News on the sidelines of the week of 5-12 December

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 14-21 نوفمبر

Aramco overtake Apple and become the most valued market globally

Began trading yesterday on the company’s share Saudi Aramco giant described the moment of writing the article the stock price to 38.1 riyals which means the market value of 7620 million, of the company (number of shares 200 million shares) and thus exceeded the value of the company barrier 2 trillion and become the biggest market value company in the world and in history and wrenched the title from Apple that worth is currently $ 1.2 trillion. Became the Saudi Stock Exchange among the largest 10 stock exchanges globally (II).

Apple releases Mac Pro and XDR new at prices up to 50 thousand dollars for the computer only

◉ Launched Apple Computer its top of the line Mac Pro and the device is already talk about him dozens of times, it’s “cheese grater” famous. The situation can modify the specs to processor 28 cores Xeon and the memory of the 1.5 TER of storage space 4 the number of Kart 2 screen Radeon Pro Vega II capacity of 32 GB but you will pay $ 50 thousand price of the device. There is an additional option which is the installation of the wheel on the bus but the wheels price by 400$.

◉ Launched the Apple screen its new Pro Display XDR-quality 6K by its glass-traditional or add 1000$ to get a bottle of Nano-Texture and you can add another$ 1,000 to buy the need Pro Stand to put the screen on the surface of your desk; either hang them on the wall to open output VESA mount priced at$ 200, bringing the final total to$7,200.

◉ Apple has revealed that the price of the extended warranty AppleCare+ computer Mac cost you$ 300 just to no matter I bought the simple version with the price of 6000$ or the highest of$ 50,000. The screen guaranteeing them a price of$ 500, whether I bought the traditional version or with glass Nano-Texture.

◉ Application of common screen new not organized by any organizations or fabrics they have; the company said that the product box includes a canvas of a special type designed to clean the screen and if damaged this cloth, you can go to Apple stores to buy the fabrics that you want.

◉ Worth noting that if you bought a higher specification accessories especially the police and the accountant will pay this amount. Creates a tax that will provide about 5 thousand dollars. (Arabic equal to a quarter of a million dirhams/riyals inclusive of duties and taxes).

Apple imagine a video of an iPhone 11 Pro in Saudi Arabia

Apple has published a video trailer of an iPhone 11 Pro was filmed in the desert of al-Kharrar Saudi Arabia. Video, Apple said it was filmed entirely with camera iPhone shows in the video that the phone regarding the circumstances of hard his OF are and. Watch the video:

Apple publishes educational videos for Mac Pro

Because the computer Apple Mac Pro entirely different from the rest of its organs as well as the high price so the company has published several educational videos to introduce users to how to handle the gear.

The first video talks about the increased memory

Second video from the cards screen

Apple used the law of the millennium the DMCA to delete the tweet and then sent it back

The report revealed that there is a tweet that the security researcher named Siguza post show codes can be used to do reverse engineering reverse engineer some file Security “Secure Enclave” of an iPhone. As a result I used Apple’s code called the law the Millennium digital or DMCA, which prohibits companies from posting content that violates intellectual property laws to other companies and requested from Twitter to delete the tweets. Already responded to Twitter and delete the tweet, but it usually appear again today, said the security researcher that the request to delete the Twitter pull. Confirmed Apple’s health that she asked to delete her at first temporarily and later asked to return them. It seems that the deletion was to disable the Apple is a technology to protect itself from the content.

Apple: the technique of Ultra-Wideband due to the arrival of the iPhone location services always

Apple said that the technique of Ultra-Wideband is the reason for the arrival of the iPhone 11 for you even with the closure of all services and the topic has been raised previously –this link-. Time suspended Apple made it clear that she said that some of the special services for up to you always and there’s no button to stop it like the rest of the services are exposed to Apple to ask about the nature of these services and why. Explained Apple’s response to iPhone 11 is characterized by a technique called ultra-wideband to enable it to recognize its place as well as other devices that use this feature (it is said that this technique is developed in order to AirTags), the company said that this procedure is fully on the phone in search of other devices and does not share any data on your site.

The company explained that the positioning is also because there are places inhibits the action of ultra-wideband on it, so you must know the phone if you entered a security zone who will feature for ultra-wideband and do it again when you get out. This is also done on the phone itself without sending anything to Apple.

Wearable device market to grow 94% and Apple does the lion’s share as usual.

According to the latest report of the IDC on the market of wearable devices for large growth reached 94.6% in the previous quarter 3Q2019 vs 3Q2018 achieved Apple has the lion’s share and reached its sales to 29.5 million devices, which means they miss the total owners of the centres of the second Shao my second Samsung IV Huawei with. Grew sales of Apple 195.5% compared with the same quarter the previous year.

Represented the sky and 48.1% of sales of this segment generally follows tire smart 22.7% then smart watches 20.9% and compete with Apple in all this hours Apple, as well as the headphone AirPods

Google its Maps on iOS to support the hidden mode

Revealed Google for a new update to develop own maps on iOS to support the feature Incognito Mode which has already been provided by the company in the Android. When you activate this mode the places you are looking for or you navigation it doesn’t register in your account and do not appear in the search history of the traditional or the proposal of any not rely on Google in future proposal preferences for restaurants or hotels, such as the construction of them. And, of course, won’t show this place in the history of the places that I visited.

Google Maps – Transit & Food



Google LLC

Size234.3 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج

The price of the iPhone won’t be wearing much support 5G

Said the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo to add support for 5G in the iPhone will not lead to an increase in the price of the iPhone significantly and is expected to cause differences design “metal frame” as well as a 5G increase in between 30$ to 100$ and Apple will change most of this cost by reducing some of the costs of production and change the payment method for suppliers to reduce prices to be the phone in the end at a price close to the current.

News superior

◉ Apple has updated the log programming Xcode to version 11.3 support system-iOS 13.3 and the second touch strip in Mac.

◉ Apple announced the refund Cash Back for buying any of the organs of the card, Apple will return him 6% of the price of his purchases.

◉ Display Apple installment at 0% interest for buying iPhone through Apple Card.

◉ Apple has updated the App Store application to assess re-designed for tab Shop.

◉ Tool has been updated Unc0ver file to support iOS 12.4.1 iPhone processor A12.

◉ Apple announced that it will provide the update soon to fix the sound problem that appeared in the devices MacBook Pro 16 inch New.

◉ Sold tablet floppier Floppy Disk System for the Macintosh 6.0 position of Steve Jobs in a public auction led by 84115 dollars.

◉ Apple paid $ 25 million of the singer of America Billie Eilish 17 years to produce a documentary film about her.

◉ Started subway stations of America to accept payment by Apple Pay.

◉ Twitter has announced support for live pictures Live Photos and treat it as a Gif.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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