Night mode and transition to put the computer highlights the advantages of the new Android system Android Q

Despite the prevalence of vulnerable Android system last 9.0 however, the development doesn’t stop at Google that have already begun to work on the Android system 10 which displays up to the minute by the codename Android Q.

XDA Developers forum has already been published the first major leak about the legal system which will take the advantages of excellent first is Night Mode on all device and this means that Google might be working with the developers on the extra night mode to develop their to apply the default skin, directly on system apps too .

In the Android Q Google will add more control in the remembered data will not be able to app from tracking your location constantly if the granting of his prayer access to the site only while using the app this is an excellent feature .

Also the report talks about adding a desktop mode of the system and that means you won’t need accessories like DEX from Samsung or others to move to PC mode.


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