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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 19-26 يوليو

Warren Buffett continues to buy shares of Apple billions

The report revealed that Warren Buffett months, an investor in the world made by his company Berkshire Hathaway purchase of 12.4 million additional shares in Apple during the last quarter an amount equal to $ 2 million and had bought 75 million shares in the first quarter this approaching the share of working with Berkshire in apple of 5% or the equivalent accurately 46.6 million 4.96% percentage. It is reported that behind Buffett is the third richest man in the world with a fortune of $ 84.9 million being the full investment in companies purchase and there are a lot of people rely on his moves to buy and had sat for a while on the forefront of the archaeological world’s super-rich but his decline recently in favor of Jeff bezos the founder of Amazon, which fortune of $ 112 million then Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft with a fortune of $ 90 million.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best screen in the world

Team revealed DisplayMate famous specialists in the testing screen that the Samsung Note 9 comes the best OLED display has been tested and received the rating A+. The Apple has launched last year iPhone X and received time on the title of the best OLED screen in the world “despite the fact that the production of Samsung,” but after months extracted Samsung title phone S9 here it is again take the title again from the same phone, Note 9. The report mentioned that the screen offers the best photo experience a “movie” as well as submit photos, videos, colors and lighting are excellent.

Week the 5G

This week was quite full with a lot of news related with 5G on the head:

◉ Detect Samsung modem “partner Contacts” the new name of Exynos 5100 it supports 5G at the same time compatible with the communications standards of the current 3GPP version 15. The chip also supports networks to traditional radio and thus become the partner connection, integrated 2G/3G/4G/5G Radio. The company said that the chip designer with 10nm to provide the energy company said that the chip will be available for companies by the end of the year.

◉ Telecom announced the famous American Verizon support Apple TV latest generation of 4K as well as a YouTube in the bouquets and presentations of the 5G that will be offered in a number of American cities and on top of Los Angeles.

Apple pulls update to iOS 12 demo Arena and sends a second

Apple has hours before sending a second beta version of iOS 12. And Apple has sent as usual on Tuesday the update international The time with the number 7, but he caused big problems in performance where dropped significantly although it is assumed that iOS 12 increases performance by pushing the Apple fast to stop the update and pull it demanded the programmers not to update. After two days of this problem, sent the second version which came to normal without the problems caused by the previous version. It is reported that among the problems the previous update that delete the Feature Film Tai collective, which is one of the advantages of iOS 12 basic.

Apple falling to sixth in the brows

It is known that the last quarter was the worst in the history of the Mac, where sales fell in never 2010. This week the center of TrendForce send his report on the hardware sales which revealed an improvement in overall sales and in all companies except Apple Assos. Fallen Apple from the fifth position to become the former decreased its market share to 6.5% versus 7.7% previously. In spite of increasing the number of overall sales of 37.2 million become 40 million devices. It is reported that the cause of the decline of the basic non-issuance of Apple devices has long been where he was selling the organs of 2017 and 2016, but some of them are released in 2014 until mid-2018

Google is watching your place even after you turn off location services

The report revealed research carried out by The Associated Press that Google is spying on users effectively. The report explained that if you turn off location services this is supposed to slice the GPS and your location is not working, but this is not true gap still monitor your movements and location even though you stopped for location services in the phone. Discover the researcher met he stopped the service and for several places, but he was surprised that the results are customized depending on its new location. Commented Google this report that said that turning off location services does not mean that the device won’t know where you are but to do this you have to stop is another advantage also which is called “Web & App activity” or “Web and App Activity”

Report: Apple will release a computer is not too expensive soon.

A report by the DigiTimes, which relies on the interests in the company Quanta is the company that rely on Apple in the compilation of the organs of the MacBook that there is the MacBook coming to the end of the year which is not too expensive. The report said they expect a shipment quanta for the 10 million devices in the last quarter will be credited mainly for Economic of the Mac. It is reported that there are rumors earlier said that Apple will launch a version of the 13-inch Retina from the family of the Air at the price of 1000$ only. The report said that Apple will not reveal the situation in the Conference on the iPhone it will be a special conference with the Mac in the month of October.

