News on the sidelines: week 24-31 may

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 3-10 مايو

Shawty fire phone Mi 8 with the imprint of the face such as the X

The company revealed a Shawty Mi Chinese famous which is known as “China’s apple” of the intensity of the imitated Apple on her phone top new called the Mi 8. And away from technical specifications as the conventional processor Snapdragon 845 famous and in the majority of phones top tier Android modern like the Samsung S9 and the phone came with a offer almost for the first time in Android phones, which is the imprint of the face. Where the company announced the addition of the expense of IR, and another to deploy the lines “instead of points such as the iPhone X” on the face.

It is known that Android phone technology uses the image of the face to unlock the phone it is a technology primitive compared to the imprint of the face provided by Apple in X came to Shaw to provide a copy of the Technical in the world of Android “theory, where I believe the device to be associated”. It is worth mentioning that the phone miss out on the iPhone X in the test the quality of the camera DxoMARK where he earned 99 points versus the 97 of an iPhone X. The starting price for the Mi-8 in China from $ 420 up to $ 600 for the special which also includes fingerprint built-in screen.

Apple begins decorating the headquarters of the WWDC conference 18

Apple has started decorating the Conference Centre in the city of San José which will be held at the WWDC conference in 2018 on “local time” next Monday. The conference is expected to reveal iOS 12 system Mac 10.14 system the previous 5.0 and the system of the TV 12 as well as the May challenge Apple in Mac devices in and on certain products.

IOS 12 will be allowed for the NFC

Report revealed about the iOS 12 that Apple will finally open the wide use of the purchase of the existing NFC in the iPhone and on top of these uses, the possibility of opening doors by telephone. Reports said that the source of information is one of the companies close to Apple sources said that this company will devote her time at the Conference to review the products used NFC in it during the WWDC conference next Monday.

Apple unveils transparency report H2-2017

Apple has revealed about the transparency report for the period between 1 July until 31 December 2017 and shows government requests. In the Special Requests section the devices link to Apple’s 29.7 thousand applications on 309.3 a device Apple has approved them on 23.4 a request of them. Came to the Emirates the only Arab country and I applied one on one device and approved as well as submitted a request to examine the financial and approved. In the table for the user accounts appeared Qatar to the UAE and all of them asked a single one Apple on each requests. It is reported that the report includes 6 types for intergovernmental organizations, and 6 kinds of demands for the U.S. government.

Apple will reveal about government requests for the deletion of apps

Apple has announced it as of the second half of the current year will include the report of the transparency own government requests to delete applications. Apple has said that the current reports about government requests to disclose customer data or other details and report for the second will be the report includes also any applications demanded the government to delete it because of her connection to one of the crimes. It is reported that the transparency report shows the number of government requests as it has been approved or rejected.

A complaint from the tacky screws accessory sell his Apple for iMac Pro

It seems that Apple isn’t interested so much in the accessories opposition has companies where he bought one of the Apple users that the acquisition device iMac Pro with a price of +5000$ as well as the holder of the suspension case, sell Apple has supported VESA Mount Adapter is priced at$ 80, and then think back to traditional dealing, but he was surprised that the screws “bolts” your garrison crashed and was unable to remove it from the computer it is expensive. Later the user has to go to Apple and bought it used screws poor we were offered Apple replaced the iMac Pro or the outer shell. It seems that the problems of the iPad and the Mac Pro will not be available after the complaint of the lack of screens in the drafting of his Apple it is a complaint that Apple offers no accessories poor quality.

Apple know about the fish supported in the AirPlay2

Apple has announced that the AirPlay2, which has been supported in iOS 11.4 and connect the phone more than the headset at the same time and run audio clips of them together will become available for many to hear of the companies of the various other. Apple has said the publication of the list of the names of the heavens which came from companies such as the BeoPlay and Denon and Libratone and Marantz and Naim as well as the company Sonos is famous.

Apple send out more beta version to developers

There seems to be more of a beta version next current regulations will not stop the launch of a test version I have at the WWDC conference where Apple has to send several trial versions to developers last week, and without the advantages of the phenomenon until now. These updates download numbers iOS 12.4.1 system tvOS 11.4.1 in addition for the pilot of the other systems which watchOS 4.3.2 system Mac 10.13.6

Shawty reveal the second generation of the Mi Band

Announced a Shawty, since a few of the second generation of the bracelet the best-selling sports competition with the Apple watch which is Mi Band 3 came design close to the second generation with improvements such as the screen size increases to 0.78 inches instead of 0.42 inch and Support Bluetooth 4.2 has become water-resistant until a depth of 50 metres, 5 times the atmospheric pressure and the battery 20 on the use of web price of$ 26 only. The company revealed also version support NFC, procurement comes at a higher price which is $ 31.

Fined Samsung us $ 539 billion in favor of Apple

Finally, the judgement in the case initiated by Steve Jobs against Samsung, which accused Apple in 2011, Samsung stole the designs of the iPhone and the beginning of its organs. The Court ruled that Samsung to pay compensation 538.6 million for Apple. The Apple has asked the Court to fine the Samsung 1070 million, but the latter replied she consent to pay $ 28 million dollars just for the Apple and this amount is decent, but the Court ruled to fine the Samsung 539 million divided by 5 patents of which 3 to.

Apple may provide a copy of the home iPod, but under the logo Beats at WWDC

The report revealed that Apple is considering the transfer of HomePod or the idea of a headset included intelligent Assistant to company Beats owned. The report said that Apple will provide a copy of the beats headphones comes at the price of 250 $ “Apple $ 100” from the Apple headset and Siri also supports all the advantages of his own. As well as you might think in the future provide a smaller version and lower price will be in the Beats commercial and not Apple.

The reports identify that the headphone pizza, Siri will be a different design for the HomePod, but the same advantages almost.

Apple know users iCloud free experience of capacity paid

Offered Apple users not participating in capacity payments in the iCloud experience any capacity they want for free for a month. Strange that Apple has targeted only the user is not the Subscriber, while not know to co-be in the capacity of 50 GB experience capacity the top. It is reported that Apple provide 3 packages a month and are $ 1 capacity of 50 GB and $ 3 per capacity of 200 GB and $ 10 for a capacity of 2 Tera.

Explosive news:

◉ Apple has updated the application to the WWDC to enable participants and others to identify more details on all training courses and the conference.

◉ Apple has launched version 12.7.5 of iTunes without any obvious advantages, but only improvements in performance.

◉ Apple has record the names of the Mojave and Sequoia and Sonoma وVentura as possible for Mac 10.14 law.

◉ Apple announced that there are more than 400 vehicle model is now called the CarPlay.

◉ Apple announced support HomePod of the French language, German, as well as accent Canadian English. She explained that the shellac French Canadian will available soon. It is reported that Apple will launch the phone in France, Germany and Canada on June 18 next.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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