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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 5-12 أكتوبر

Tim Cook: you can cancel your reduce the performance and results

In a television interview with ABC explained Tim Cook said that all batteries weaken with time, so they decided to put codes maintain the stability of the device with a weak battery. He explained to Tim that they were supposed to know that there is a problem in the battery but they predicted that no one cares to read the update details, but trust in Apple that they do the best for them. But in the end he explained that there is an update coming will the user can close this feature, but they do not advise it and the user time to bear any results, such as the collapse of the device and close it sudden at any time, but of course will come back to performance as it was. And Tim explains when this update will be.

Tim Cook: Apple will invest $ 350 million in the American economy

Apple officially announced that they decided to re their funds abroad to America and invested in the US economy. Apple has said that it will start from now and 2018 which will see Apple’s participation in the economy, taxes, U.S. domestic investment equivalent to $ 55 million and that the coming years will increase the number bringing the total of what has been invested in America to $ 350 million over 5 years. The company said that it planned to establish a new headquarters for Apple and expand in the new mandate and the availability of 20 thousand additional jobs directly as well as will invest in American companies the other both with the acquisition of the purchase shares and even small business grants directly support up to 5 million dollars. It is expected that the total tax paid by Apple through the next 5 years to $ 75 million.

Tim Cook: Apple will give every employee a$ 2500 doubled donations

Send Tim Cook an e-mail to all company employees at Apple said that the company decided to invest a lot of their funds abroad in the company of the US economy, but that doesn’t mean they will forget about the best resource they have is you are “staff” and said that, based on this Apple has decided to give every employee a $ 2,500 on the form of restricted shares in the company. Tim said that the decision includes all employees in the different job grades, whether individuals or managers, whether working full time or part time and whether they are in America or working for the company around the world.

In the same letter, explained to Tim that the donations -which brought back Tim after the death of Steve Jobs – will multiply; in the former it was if the staff member Donation to the Apple pay like; but from now and throughout 2018 will follow the Apple at twice the amount donated by any employee up to 10 thousand dollars a year.

By the way, was Tim Cook speaks to employees by the Word of the people of apple, “the People Of Apple” and not Apple employees.

Engineers Apple at CES for AR/VR

The report revealed that the engineers of Apple who attended CES 2018 in secret and watch the projects of the opposition of various companies in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality AR/VR and they also held meetings with some companies during the Conference to study joint cooperation between them and apple on a secret project working on the company.

Suppliers of parts for iPhone and they expect to reduce production soon

Sites technology news from the suppliers of some parts of the iPhone they said that they are preparing and expect to send them to Apple soon asked to report the amount of hardware the phone. They explained that the proportion of the expected adjustment will be 15-30% of the target. But some suppliers have indicated that kissing is the primary come in the parts of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and it is the reason behind the low quantity of the region as a whole, “the majority of the gear is shared between the 8 and 8 plus f of X”.

One set HomePod equips billion headphone for Apple

Transfer of the Taiwanese newspaper by a source in the company Inventec, one of two companies responsible for manufacturing Apple headset smart HomePod that the company began to manufacture an initial quantity sent to Apple. The initial quantity is 1 million headphone explained that they are expecting a shipment of 5-6 million headphone this year for Apple which is 50% of the expected sales where the division of Apple production evenly between Inventec and Hon Hai famous as Foxconn

Foxconn sharp and the screens of Japan compete for the supply of OLED for Apple

It looks to rival Samsung in the supply of OLED screens for Apple’s iPhone will increase significantly as the report revealed that LG’s already got a contract for the supply of Apple is currently seeking both company monitors Japan (the Alliance of Toshiba, Sony and Hitachi) as well as sharp Corporation belonging to Foxconn in order to get hold of also supplying OLED screens for any of Apple devices, whether iPhone or even the iPad if Apple decided to add the screen. Started Foxconn in the processing and increase the sources of sharp in order to be ready to supply screens for Apple will be the factories in China, not Japan or Korea such as LG and Samsung and Japan.