Apple car to be released 2023-2025 will be in trillion template

Report revealed to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple’s car will be issued between 2023 and 2025 and 2022 as some had expected. Title analyst policy of Apple as the next superstar in the company added it will help in the arrival of the company’s market capitalization to 2 trillion dollars. He also explained that there are products to help such as a regular AR may be a system such as will be issued within two years, i.e. in 2020 in addition to the service sector -see where you read previously about the importance of the service sector in Apple and its future?-the

A quarter of a million people uses the advantage of Apple Pay

Report revealed about the arrival of the number of users of the payment service Apple Pay to 252 million people, which is huge and very private with reports, remember that the number of users of the conservative e-they are only 20% of smartphone users. The report added that 31% of users of iPhone already are dealing with water, compared to 25% of women in the past year. And the number of operations has increased 200% in the last 12 months and this is due to deploy Apple’s service in several states, banks and shops. The report also said that Apple reached a number of million in the last June which is 3 times the figure that was in the same month the previous year. As the number of banks supported to 4900 Bank. And the proportion of customers Americans to only 15% of the total users.

More than the expectations of iPhone next

Revealed a detailed report from TrendForce more about an upcoming iPhone which is expected to sell Apple from 83-88 million came as follows:

◉ IPhone size LCD screen of 6.1 inches and comes from a binary copy of the slide. The price of the device will be 699-749$ and will receive a share of 50% of total sales. Will offer Apple by two 64 GB and 256 GB will come with a memory of 3 GB.

◉ IPhone OLED size of screen 5.8 inches, which amends the alternative X current will come at a price 899-949$ three options of storage and they 64-256-512 GHz and memory of 4 GB.

◉ IPhone OLED size of screen 6.5 inch will come at a starting price of$ 999 will be a dual SIM with the same storage capacity of the memory for the 5.8-inch. But the report explained that it mainly will be mono slide but will provide the women and bilateral in some States only.

The report stated that the new phones will support pen Apple did not clarify do you mean the current pen or will issue the company a special pen. But in general it was explained that the stylus will be optional, which is sold separately and is not free.

Leadership in the delivery leaving her to work on the Apple car

Announced Doug Field head of the project Model 3 from Tesla that he had left his post and returned to work at Apple. The war staff Secret has erupted between Apple and Tesla in the past commented on by “alioune mask” at the time, said that they are getting the employees of Apple more than they have lost. It was within these employees “Doug” Field, who left Apple in 2013 and go to the shed and in the car project of 3 modern, but it seems that Apple finally managed after 5 years to get him back have to work within the “Titan” project, which aims to assess the policy of Apple according to rumors.

The appointment of this outstanding leadership denied the rumors had dealt with recently that Apple will stop the car project.

Samsung is facing the irony of Apple

After a stop for a full week usually Samsung to mock iPhone and launched the video the same new series of “Ingenius”.

◉ First video making fun of the lack of pen in the iPhone.

◉ Second video is not understood completely where he says that the Note 9 is extremely powerful and this is rubber does not carry the meaning of what was meant by force? Then a fatal mistake and deceiving propaganda that the Note 9 is also the same fingerprint feature of the face this is a study of “fraud”. Then Samsung continued ridicule that said, and needs to feature such as video call with 32 people.

It seems that the official publicity out of the ideas he started in the misinformation. Watch the video:

Toyota supports the organization of Apple and Amazon and ignore Google in their policies

Toyota announces support for the Apple car Play as well as Amazon’s Alexa in my car Camry وSienna as of versions of 2019. It is reported that the company had previously announced that the issuance of the 2019 Toyota Avalon will the Apple there are rumors that the car was a Corolla hatchback and the C-HR and also RAV4 will soon be announced about their support for the organization of Apple. It is reported that Toyota is one of companies late strongly in support of the organization of smart cars for no reason concept. It is reported that support for Alexa, will you be shopping from the Amazon site of your car as well as order food and news, guidance and more. But the police have not acted will support Android Auto or not.

Explosive news:

◉ Sent Apple a demo version previous of systems previous Mac and television, in conjunction with the previous version of iOS that you pulled out later.

◉ Samsung has launched a new Watch called the Galaxy hoping to gain share in the hardware market wearable which is controlled by Apple those and FitBit.

◉ Announced Lumentum which is categorized account the imprint of the face in favour of Apple that it has doubled the production speed of the sensitive quantities, special preparation of the devices coming from the company.

◉ The report said that the cover of the headset Apple AirPods which supports shipping wireless will come by the government Qi traditional any you can charge it with any wireless charger you have will not add Apple to hitch their usual.

◉ Report revealed that Apple probably sold between 1 to 1.5 million headset HomePods until now.

◉ Report revealed that the charger for Apple’s wireless AirPower will be called in the conference now iPhone next month and its price will be $ 149.

◉ I think Apple has all the components of the iPhone next final table factory production of full speed currently.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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