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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 8-15 فبراير

Center SquareTrade: phone S9 twice the capacity of the iPhone X to move

The center for SquareTrade famous tests on Samsung phones S9 and S9 plus which include falling in several forms and from several different heights as well as choosing the crease. The center also said that in the end the phone S9 average stamina, but he’s much more powerful than the iPhone X and double talk. Watch a video of the test:

Apple will buy 250-270 million screen iPhone this year

A report of the centre for DigiTimes that compiled the various sources that supplied by the purchase order are likely to command Apple it turns out that the dance between 250-270 million screen iPhone through 2018 ongoing which is a big surprise where you will this is the highest year in the history of the Apple sells the devices iPhone if you believe the expectations. The report said that the OLED screen The size of iPhone X The current “5.9-inch screen” will reach 70-80 million screen the larger size of the “X+” of the 6.5 inch Faisal to reach 40-50 million screen. There are also 60-70 million additional screen traditional iPhone size of 6.1 inches. The report was surprising that the hardware monitors the old SE and 7 , 8 is expected to achieve application of up to 60-70 million which is surprising because they’re supposed to use these devices at home solo three quarters of the year, but on hand quantity represents only a quarter; maybe because Apple has a store.

Apple’s development of the screens MLED in California

We know previously that the Apple experience since the years of research to develop screens micro LED or test MLED we mentioned months ago that Apple reduced the number of employment in factories by Asia in this area was assigned the development of one of the companies. But the report of the sudden from Bloomberg to make us rethink the reason for reducing the number of workers in Asia and it is not abandoned the project, it was because Apple had established a factory Research Institute of its own to develop the screen near the headquarters of the parent company in California. The report did not indicate many details about the source, but he explained that Apple is pumping huge sums in the research and that this type of display provides illumination of the top and at the same time consumes less electricity and aim at Apple by replacing the oleds in the future.

Study: the Apple watch is able to detect atrial fibrillation accurately 97%

A recent study revealed that the Apple watch is extremely accurate and the ability to discover heart problems such as atrial fibrillation “Atrial Fibrillation” with up to 97%. This disease is a defect occurs in the heart leads to cardiac arrhythmias eventually leading to the occurrence of stroke. Center, said that the accuracy of the former to discover this disorder can lead to the protection of the lives of millions as this matter affects more than 34 million people around the world. So the presence of hours in your hand to check your pulse continuously and that the imbalance that high precision is wonderful to protect yourself from strokes next.

Again: Jimmy Iovine is leaving Apple in August

In January Sirte rumor that Jimmy Iovine co-founder in the company Beats acquired by Apple, will leave the company in the summer. After a short period of this rumor the Leuven shake it was announced that level in the company. But this week he reiterated the stance of the Wall Street Journal WSJ famous this rumor said he learned from sources that the Leuven-old 65 years will retire and leave Apple, which moved after its acquisition of his company 4 years ago. Sources said that Leuven finds that a music service Apple, which is overseen by the achieved good success and reached 30 million users and does not fear them now and on his company’s Pizza, which he founded with Dr. Dre.

Several different sources report the WSJ indicated that the departure does not mean to leave Apple permanently, but move to a consultative and not an executive.

Feature Google Lens now available in iOS

Google announced the update to the Photos app on iOS to include the feature lens Google Lens which provides you the possibility to identify the content such as business cards “Business card” and get rid of data if the content of the book will show you reviews about if the content store or in a museum like shows information about that content and it is the same in the buildings, animals, etc.

Google Photos


Google, Inc.
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متاح في متجر البرامج


The second generation of iPhone X Apple will be less

Uncovered a news report that multiple sources have confirmed to researchers Digitimes that the current generation of iPhone X cost Apple a total of “MBOM” almost 400$ and sold it for $ 1000 but the same sources said that the significant improvement in the production lines and the skill of manufacturing may lead to lower cost in the second generation by at least 10% which may help Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone X or submission of women plus of them the same price as the version X of the traditional currently.

Sales growth of Mac computers will be better than iPhone, iPad in 2018

A report of the centre for KGI it is expected a growth in sales of the devices to the MacBook and the iPad and the iPhone to 2018 added that the growth rates in the case of devices MacBook will be higher than the rate of growth in the iPad. The report said that they expect to increase the sales of the iPad 13-16%, while the iPhone is expected to increase by 4-6% and the iPad 7-10%. The report said Apple sent purchase orders to suppliers increased by 60-80% for the second quarter compared to the first quarter and will increase production by 65-70% the second half of the year.

Report LinkedIn: Apple’s Sixth-best companies to work for in America.

Posted LinkedIn the famous report on the best companies to work in America. Came Apple in seventh place in the report adopted on several criteria such as work requirements and the company and the interest of the company staff and the extent of their interaction with it. And, of course, came to Amazon in the first place followed by the company alphabet, “Google”, and then facebook, and then SalesForce and then company Tesla motors. The report removed the LinkedIn Corporation itself as well as its parent company “Microsoft” for the credibility and impartiality.

Apple doubled its cars self-driving

He said the report told the Financial Times that Apple has doubled the fleet of self-driving cars of its own over the past two months, suggesting that the company decided to increase the pace of which you do in the automotive field. And Apple has had in the former was estimated at only 3 cars a year ago and increased up to 27 cars the beginning of the year and in less than two months now reached 45 car these figures are the existing car in the state of California only. The report also said that this number exceeds that used by companies like Uber and Tesla of the same type and become the Apple in the second position of the hand of Justice after the company GM, which owns 110 vehicles.

Apple’s challenge to their experimental

Apple has updated its systems pilot systems different to the demo version of the former it is probably the last came updates as follows:

◉ IOS 11.3 and came to add improvements and solutions to problems.

◉ Clock system watchOS 4.3 came to treat and fix a lot of problems and malfunctions.

◉Mac system Hai Sierra 11.13.4 came also to improve performance and treat some of the problems of the previous version.

◉ TV system tvOS 11.3 and showed no improvements or changes in mood.

Western implementation of the shut down Apple Manufacturing has to use illegal substances

The company denied Western News reports said that Apple stopped manufacturing products at its plants because of the discovered the use of Western products to unauthorized use and illegal in manufacturing. The company said that these reports are sound and that there is no risk and did not stop manufacturing for two weeks as he was told and that work is ongoing for the production of Apple products current and future. It is reported that the company Western is one of the factories Basic to assemble Mac computers and the Apple watch began in the regions of Foxconn and got the simple part of the plan of manufacture of the iPhone 8 plus “less than 20%”.

Explosive news:

◉ Google has updated the Maps application of its own and add a feature to identify the waiting time in the restaurants and the possibility to search in the reviews and installed.

◉ Updated the application to Microsoft’s skype to support the integration of TripAdvisor, StubHub, which helps in identifying cysts customs and also business meetings in restaurants.

◉ Apple announced a new application in the field of companies in collaboration with IBM is to provide services to the Watson Intelligence industrial Core ML.

◉ Now the application of Instagram allows you to add the hashtag and links to your resume “information about you” in the app.

◉ Update keyboard swift to support the ability to search for came and animations.

◉ Apple launched its a large selection of tires for themed frames for spring.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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