Next month will see the release of the first phone with a camera 192 megapixel!

It seems that the war of the megapixel has returned from new as it was five or six years ago, and back then the cameras were shared exclusively to Alex for most users, the company which offers the sensor the higher resolution controls on sales in relation to market smartphone cameras! But you will so when launching the first phone with a camera with a 192-megapixel is? This is what we will see over the next month.كاميرا بدقة 192 ميجابيكسل

Camera with a 192-megapixel camera in a smartphone!

At the moment we are, we started to see cameras accurately 48 and 64 megapixel phones too many, including phones available and some phones you available! Also it has been seen sensor 108 megapixel in the Galaxy S20 Ultra in one of the phones Shawty, that the figures which have escalated terribly in the previous months make us wonder, what prevents us from reaching 198 respect or more?

According to the coach trusted Digital Chat Station on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, we’ll see a phone with a camera accurately 192 respect very soon and specifically in the month of May and what makes it interesting is that this phone will be Phone average! Where would work with the processor series processors Snapdragon 700 and specifically Snapdragon 765.

كاميرا بدقة 192 ميجابيكسل

Interesting we’ll phone this the precision of where the main camera with a processor from the category of medium! But this may cause some sacrifices, this is where that the available treatments don’t support HDR or advanced features such as processing more frames at one time “multi-frame processing”, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal, this is where that meaning to add this sensor in any phone is that the sensor is ready to work in other phones, including the leading.

What we don’t know yet is which company will I tell camera with a 192-megapixel camera and that will put this processor in one of its phones! We have in the market of cameras some of the key players of the Samsung share, this on the one hand, on the other hand, did not confirm the arrival of any phones in the month of May so far only series of new phones from LG company! Which -East – will work with processors Snapdragon 700! Will be LG is Will this new war be? Or we will see the entry of a sudden Sony or Samsung?

We shared your expectations in the comments, also share your opinion about the importance of miss the actual in terms of numbers! Are we back to that again?

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