News on the sidelines of the week of 18-25 October

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 18-25 أكتوبر

Apple beat your GrayKey and prevent it from hacked iPhone

Revealed site Forbes reports that several sources close to the company manufacturer for your GrayKey tell them that the device is no longer able to penetrate the iPhone devices that are running iOS 12 latest. GrayKey for those who don’t know, it’s a device as in the picture the top is connected to iOS devices by to be able to bypass the password in minutes or a few hours and sell it for the legal and official in the state to use enter devices iPhone they have the relevant crimes have occurred or criminals. Apple has said the iOS 12 by adding the feature of “restrict USB” in addition to several other obstacles cause in the end that the device is no longer able to penetrate the iPhone. The news confirmed also the chief of police in one of the states of America but he explained it as only a matter of time until it appears another device is able to penetrate the iPhone in iOS 12.

Italy fined Apple and Samsung are due to slowing down the older devices

Condemned the Italian Competition Authority companies Apple and Samsung in the case of slow devices, and ordered a charge of the first “Apple” the sum of 10 million euros and the Samsung $ 5 billion. Said body Italian that each of the two companies, they launched updates led to a decrease in the performance of the phones did not clarify this to the customer in advance that this update is “whether the same or more” may have caused the reduced performance, which is a violation of the laws of 20/21/22/24 Italian which condemns any attempt of companies to force customers to acquire the newest devices. It is reported that Apple has increased the speed of the older devices with iOS 12 but the government was due to give the performance over the past years is Samsung.

Apple’s record Mac new disclosure Tuesday

Apple has record number of Mac computers in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission EEC “Russia and of him”. Shopping came to appear that these devices are divided into two types and this confirms the rumors that Apple will challenge the Mac Mini and iMac in the conference. The first device comes with 8 different versions “available that iMac uses the versions of size and speed,” the second type comes in 6 different versions “might be a Mac Mini” and all these devices are running MacOS 10.14. It is reported that Apple did not specify Mac mini 4 years ago not specify the iMac since one and a half years analysts predict that Apple is offering a radically updated Mac Mini and updated in performance for the iMac.

Report: Apple will launch its service to television in 100 countries

The report revealed that Apple intends to launch its television in the first half of 2019 to include 100 countries at once. Reports said that Apple is considering to provide special advantages to users of its devices to be free service to them or there content free. Designed Apple this service rival Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. The report explained that Apple’s service will not require you to have your organs where you can download a special application service, the company is currently recording the content of its own “programs and soap operas” to make them exclusive to the service.

Headset Apple smart HomePod is facing a series of failure

Since the release of the headset Apple smartphone is facing a lot of criticism and negative news both on the technical level and the problem of the formation of spots on the timber or sales. A recent report reveals that the sky-popular very low where the work of the survey included 1011 people use headphones smart already came headset Apple in second place with a share of only 4%. Topped Amazon list with its Echo with a share of 23% and then the fabric mini Dot with a share of 21%. And the following picture show the ranking which shows the sweep of the Amazon list.

Report: demand for XR strong and continuous

The report revealed of the famous Ming-Chi Kuo that the pre-order on the iPhone the XR came very strong es pre-orders on the iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus. According to the report the analyst that led the beginning of the demands by all day iPhone XS came the beginning of a more powerful but he soon fell fast as in the diagram above but the XR came the beginning of a relatively lower but maintained its rates, strong demand and did not engage strongly as the previous. It is reported that even Apple now restricts the sale of XR with the telecom companies only and does not provide direct sale without holding a telecom company.

Apple reveals the prices of the formulation of his iPhone

Apple has updated the list of repair and Exchange the screen of the iPhone different. Came the iPhone XS, Max in the lead, at a cost of$ 329 follows XS and X at the price of 279$ and then the XR priced at$ 199. Apple has said that TV Mass in device “crash screen appeared, or a lot of damage” will cost you about 55% of the price of the new device any pay 599$ for the iPhone Max and 399$ for the iPhone XR. Strange that whenever your device is older, the higher the cost to fix it “is a percentage and not the amount of” for instance, comprehensive reform in the Max cost 599$ and the price of the device 1099$ i.e. 55% while the comprehensive reform of the iPhone 7 will cost you 319$ and the price of the device$ 449 to 71%.

