department of defense in order to provide the feature of “Health reports” to veterans (former soldiers).

◉ Reports revealed that Apple may continue to provide cable Lightning with iPhone next as well as the charger 5W very slow traditional headphones traditional the same product. Will be postponed step C of an iPhone for next year.

◉ Happened several times sold in the centres the value of the companies biggest market value this week between Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and the situation until yesterday in favor of Microsoft’s $ 819.5 following Amazon 805.6 then Apple 802.4 million

◉Announced Netflix about adding a feature to the smartphone download for iOS devices this feature learn what are the serials that you see and automatically download new episodes when available.

◉ Apple has Combine team of engineers who work on chip communications “season” to your team develop and design the Chip company as part of its quest to develop segments of their own and dispensing with the Qualcomm and various other companies. It is reported that Apple’s implementation of the 3-4 million year segments of the segments of connections.

◉ Apple officially announced they will put a modified version in Germany of the iPhone 7/8 to bypass the Prohibition of sale etc of violating the patents of Qualcomm.

◉ Report revealed that the license Apple corporate Enterprise use download apps pirated.

◉ Forced Apple to put a clarification on the slowing down of the speed of the old hardware on its home page in Italy.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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