NiceHash is warning owners about the dangers of cryptocurrencies

Last week the developers of Electrum warned about the existence of a fraudulent copy of a cryptocurrency wallet. Instead of storing coins, it just sent them to other people. A few days later the website was closedand the owner put the domain on sale for 25 bitcoins. This risks over — now talking about them staff NiceHash.

Risks when working with NiceHash

About the situation, company representatives said on Twitter.

Lately we have noticed several malicious phishing sites where you can download “NiceHash Miner”, which in fact can be a virus. We have only one official website to download the software to start mining.

Also, staff recommends to be careful and always check the address of websites. For reminders, they published an image with the correct URL.

Fraud in the cryptocurrency — not uncommon. For example, in early November, the developers Cryptoshuffler stole 160 thousand dollars on a conventional substitution address. Be careful not to fall for the tricks of scammers.

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