Watch the video monthly to Apple

Month-to-month is published a video filmed by a Drone for Apple to show the developments that have occurred. The video this month shows that Apple has completed all the stages of construction and now is the processing of shape and appearance to seem as in the publicity photos:

Samsung produced screen adjustable folding

The report revealed that Samsung held a special meeting and closed with some customers during CES 2018 has revealed to them about a screen size of 7.3 inches adjustable by flexing said it was the end of this year can start in the manufacturing business of those who wish to test and use. The sources said that Samsung already gave them the screen, not only the perception they explained that the screen already flexes with them, but of course is not a career, but Samsung promised that the following generations will increase their flexibility significantly.

Consumer Protection the Chinese match Apple’s interpretation of the frequent complaints and reduce performance

Indicated group of Chinese consumers that the complaints that we receive from Apple to significantly increase and in 2015 reached by the 964 complaints against Apple, but in 2017 has increased the number to almost 3-fold and became 2615 complaint which is weird, so they talk to the police they asked him to explain this, especially the point to reduce the performance with the battery and causes technical because it is considered the main reason behind these complaints.

Apple sends a copy to the pilot of their systems for developers

Apple has updated their trial version their to version V, then the seventh of its systems that carry the numbers iOS do the 11.2.5 system Mac 10.13.3 system previous WatchOS 4.2.2 system TV tvOS do the 11.2.5 updates focused on improving the performance.

Report: Apple is working to reduce the protrusion of the screen in the future

Noted technical report that Apple is currently working on merging all the accounts of the imprint of the face with the front camera and become iPhone in the coming years includes a small bump instead of the current format. The report explained that the copy of iPhone 2018 year will not happen by changing the maybe version 2019 the company hopes to be that change as a result of the fruits of technical cooperation between Apple and LG, which dealt with the news that Apple paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the Korean company to help her in her research.

Report: Apple Store sales wins McDonald’s 2016 film 2018 Google 2012

Report of the centre for Asymco revealed that the software stores of Apple’s revenues for programmers through 2017 is estimated at $ 26.5 million versus $ 20 million in 2016, any increase of 32.5% this brings the total proceeds of the programmers of applications in the history of the store to 86.5 million dollars in less than 10 years. Comparison of Figure the proceeds from the sales to follow McDonald’s was 24.62 million. Center that through 2018 will achieve the store revenues per day of $ 100 billion higher than Google’s revenue from advertising in 2012. He is expected to miss the App Store revenue, through 2018 the revenues of the film industry.

The trio of Chinese targets OLED screens small because of Apple

The report revealed that the trio of Chinese Huawei those up they were aware of the transition to OLED screens this year, but Apple eat up all production lines to the factories making them are asking to buy small size screens to provide in Devices smaller. The report said that it expects to be supplying 15 million small screen through 2018 for these companies

BMW offer CarPlay for 80 dollars a year

Report to The Verge that the company BMW, the famous automobile decided to provide the advantage of CarPlay’s own Apple in the car for an annual subscription of $ 80 USD and it becomes the first year free and then are paid an annual subscription. Currently the company is adding a one time fee of 300$ for the service, said the technical director in the company that this decision comes because some customers may think about in the transition from Apple to Android so must be to provide services to them and not pay then advantage and then lose them after the change of their phone together can not trade if he wanted to move for Android and Apple because they will add in the next few years Amazon’s Alexa as well as the Google.

Explosive news:

◉ Apple launched its version Speedometer 2.0 which is the site of a special Apple drive the efficiency of your browser.

◉ Celebrated MacBook Air this week over 10 years to disclose for the first time in 2008 at the hands of jobs.

◉ Twitter begin to provide the CarPlay in its cars gradually from the model of 2019 and initially will be Avalon.

◉ Noted in the report that the MacBook Pro will get updates drastically through 2018, but it will be up to speed in the processor, memory, graphics, etc.

◉ Card and iPhone 6 The implementation has Apple and will be available in two months.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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