She explained that Apple shared my AppleCare+ would become the company’s just$ 29 and the comprehensive reform of$ 99 regardless of the type of phone. The web subscription rate Care+ $ 149$ when you buy the machine, “this subscription with the purchase of XR”

Apple may challenge iPad Mini in the conference on Tuesday

Report revealed to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple may update the iPad Mini in the conference next Tuesday and not just the Pro version as it has been said in the past. The old reports were saying that Apple will cancel the Mini in this conference, but this report came to talk to say that maybe you can devices Mini in life. It is reported that Apple did not specify iPad Mini since 3 years and continues to provide for the old and the same price in 2015, without any reduction.

The same report pointed out that the headset AirPods as well as the charger wireless AirPower has delayed their release to Christmas or the beginning of the year

Trying to ITI constitute a lobby to protect the privacy of users

Announced alliance, Information Technology Industry Alliance of technology includes companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and others – for the formation of pressure groups to “lobby” to influence the decision makers in America and the world to protect the privacy of users ‘ data. The coalition said they want to enhance trust between users and companies and news this privacy harm, this trust and thereby harm innovation. They said they are aiming to issue legislation that recognizes these points and privacy to the user.

The president of the SuperMicro attacking Bloomberg also

Shen president of the corporation SuperMicro attack on Bloomberg is also this week; the newspaper had published a report stating that Chinese companies planted strips spy in an Company the SuperMicro supplied by many companies including Apple last week denied Tim Cook this news called Bloomberg to withdraw the story and it is real. This week, joined the chairman of Super Micro Tim Cook in an attack on Bloomberg said that the devices his company do not include any segments of espionage and subject to any device as a security check accurate and did not show anything strange in the motherboards they have. He said that for Bloomberg to take responsibility and apologize for this news is incorrect and harmful to businesses.

Apple asks the programmer to my Mac documented their apps through its

Apple sent a message to the developers demanding that they send applications to them to be “documented” through which she explained that this step will lead to increased credibility for their app encourages the user to trust the app. Reports said that the future will force Apple’s programmers to document applications using a Developer ID-signed.

It is reported that Apple wants the future more integration of the use of iOS and Mac together, and share data more, but this will lead to the containment of the Mac on a lot of personal data, which makes there is need of future to trust the software to ensure non-theft of your data

Explosive news:

◉ Apple has updated the app conference Apple Event on her TV in preparation for next Tuesday.

◉ Apple launched its beta version of the fifth of iOS 12.1 system previous 5.1 system TV tvOS 12.1 as well as system macOS Mojave 10.14.1.

◉ Know the Facebook update application talks to the “messenger” radically up to its fourth edition, “theoretically update supports 189” comes this update change the design and increase ease of design and increased simplicity where said Facebook that 71% of the poll they did they emphasized that simplicity is the key point, so the focus was on them. The update comes increase the ease of use of the games and the allocation of conversations with symbols and icons.

◉ The Apple fixes the problem of “peace” iDevice iPhone XS and XR in the demo version of the fifth of iOS 12.1. The problem was cause that the appearance of people in the rate the nearest place a trade in Android apps, without the option to stop this.

◉ Stopped Apple the possibility to register for iOS 12.0 and thus prevent users from going back to the update become mandatory to say with the update or the work of Restor that gets 12.0.1.

◉ Apple has updated the site posts its own she added the slogan “do more and more than you expect it’s possible.”

◉ Apple has launched a USB charger C for an hour, which enhances the news that talk about the beginning of the transmission of the Apple world USB C. The price of the charger new is$ 29 and a length 30 cm.

◉ Over this week 17 version of Apple’s family of iPod world for the first time a hardware that was the beginning of the launch of Apple and its return correct.

◉ Report revealed that Apple intends to increase support interactive vibration Haptic-Touch in the iPhone XR to include all of the functionality that was provided by the three-dimensional touch

◉ Intel announced it is offering a computer with 10nm has become soon and that it has made good progress in this area.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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