Next September I put the new part of the game Need for Speed

Announced Electronic Arts EA launched a new part of the car racing game Need for Speed during the last quarter of 2019. She pointed out that the new part will be conflict between players and cops from the new.

The company Electronic Arts EA have revealed the beginning of 2019, about her plans for the New Year, which include put up new parts of the series Plants Vs Zombies وNeed for Speed.

Released another part of the racing game Need for Speed in 2017, under the name Need for Speed No limits, which included the addition of Aleppo was a new race, as well as add new cities established races such as Paris and Tokyo and New York.

As well as the added Car Racing didn’t exist in previous parts such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Nissan, which the player can get through the race and win it, and marked these women as being free, where the player can open new ways to get cars without the contractor all you need is to achieve a win-win.

Hopes lovers racing game and Need for Speed to be added updates and features in the new part, especially the advantage of the possibility of modified cars, that existed in the earlier parts of the game.

Information about game Need for Speed

Is car racing game Need for Speed one of the most successful video games of a kind race car, as it is the most successful video games on the whole, where it sold 150 million copies of the game since it was released in 1994.

The game is considered one of the most successful games that are published by EA, which is working on developing a number of Studio development like the famous Ghost Games and Black Box.

Spin the main events for all parts of the game about the race between the players at the race tracks, but some of the women include the police chase during the race. In the first parts of the game it was possible for a player to add modifications in the external shape of the motor or the development of their performance through adjusted from the inside, but this feature is only available for parts that were issued after 2003 and before 2010.

We wish to return that property in the next part of the game, which is expected to be raised by next September, on devices PlayStation 4 was Xbox and PCs.

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