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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 3-10 مايو

The families of the Egyptian suing Apple in the fall of egyptair plane two years ago.

Several families in Egypt to sue Apple and they are the reason for the crash of the egyptair flight number 804 in May 2016 i.e. two years ago. The plane was designed coming from Paris to Cairo, has fallen suddenly, without sending any distress signals, investigators said later that the reason behind the Fall is a fire in the front of the plane which houses the cockpit and toilets. And guess certain that the fire started from the house which puts the aircraft commander and assistant phones making there is a hypothesis that these devices exploded for some reason and later in the war. It is reported that the aircraft commander had the iPhone 6s as well as the iPad, according to investigations. Making the family suing Apple and demanding compensation. Has been suspended Apple on the case that said they didn’t communicate with the investigation and did not see the reports but they are sure that the case has no relationship with Apple; and they added that the investigators if they have any question company will reply you and help them immediately.

Facebook know blocking 200 applied to the suspicions of the misuse of customer data

Facebook Inc. has announced that it had to ban about 200 applications so far in the ongoing investigation on the data. Said Facebook that these applications request access to a large amount of user data which raises doubts about the felony offense. to use this data, but they indicated that it might be the application of the innocent, but the police decided to apply this procedure is precautionary. Explained mark Europe founder and Director of Facebook that they are now investigation and examination extended on either hand or the application requested access to any data even before the year 2014 the company explained that these applications, the arrestee is not the only one and they now have a huge team inside and outside the company review all applications to ensure the protection of customers and not to repeat what happened.

Assurances on the Quick Charger with the iPhone killer

Confirmed site Charger Lab that Apple is currently working already to provide rapid Charger with the iPhone, next will be the USB Type C 18 watt compared to the charger 5 watt currently. Said location familiar with the sources to publish the image of the sign company “at the top” he said that Apple will not only change the charger but its gonna slide your cable from the C52 current to become C91 said Apple has already sent samples of the plant Treaty MFi but he explained that these samples does not imply approval of permit cable C To Lighting it is to the rest of the devices as this kind will keep his Apple a monopoly is not until next year and then it will allow companies to manufacture it.

Rumor: iPhone SE 2 will be the same design X, but the mini

Suddenly, despite dozens of previous news that talked about the iPhone SE2 and design and it will be issued this month or next I started several news this week is totally different and that SE 2 would be the same design of X and the actual production has not yet started. Confirmed several companies including the Olixar one of the famous companies in the field of casings for this as well as the number of exhibitors in one of the technical exhibitions in Japan. Very weird, would change everything on the SE2, or that these leaks of Apple to invalidate the rumors.

Apple canceled the construction of a database Ireland $ 1 million to the delay in approval of 3 years

Apple announced the cancellation of a project to build a data center in Ireland $ 1 million due to the delay of 3 years in approvals. The Apple in February 2015, announced the project and after months got the approval of the local government, but the beginning of 2016 I think some of the residents on the project of Apple for reasons not related to the environment and filed a case against the company that dismissed the case last October and Apple has the green light to build a data center but has been an escalation of the case to the Supreme Court which delayed the project and this prompted Apple to abolish it from the foundation.

The iPad Pro iPhone X gets two awards the best screens released in 2017

Been announced to award the best screen in the devices to 2018 “assessment of what was released in the year 2017,” and Apple’s two awards. The first is the best screen in the smartphone got its Apple iDevice iPhone X commended award by the and True Tone. The second award was in the tablet and got her the iPad Pro came feature ProMotion in the screen of the iPad “support to change the cat from 24-120 according to the program” behind this award winning tributes wide.

Microsoft wants to support an massu for Windows and Apple ignores it.

Microsoft announced they are currently working on an application that supports your phone or “Your Phone” for Windows desktop. This app from target that brings you photos and notifications and everything from your phone to recognize you from your computer. Microsoft said they are working hard to support the application of an massu, but Apple Put a lot of obstacles that make this difficult, but they will continue to work on this. Reports pointed that Microsoft is working separately offline and go to Apple, but added that perhaps the reason that Apple is not interested to deal with customers with messages from Windows. Measurements Microsoft have confirmed that they will contribute greatly to provide this if they had thought a lot of the advantages will not support in Windows.

Microsoft will launch a “service” economy to rival the iPad 2018

Reports revealed that Microsoft is currently working on the development of version Economic of tablet famous Surface. It is reported that Microsoft’s device achieves acceptable sales but appointed by the high price where it starts its price from$ 799 up to 2699$ for the category top with i7 processor. The newspaper said Bloomberg that the target price is 400$ and it will be reduce the performance probably know the Celeron processor as well as battery life to 9 hours compared to 13.5 for the top and also will reduce the weight of the device will come with a storage capacity of 64 GB in the hope of suitable iPad 2018 is the price of 329$.

