News on the sidelines of the week 7-14 November

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 7-14 نوفمبر

Apple launches MacBook Pro 16 inch

Quietly Apple has launched her computer associated with the MacBook Pro size of screen 16 inch is the largest size up to an Macbook since the cancellation of the women’s 17-inch 2012. The new governor came in letters skinny takes a 16 inch 3072 x 1920 pixel density of 226ppi and lighting 500nit internally includes a processor Hexa-Core i7 generation IX or eight-Core i9 ninth generation storage start of 512GB and even 8TB disaster screen AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or women 5500M memory up to 8 GB disaster screen. The memory of the incident itself starts from 16 GB to 64 GB and features a slide safety T2 and insight and conditions of the touch keyboard, the developer launched it Apple the name of Magic any magic. Starting price case 2399$ and even 6099$ in the maximum adjustment possible. You can learn more about it from the breadcrumb via THIS LINK.

The launch of the Mac Pro and XDR next month

Announced that Apple computer, the Mac Pro product, as well as the new screen which has been called by the XDR they’ll be available for sale as of next month, which will make producers notice a the holiday season of the Western “Christmas” (that is, if we consider that one can dedicate the devices at that price) . The incident is famous as “the cheese grater” price starts from 5999$ can be allocated to the benefits of the miraculous such as access to memory up to 1.5 TB of “memory and storage” as well as Xeon processors with capacity 28 kernel while the screen starting price of 4999$ and enhance the quality of the 6K and the size of 32 inches and lighting 1600nits.

Facebook shut down problem restart camera secret

Days ago spread the news gap or problem for the application of Facebook which caused that the app opens the camera and we talked about this in detail in a previous article –this link– yesterday, the app has officially issued a new update to solve the problem which is stated as a technical error, not deliberate. So we recommend any user to the Facebook application be sure to download the latest version of the app.

Apple will launch products en in 2022/2023

The information was leaked to the health sources said that Mike Rockwell, vice president of Apple in charge of the development of techniques en tell the staff in the company at a meeting of a large number of employees to 1000 employees that there are products AR coming soon will be the first product headset to any device worn on the head as well as will be the launch of the system of virtual reality AR Glasses in 2023. The sources talked that they were told that these devices are of the utmost importance as you will use the iPhone and moved some sites this phrase as if Apple will iPhone in 22/23 but likely it will be the devices so important that they overtake the importance of the iPhone and replace it as the most important device for the company. It is not expected and the disappearance of phones in 3 years. It is reported that several reports from strong sources such as Bloomberg said it will be launching the glasses or the middle of AR next year.

The beginning bid on food with the finance director to Apple

Foundation announced Charitybuzz charity opened the door to bid on a lunch with the CFO of CFO of Apple, Luca Maestri and the bidding began at a price of $ 10 thousand with the expectation of their access to $ 50 thousand (currently is 13 thousand dollars). The idea in short is donated to charity, but instead of paying money directly to donate without charge there will be for a nominal an interview one of the well-known characters and eat food with him; and they said several times to organize the same thing with Tim Cook and other senior leadership. The winner gets lunch for 2 persons with in charge as well as a trip inside Apple’s headquarters.

The most important suppliers of Apple knows the consequences of their actions

Revealed two of the most important suppliers of Apple’s results their own business for the third quarter; and beginning with the company Foxconn, giant, which announced a clear growth in net profit by 23% as the company has made Taiwan a net profit of $ 1 million despite revenue growth of 0.9% only. In contrast to the company revealed the screens of Japan Japan Display about continue to achieve losses for the fifth consecutive year to the total losses of the company this quarter (July to September) to $ 233 million (a net loss).

Return phone Motorola Razer legendary

Motorola announced about the return of her phone, the legendary Razer in his new clothes and a folding screen. The phone technology is the class average on the processor SD710 and a storage capacity of 128 GB memory 6 GB features camera one 16GB background capable of filming 4K quality, front camera 5 mega. Possible in the device is to keep the same design of the famous but this time with a screen 6.2-inch P-OLED internal and G-OLED external small 2.7 inches. The phone is expected to be available at a price of$ 1,500. Watch the video trailer:

A partnership between Apple and WalMart shopping with Siri

Announced WalMart the biggest store companies and institutions around the World (2 million employees) about the partnership between them and Apple enable Apple customers make requests by voice B Siri for example, you buy a product it or add a product such in the list of my shopping at Walmart and will be asked to Siri to confirm the request and in seconds it will be added in the authority application. In the end, you’ll have to terminate registration from within the app, but the partnership with Apple easy to add products with images of the iPhone and the iPad and Mac and the iPod and Carol Bly, and others you can add products as soon as you remember.

The conference of the first half of the 2020 launch of the iPad and the iPhone SE2

Said the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple will hold a conference in the first half of 2020 and for the iPad Pro 2020, which will come account PHOTO 3D back TOF that can be used to create what looks like a map of the place where it can measure distances. The analyst added that it will launch iPhone SE 2 in the same conference also will come with the same specifications that we know about, which is a mix between a processor A13 your iDevice iPhone 11, but in the size and design of the iPhone 8.

See comparison between the intensity of illumination X and Xs and 11 pro

The site iClarified doing a comparison between the intensity of the lighting devices iPhone X and Xs and 11 pro. The test showed significant differences in the intensity of the maximum lighting “in normal conditions” for phones three. Watch the video:

Apple’s challenge to their experimental

Apple has issued update for the second demo of the systems developers did not tell Apple about the new changes in the updates, which were as follows:

◉ IOS 13.3 came according to Apple fixes problems and improvements not remember.

◉ Clock system watchOS 6.1.1 did not clarify the new

◉ TV system tvOS 13.3 and appears new in this version.

◉ Update demo Mac 10.15.2 developers included various improvements in performance.

News superior

◉ US court ruled that the inspection of the phones and passengers make illegal.

◉ Revealed Twitter about a new feature in the app is the “theme” or Topic which enables you to follow tweets about a certain topic.

◉ The Stanford University published the results of the medical research department carried out by the iPhone and Apple New.

◉ The Disney to launch the application Disney+ special services new pimples. The app is not available in all world shops but you can get it from the store software us.





Size170.3 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج

◉ Apple announced the launch of Applied Research Research app for users in North America.

◉ Reports revealed that the service Spotify managed to achieve growth rates in the field of powder Dreamcast better than its rival Apple.

◉ Expected to have a President Trump as the head of Apple Tim Cook visit in the interests of Apple in the state of Texas, which collects the Mac Pro.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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