Apple is collaborating with Goldman Sachs to issue cards to Apple pay credit

Revealed the Wall Street Journal WSJ that Apple is currently cooperating with the foundation “Goldman Sachs” financial famous for the issuance of credit cards. the particular Apple directly. The report explained that the card will carry your brand with Apple Pay and will give its users special benefits whether discounts or installment and other things that relate to the Apple with the Bank “Barclays” famous which stopped the Apple cooperation between them in England, but his level in America. The report predicted that these cards will be issued beginning next year. It is reported that the cards Apple is issued by Barclays Bank gives customers installment without interest and points can be used later to get gifts from Apple, but the company wants to be the source of the cards instead of giving advantages to other companies.

Apple has used the screen of the MLCD+ in the iPhone 6.1 inch

The report revealed that the iPhone 6.1 inch is expected to come with LCD screen won’t be the same screen-traditional LCD, but will come with the best and MLCD+ a technique that has been used by LG in its latest handsets G7 ThinQ. These screens they offer quality colours 100% compatible with the standards of the DCI-P3 as well as lighting the top at the same time reduce energy consumption 30%. To illustrate the difference the LCD screens will be traditional color and light composed of 3 sub pixels of the color “red, green, blue” in the MLCD+ gesture add the Color White is also to provide a lighting top of the list as it appears in the picture above.

Apple’s challenge to their experimental

Apple has updated its systems pilot systems different to the demo version of the fifth is as follows:

◉ IOS 11.4 and came without the new additions, but merely to improve the fastness and efficiency of the new features like AirPlay 2 messages in the cloud and ClassKit as well as re-feature disable plug in the cable after the lapse of 7 days.

◉ Clock system watchOS 4.3.1 came without changes, but merely fixes the problems faced by the previous version as well as warning users of apps not updated it will stop soon

◉Mac system Hai Sierra 10.13.5 came also to improve performance and treat some of the problems of the previous version.

◉ TV system tvOS 11.4 came to stabilize the water only known a AirPlay 2

Microsoft launches a video that I alluded to HUB 2

Microsoft published a video trailer for your its service the Hubble 2, a screen The size of a 50.5-inch 4K touch-and to think Microsoft said that the new version is the product of a joint collaboration between the Microsoft teams such as team windows and the WhiteBoard was 365 and the cloud. Microsoft said it has sold more than 5000 pieces of the first generation and the new generation will be issued next year.

Cars, Apple self-driving up to 55 car

Less than two months ago we published a report explaining that Apple increase its policy dramatically beginning in 2017 had 3 policies and the end of the same year she got a 27 car during the first 3 months of the year, which added Apple 18 a new policy to become the number 45 car. This week Apple announced the increase in the number of its policy of driving up to 55 cars. The numbers quoted are for cars licensed in California only. The drug company GM number of car 104 car following Apple’s 55 car and then Waymo 51 car and then climb the 39 car.

Update WhatsApp to add the advantages of the talks, collective

Updated WhatsApp to add several new features to the groups on the head enable the group founder or admin access from add the description, regulations and rules for the group conversation and group as well as adding layers of admin and choose from have the discretion to modify the group name, icon and description. And add a feature to the prosecution which tend to messages that include work @ you for you to find out how long they have been directed to talk to you and also you can do a search in the people.

Choose a compact footprint in Screen Phone vivo X21 UD

Published Marques Brownlee video to choose the footprint of the built-in Screen Phone vivo X21 and compare them with the footprint of the traditional iPhone. The video showed the efficiency of the high-print screen, albeit slightly slower than the traditional but it worked beautifully even after scratching the screen. Watch the video:

Explosive news:

◉ Added Apple 4 new states to support the hour of its third-generation “mesh” these countries are Denmark, India, Sweden and Taiwan.

◉ Launched the Apple version 56 of the application Safari for developers featuring improvements in JavaScript.

◉ Said the Director-technical CTO buy access to the famous developer of DOOM game the legendary it like working with Steve Jobs, even in periods in which the student jobs to postpone his marriage because they have to work.

◉ Launched Logitech your pencil with the same technique of pen Apple supports Crayon and half-price any $ 50 only.

◉ Demanded Twitter developers to quickly support the new API of their own and increased the opportunity to reconcile the situation to August 16.

◉ Back Case Apple Samsung, which began in 2011 once again the courts of America.

◉ Updated the YouTube app to support iPhone X videos HDR

◉ Discover a loophole in Apple Mail allows access to encrypted messages the body text of the vulnerabilities present in the PGP/GPG and S/MIME for encryption.

◉ I got Apple on the center 12 in the most popular brands in China in the opinion poll on the transparency.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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